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Ghost Trails of Edinburgh and the Borders

by Clive Kristen

Popular TV ghosthunter, Clive Kristen, takes the reader in search of grueseome events across the border in Scotland. The stories are woven into their historical context and take the reader to spooktacular places....

A Large Harmonium

by Sue Sorensen

English Lit professor Janey Erlicksen wonders if she's coming unravelled, as her daily life progresses through the onslaught from work, friends and family, and her despotic toddler Little Max.

The Cult of Quick Repair

by Dede Crane

A sassy collection of vivid and moving stores portraying edgy modern lives in highly-charged relationships

The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife Horses: Finding Meaning, Magic and Mastery in the Second Half of Life

by Melinda Folse, Melinda Kaitcer & Clinton Anderson

Arguing that riding horses is a great outlet for the stress women feel when facing the challenges of middle age, this unique book provides step-by-step instructions for getting back in the saddle. Though the...

Philosophy of Complex Systems

by Dov M. Gabbay, Paul Thagard & John Woods

The domain of nonlinear dynamical systems and its mathematical underpinnings has been developing exponentially for a century, the last 35 years seeing an outpouring of new ideas and applications and a concomitant...

Sustaining Soil Productivity in Response to Global Climate Change: Science, Policy, and Ethics

by Thomas J. Sauer, John Norman & Mannava V. K. Sivakumar

Sustaining Soil Productivity in Response to Global Climate Change: Science, Policy, and Ethics is a multi-disciplinary volume exploring the ethical, political and social issues surrounding the stewardship of...

Arabic Idioms

by Ashraf Abdou

Idioms represent a fascinating linguistic phenomenon that has captured the attention of many linguists for decades. This corpus-based study of idioms in Modern Standard Arabic sheds light on their intricate...

Forestry Economics: A Managerial Approach

by John E. Wagner

Forestry Economics introduces students and practitioners to all aspects of the management and economics of forestry. The book adopts the approach of managerial economics textbooks and applies this to the unique...

Questioning Financial Governance from a Feminist Perspective

by Brigitte Young, Isabella Bakker & Diane Elson

Questioning Financial Governance from a Feminist Perspective brings together feminist economists and feminist political economists from different countries located in North America and Europe to analyze the...

Privatising the Public University

by Margaret Thornton

Privatising the Public University: The Case of Law is the first full-length critical study examining the impact of the dramatic reforms that have swept through universities over the last two decades.

An Introduction to Visual Research Methods in Tourism

by Tijana Raki? & Donna Chambers

An Introduction to Visual Research Methods in Tourism is the first book to present, discuss and promote the use of a range of visual methods in tourism studies. It introduces methods ranging from the collection...


by Adrian Hyland

Black Saturday. February 7, 2009. Roger Wood is the cop on duty at Kinglake when the most devastating fire in the nation's history roars through the ranges. His task is to defend his town against the colossus...

Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps To Accelerate Every Company's Sales

by Andy Paul

In today's fast-paced information-driven economy, customers want to make informed buying decision about new products in the least time possible. Your customers will acquire approximately 70% of the information...

Another Day Without a Cage: My Breakthrough From Self-Imprisonment to Total Empowerment

by Gail Kasper

In a memoir recognized for both its heartfelt truths and humbling bravery, "Another Day Without A Cage" is the true story of one girl's journey from living a life of helplessness, where she was unable to articulate...

Rising From Ashes: Discover Your Hidden Power Through Adversity

by Claudia T Nelson

Rising from Ashes is an inspiring story of what can be accomplished when one refuses to be a victim, one woman's heroic journey that puts two notorious con men behind bars. The author weaves her secrets of how...

It Just Makes Sense: Common Sense Living in an Everyday World: 7 Principles for a Joyful and Stress Free Life

by Kym Coco & Stephen Thompson

Full of enlightening information, useful exercises and personal stories, "It Just Makes Sense"  will show you how to create clarity, purpose, and harmony in all aspects of your life. Gain confidence in your...

The Fitness Response: 21 Steps to Model Your Way to a Fit, Fabulous Body

by Richard Kelley

The Fitness Response addresses why a minority of individuals among us seems to consistently 'get it right,' while so many among us struggle with the problem of excess weight. In fact, a subset of our population...

I Wish I Knew It Before Going To College

by Gabbriel Simone

I Wish I Knew It Before Going To College is a collection of letters, stories and one-liners based on the answers offered by hundreds of college students when asked what they wish they knew before going to college. ...

Face Forward: Meeting Challenges Head On in Times of Trouble

by Michele Clarke

Face Forward is about overcoming obstacles, taking back control, using your focus to expand your possibilities, and acting on your own behalf so that you can step into your brilliance. The aim is to master the...

I'll Run With You: How God's Grace is Sufficient When our Strength is Not

by William Boyd Chisum

I'll Run With You is designed to encourage the reader, that regardless the struggles that they may be going through, that strength can be found. It does this through the real life stories of individuals who...