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Beginning PHP 5.3

by Matt Doyle

This book is intended for anyone starting out with PHP programming. If you’ve previously worked in another programming language such as Java, C#, or Perl, you’ll probably pick up the concepts in the earlier...

Bias and Causation: Models and Judgment for Valid Comparisons

by Herbert I. Weisberg

A one-of-a-kind resource on identifying and dealing with bias in statistical research on causal effects

Do cell phones cause cancer? Can a new curriculum increase student achievement? Determining what the real...

Beginning Python: Using Python 2.6 and Python 3.1

by James Payne

Beginning Python: Using Python 2.6 and Python 3.1 introduces this open source, portable, interpreted, object-oriented programming language that combines remarkable power with clear syntax. This book enables...

Up the Organization: How to Stop the Corporation from Stifling People and Strangling Profits

by Robert C. Townsend & Warren Bennis

Although it was first published more than thirty-five years ago, Up the Organization continues to top the lists of best business books by groups as diverse as the American Management Association, Strategy +...

The Emotionally Intelligent Team: Understanding and Developing the Behaviors of Success

by Marcia Hughes & James Bradford Terrell

"Finally, a help team members and team leaders alike understand what it takes to function as a high performing team, how doing so can personally enrich your life, and why it's...

Chief Customer Officer: Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action

by Jeanne Bliss

Drawing on her first-hand experience at top companies as diverse as Lands’ End and Microsoft, Jeanne Bliss explains why even great corporations can drift to delivering mediocrity to customers, and she offers...

Resolving Conflicts at Work: Eight Strategies for Everyone on the Job

by Joan Goldsmith, Kenneth Cloke & Warren Bennis

Here is a completely updated edition of the best-selling Resolving Conflicts at Work. This definitive and comprehensive work provides a handy guide for resolving conflicts, miscommunications, and misunderstandings...

The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings

by Steve Berges

Whether you?re a first-time real estate investor or a seasoned professional, The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings helps you map out your future, find apartment buildings at a fair price,...

The Complete Guide to Real Estate Finance for Investment Properties: How to Analyze Any Single-Family, Multifamily, or Commercial Property

by Steve Berges

This practical, real-world guide gives investors all the tools they need to make wise decisions when weighing the value and potential of investment properties. Written for old pros as well as novice investors,...

Janice VanCleave's Engineering for Every Kid: Easy Activities That Make Learning Science Fun

by Janice VanCleave

Now you can discover the answers to these and many other fascinating questions about engineering for yourself with this fun-filled resource. Janice VanCleave's Engineering for Every Kid presents entertaining,...

Managing IT as a Business: A Survival Guide for CEOs

by Mark D. Lutchen

With Managing IT as a Business you'll get practical advice on how to unleash the full potential of this critical function so that companies can derive maximum benefit. It offers a proven plan for bridging...

Mergers and Acquisitions: A Step-by-Step Legal and Practical Guide

by Edwin L. Miller

A Step-by-Step Legal and Practical Guide

Getting mergers and acquisitions transactions successfully completed requires an understanding of the legal framework, negotiating points, and practical aspects of each...

The Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing

by Gary W. Eldred

Start making money today ---with the ultimate guide for first-time investors

No matter what the market does, real estate stilloffers plenty of moneymaking opportunities. In thisnew edition of The Beginner's Guide...

Advisor for Life: Become the Indispensable Financial Advisor to Affluent Families

by Stephen D. Gresham

"The Age Wave of retiring baby boomers is creating a seismic bonanza for financial advisors--if they can provide the kinds of creative and flexible strategies their clients will be wanting and needing. Steve...

Quantitative Investment Analysis

by Richard A. DeFusco, Dennis W. McLeavey & Jerald E. Pinto

In the Second Edition of Quantitative Investment Analysis, financial experts Richard DeFusco, Dennis McLeavey, Jerald Pinto, and David Runkle outline the tools and techniques needed to understand and apply quantitative...

Value Averaging: The Safe and Easy Strategy for Higher Investment Returns

by Michael E. Edleson & William J. Bernstein

Michael Edleson first introduced his concept of value averaging to the world in an article written in 1988. He then wrote a book entitled Value Averaging in 1993, which has been nearly impossible to find—until...

Strategies for Teaching Boys and Girls -- Secondary Level: A Workbook for Educators

by Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens & Kelley King

In his best-selling classic Boys and Girls Learn Differently, Michael Gurian explained the origin and nature of gender differences in the classroom. His important book explored the behavior teachers observed...

Empire of Debt: The Rise of an Epic Financial Crisis

by Will Bonner & Addison Wiggin

In Empire of Debt, maverick financial writers Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin provide you with the first in-depth look at how the American character has shifted to accommodate its new imperial role; how we have...

Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants: Breakthrough Tactics for Winning Profitable Clients

by Jay Conrad Levinson & Michael W. McLaughlin

Trusted advice on successful consulting from the authors of the bestselling Guerrilla Marketing series

Consulting is entering the era of the guerrilla client-buyers with a glut of information at their fingertips...

1,200 Great Sales Tips for Real Estate Pros

by Mariwyn Evans, Realtor Magazine & Christina Hoffmann Spira

Perfect for brokers, agents, and other real estate professionals, this handy guide brings together the best ideas from years of incredibly practical lists and checklists published in REALTOR Magazine. This practical,...