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Jake Hanna: The Rhythm and Wit of a Swinging Jazz Drummer

by Maria Judge

(Meredith Music Resource). This colorful memoir of the great jazz drummer and witty storyteller recounts his life story and career through tributes, recollections and anecdotes many of them his own hilarious...

The Independent Filmmaker's Guide: Make Your Feature Film for $2,000

SODOMY II: The Trial of Anwar Ibrahim: Detail the second sodomy trial of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

by Mark Trowell

On 9 January 2012, Anwar Ibrahim was acquitted of charges of sodomy against his then 23-year-old aide, Mohd Saiful. Anwar's trial lasted almost two years with many delays and appeals to the superior courts....

Zimbabwe's Cinematic Arts: Language, Power, Identity

by Katrina Thompson

This timely book reflects on discourses of identity that pervade local talk and texts in Zimbabwe, a nation beset by political and economic crisis. As she explores questions of culture that play out in broadly...

Bukharan Jews and the Dynamics of Global Judaism

by Alanna E. Cooper

Part ethnography, part history, and part memoir, this volume chronicles the complex past and dynamic present of an ancient Mizrahi community. While intimately tied to the Central Asian landscape, the Jews of...

Cataract Surgery: A Patient's Guide to Cataract Treatment

by Uday Devgan & Robert K. Maloney

With nearly three million Americans undergoing cataract surgery annually this survey is essential for those anticipating the procedure. This handbook covers the most frequently asked questions, such as What...

Destination: Cocktails: The Traveler's Guide to Superior Libations

by James Teitelbaum

Featuring hundreds of cocktail bars in dozens of cities across the United States and around the world, Destination: Cocktails is the traveler’s guide to the craft cocktail movement. From New York to Los Angeles...

And Still They Bloom: A Family's Journey of Loss and Healing

by Amy Rovere & Joel Spector

Responding to the fact that coping with a parent’s death can be especially hard on young children, this beautifully written and illustrated book is a valuable resource for parents and counselors. Ten-year-old...

Living a Rich Life

by Marcia Wieder

How do you define "rich"? Does money really buy happiness? Do you have enough money to make your dreams come true? Money does not have to be what stops you from having what you truly want and need. This program...

Taking Time

by Marcia Wieder

What's the biggest contributor to stress, or lack of ease in our lives? Time. How we spend it, use it, and sometimes waste it. We live as though we don't have anything to say about time; but we can shift our...

Finding Your Dream

by Marcia Wieder

Are you tired, bored or have you lost your motivation? Do you know what you want, how you want your life to be or what would make you really happy? Do you know what your dreams are or are you in need of a new...

Believing in Your Dreams

by Marcia Wieder

Do fear and doubt make you second guess or compromise on what you really want? Are you tired of being overly realistic and putting everyone else's needs before your own? How would your life change if you truly...

Accessing Your Power

by Marcia Wieder

Do you know what you want and how you want your life to be? Have you been told you can't have it or that it's selfish to focus on your own needs? What if you could experience greater power, ease and joy? What...

Overcoming Failure

by Marcia Wieder

What if you could learn to not be afraid of failing? How would your life change if you could experience setbacks or disappointments but were not stopped or derailed by them? Failure is simply feedback and the...

Going Back to Basics

by Marcia Wieder

Would you like your life to be easier? Would you like more time for the things that matter to you most, like family, friends, travel, and your dreams? Are you ready to learn how to improve the quality of your...

Becoming a Dreamer

by Marcia Wieder

Have you put your needs, wants and desires on hold? Do you hear yourself say, "Maybe someday...when I retire or when the kids are grown or when I have extra time and money...then I'll pursue my dreams or do...

What Do You Mean by That?:Using Small Talk and Body Language to Increase Credibility

by Booher. Dianna

What does your body language say about you? Studies have proven that over 70 percent of what you communicate is through your body language. What you wear, your posture, and your non-verbal actions speak loudly...

Do You Know What You Just SAID?!!!:Communication Success with the Opposite Sex & Cultural Differences

by Booher. Dianna

Have you ever had that moment of terror when you accidentally said or did something that deeply offended other people? Every skilled communicator has had these moments. But with this communications resource,...

The Conflict Resolution Bible:A Quick Reference Guide for Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

by Booher. Dianna

Your skills in mediating conflict in the workplace are a key factor in career success. As a manager or supervisor, your skills in conflict resolution will make the difference in leading a productive team and...

Confrontational Communication:Delivering Negative Feedback, Bad News, and Other Straight Talk

by Booher. Dianna

Your success as a manager or supervisor will increase tremendously if you can skillfully deliver negative feedback with tact and respect for others' dignity. Learn to offer constructive feedback while still...