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The Economics of the Distributive Trades (Rle Retailing and Distribution)

by Patrick McAnally

First published in 1971, The Economics of the Distributive Trades is a comprehensive analysis of all sectors of the British retailing sector, written by the then-head of the Research Department of the John Lewis...

The Development of the Wholesaler in the United States, 1860-1900

by Bill Reid Moeckel

Although the scientific study of marketing is relatively new, certain aspects of it have been analyzed in considerable detail. A body of literature exists, for example, on the various phases of retailing and...

Retailing: Shopping, Society, Space

by Larry O'Brien & Frank Harris

This textbook provides an up-to-date, comprehensive and fully integrated treatment of retailing as a) and industry, b) a force shaping social attitudes and contemporary culture, and c) a force for change in...

Retail and Marketing Channels (Rle Retailing and Distribution)

by Srinivas K. Reddy & Luca Pellegrini

Retailer's buying power has significantly increased in recent years as a result of a process of market concentration. As vertical relationships in marketing channels have strengthened their influence over the...

Social Representations in the Social Arena

by Annamaria Silvana de Rosa

Social Representations in the 'Social Arena' presents key theoretical issues and extensive empirical research using different theoretical and methodological approaches to consider the value of social representation...

After Cosmopolitanism

by Rosi Braidotti, Patrick Hanafin & Bolette Blaagaard

At a time when social and political reality seems to move away from the practice of cosmopolitanism, whilst being in serious need of a new international framework to regulate global interaction, what are the...

Shanghai Expo: An International Forum on the Future of Cities

by Tim Winter

In 2010 Shanghai hosted the largest, most spectacular and most expensive expo ever. Attracting a staggering 73 million visitors, and costing around US$45 billion dollars, Shanghai Expo broke the records in the...

Economic History of Lower Yangzi Delta in Late Imperial China

by Billy K. L. So

Historically, the Lower Yangzi Delta (or Jiangnan), has played a key role in China's economic development. Indeed, as the prime example of a traditional Chinese market economy, the region serves as the core...

The Surface Effect: The Screen of Fantasy in Psychoanalysis

by André|| Nusselder

Even before we think, we use fantasy. Is fantasy the 'mother of all media'? Does fantasy save me from myself? Are there fictions that are real?

In The Surface Effect André Nusselder examines the space of fantasy...

Integrating Africa: Decolonization's Legacies, Sovereignty and the African Union

by Martin Welz

The African Union (AU) is a continental organization that comprises every African state except for Morocco, is indeed a pioneering undertaking. Its ambitious aim is to integrate all member states, with the ultimate...

The Processes and Practices of Fair Trade: Trust, Ethics and Governance

by Brigitte Granville & Janet Dine

This book analyzes the factors behind the recent expansion of Fairtrade and questions whether the trust given to the scheme by "ethical" shoppers is warranted. It goes about this assessment by analyzing the...

Leadership as Emotional Labour: Management and the 'Managed Heart'

by Marian Iszatt-White

Even if we don't realise it, most of us are now familiar with the idea of 'emotional labour'; that 'service with a smile' which everyone from cabin crew to restaurant or call centre staff is expected to give,...

Manga and the Representation of Japanese History

by Roman Rosenbaum

This edited collection explores how graphic art and in particular Japanese manga represent Japanese history.

The articles explore the representation of history in manga from disciplines that include such diverse...

The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature

by Suzanne Bost & Frances R. Aparicio

Latino/a literature is one of the fastest developing fields in the discipline of literary studies. It represents an identity that is characterized by fluidity and diversity, often explored through divisions...

Towards a New Development Paradigm in Twenty-First Century China: Economy, Society and Politics

by Eric Florence & Pierre Defraigne

This book argues that the current state of China requires an important paradigm shift in the way the party-state manages the country's development, and goes on to assess the fitness of the party-state for implementing...

The Urban Wisdom of Jane Jacobs

by Sonia Hirt & Diane Zahm

Here for the first time is a thoroughly interdisciplinary and international examination of Jane Jacobs's legacy. Divided into four parts: I. Jacobs, Urban Philosopher; II. Jacobs, Urban Economist; II. Jacobs,...

Media and Ritual: Death, Community and Everyday Life

by Johanna Sumiala

This wide-ranging and accessible book offers a stimulating introduction to the field of media anthropology and the study of religious ritual. Johanna Sumiala explores the interweaving of rituals, communication...

Critical Reflection in Context: Applications in Health and Social Care

by Jan Fook & Fiona Gardner

Critical reflection enables practitioners - especially those within health and social care -to theorise from their own practice, improving and developing their work and practising both creatively and professionally....

Civil Society Activism Under Authoritarian Rule: A Comparative Perspective

by Francesco Cavatorta

This book examines how civil society actors operate under authoritarian constraints, and examines how this is linked to regime change.

This book moves beyond traditional notions of civil society and explains...

Radical Ecology: The Search for a Livable World

by Carolyn Merchant

This is a new edition of the classic examination of major philosophical, ethical, scientific and economic roots of environmental problems which examines the ways that radical ecologists can transform science...