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How To Get Married

by Margot Early

The truth about Amy Ludlow

Fourteen-year-old Amy lives with her father in Ouray, Colorado. Her mother—or so she believes—died at the time of her birth. What William Ludlow knows that his daughter doesn't is...

Misfit Father

by Ann Evans

All for his daughter

After many years away, Rafe D'Angelo has returned to Lightning River, Colorado, to give Frannie—the five-year-old daughter he hadn't known he had—a home after being rejected by her mother....

Her Sister's Keeper

by Julia Penney

Can she forget the past?

It was on her wedding day that Melanie Harris discovered the ultimate betrayal: her sister Ariel was pregnant by Melanie's fiancé.

Six months later, Melanie turns to psychologist Dr....

The Runaway Daughter

by Anna DeStefano

She took the baby and ran…

Eighteen-year-old Maggie didn't know what else to do. She'd promised her dying friend she'd keep the baby safe from his father, a drug dealer…and killer. Who else could she turn to...

When He Came Home

by Roxanne Rustand

Pregnancy is the last thing on her mind

After all, isn't that one of the reasons Grant walked out on her last fall? He couldn't wait for her practice to settle down to have kids. Not to mention, her husband couldn't...

The Prodigal Texan

by Lynnette Kent

Making amends

No one expected Jud Ritter to return to Homestead, Texas, least of all mayor Miranda Wright—the woman he made a fool of right before he left town for good. Miranda has enough on her hands trying...

Past Lies

by Bobby Hutchinson

"Tell the sprout his old man's about to start on the adventure of a lifetime…"

Some adventure. Roy Nolan was last seen more than thirty years ago heading into the Alaskan bush. His body was never recovered....

Party of Three

by Joan Kilby

Ally Cummings may be the only "normal" one in her family, but her love life is anything but. No sooner does she find a stable, secure, predictable guy than she wants out. She's through with romance until she...

Lone Star Rising

by Darlene Graham

Another man's baby

After her husband is killed in a barn fire, Robbie McBride Tellchick is left alone to raise three boys—and the baby on the way. With the fire still under investigation, she can't even depend...

Not Without the Truth

by Kay David

Lauren Stanley has to unlock the secret of her past

Discovering what happened the night her mother died is the only way she'll ever have a normal life. So she travels to Peru to find a mysterious doctor named...

More to Texas than Cowboys

by Roz Denny Fox

Out of the mouths of babes…

After a decade away, Greer Bell is returning to Loveless County, hoping for a reconciliation with her family—one that includes their acceptance of her nine-year-old daughter, Shelby....

A Different Kind of Man

by Suzanne Cox

Emalea LeBlanc is a different kind of woman.

Nicknamed "Doc" by the locals, she's a psychologist, a member of the volunteer search and rescue team and an avid motorcycle enthusiast. But she's haunted by memories...

The Girl Who Came Back

by Barbara McMahon

Home, Sweet Home?

When Eliza Shaw was sixteen, her life was torn apart. False accusations meant the only home she'd ever known—a foster home—was destroyed, and she and her two foster sisters were separated....

Sharing Spaces

by Nadia Nichols

Go Fish!

Senna McCallum was never close to her grandfather, so when he leaves her his new business—a rustic Labrador fishing retreat—she's shocked, to say the least. Especially when she discovers there's a...

Million to One

by Darlene Gardner

When your life changes in the blink of an eye…

Kaylee Carter may have just found her birth mother—and the sense of belonging that's been missing all her life. But Sofia Donatelli's stepson, Tony, is suspicious....

An Unlikely Match

by Cynthia Thomason

"Hogan. Jack Hogan."

The cocky ex-Secret Service agent is determined to point out the security risks in this eccentric little beach town. Mayor Claire Betancourt's town.

Claire is just as determined to protect...

A Year and a Day

by Inglath Cooper

She has the life most women dream of

Too bad for Audrey Colby it's all a facade. Her seemingly devoted husband is really a monster. Their high-society "friends" protect his ugly secrets. The mansion they live...

The Bowen Bride

by Nicole Burnham

Five Steps to Happily Ever After…

(by Katie Schmidt, chronically unmarried bridal shop owner)

1) Find down-to-earth divorced dad Jared Porter standing in your shop, looking like a bull in a china shop.

2) Try...

Without a Clue

by Trish Jensen

What do you mean your house?

Since her aborted wedding, Meg Renshaw's thrown everything into her work. But her latest brainstorm—a mystery weekend at a Charleston plantation—hits a few bumps. For one, her "corpse"...

The Everything Pocket Mom

by Vincent Ianelli MD

A toddler has a meltdown in the middle of a store. A two-year-old is terrified to go to bed at night. What's a busy mom to do when she doesn't have time to pour over child development books? The Everything®...