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Population Change in Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa: Beyond the Demographic Divide

by Koenraad Matthijs, Karel Neels & Christiane Timmerman

Current demographic trends raise new questions, challenges and controversies. Comparing demographic trends in Europe and the NAME-region (North Africa and the Middle East), this book demonstrates how population...

Power-Sharing in Conflict-Ridden Societies: Challenges for Building Peace and Democratic Stability

by Nils A. Butenschøn & Øyvind Stiansen

Based on a unique comparative study of Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Nepal, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Fiji this book analyses the formal and informal arrangements defining the post-conflict...

Practical Theology and Pierre-André Liégé: Radical Dominican and Vatican II Pioneer

by Nicholas Bradbury

Pierre-André Liégé, one of the foremost French theologians of the 20th century, influenced John XXIII and Paul VI, and sat on Vatican II committees with both the future John Paul II and Benedict VI....

Preventing Human Trafficking: Education and NGOs in Thailand

by Robert W. Spires

This book explores human trafficking, examining the work of grass-roots, non-profit organizations who educate and rehabilitate human trafficking victims and at-risk youth. Through interviews with staff and children,...

Principles and Practices of Fiscal Autonomy: Experiences, Debates and Prospects

by Giancarlo Pola

This century has seen the continuation of long-term trends in the movement of the territorial boundaries of nation states alongside the emergence of new tensions. The repercussions of the Scottish referendum...

Prisoner Voices from Death Row: Indian Experiences

by Reena Mary George

Death penalty has produced endless discourses not only in the context of prisons, prisoners and punishment but also in various legal aspects concerning the validity of death penalty, the right to life, and torture....

Project Life Cycle Economics: Cost Estimation, Management and Effectiveness in Construction Projects

by Massimo Pica

The financing of modern construction projects reflects the need to address the costs and benefits of the whole life of the project. This means that end of life economics can now have a far greater impact on...

Project Management for Supplier Organizations: Harmonising the Project Owner to Supplier Relationship

by Adrian Taggart

Conventionally, the literature on project management presents the story from the project client, or Owner's, perspective. Project Management for Supplier Organizations turns this on its head and explores the...

Radical Challenges to the Family: From the Sixties to Same-Sex Marriage

by Ashley Lavelle

Defending the nuclear family and extolling ‘family values' have long been central features of politics in capitalist societies, in spite of radical left challenges from social, counter-cultural and gay...

Radical Theology and Emerging Christianity: Deconstruction, Materialism and Religious Practices

by Katharine Sarah Moody

The ‘theological turn' in continental philosophy and the ‘turn to Paul' in political philosophy have occasioned a return to radical theology, a tradition whose philosophical heritage can be traced...

Rationality as Virtue: Towards a Theological Philosophy

by Lydia Schumacher

For much of the modern period, theologians and philosophers of religion have struggled with the problem of proving that it is rational to believe in God. Drawing on the thought of Thomas Aquinas, this book lays...

Reading and the Victorians

by Juliet John & Matthew Bradley

What did reading mean to the Victorians? This question is the key point of departure for Reading and the Victorians, an examination of the era when reading underwent a swifter and more radical transformation...

Reading Dante Gabriel Rossetti: The Painter as Poet

by Brian Donnelly

A revolutionary figure throughout his career, Dante Gabriel Rossetti's work provides a distinctly revolutionary lens through which the Victorian period can be viewed. Suggesting that Rossetti's work should be...

Reading Humility in Early Modern England

by Jennifer Clement

While humility is not especially valued in modern Western culture, Jennifer Clement argues here, it is central to sixteenth- and seventeenth-century understandings of Christian faith and behavior, and is vital...

Rebalancing Public Partnership: Innovative Practice Between Government and Nonprofits from Around the World

by John Brothers

In the US, as in many other Western economies, federal and state government is working to become more involved with the nonprofit sector; a sector in which many of the organizations are singularly ill-prepared...

Re-Covering Modernism: Pulps, Paperbacks, and the Prejudice of Form

by David M. Earle

In the first half of the twentieth century, modernist works appeared not only in obscure little magazines and books published by tiny exclusive presses but also in literary reprint magazines of the 1920s, tawdry...

Reflections on Imagination: Human Capacity and Ethnographic Method

by Mark Harris & Nigel Rapport

In this innovative volume, anthropologists turn their attention to a topic that has rarely figured as a focus of concerted investigation and yet which can be described as an intrinsic aspect of all human knowing...

The Territorial Organization of Variety: Cooperation and competition in Bordeaux, Napa and Chianti Classico

by Jerry Patchell

The wine industry appears to be an anomaly within the modern global economy. Thousands of small companies provide a vast variety of highly differentiated products and compete successfully with multinational...

The Theology of John Zizioulas: Personhood and the Church

by Douglas H. Knight

John Zizioulas is widely recognised as the most significant Orthodox theologian of the last half century and acclaimed advocate of ecumenism. From his indepth knowledge of the intellectual resources of the Church,...

The Therapeutic Cloning Debate: Global Science and Journalism in the Public Sphere

by Eric A. Jensen

Exploring the controversy surrounding therapeutic human cloning, this book draws upon data collected from news articles and interviews with journalists to examine the role of mass media in shaping biomedical...