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Italian Seduction

by Mary Lyons

Wealthy Lorenzo Foscari had received threats against his life. But he was outraged when his insurance company assigned him a bodyguard— especially since they’ d sent him the sexiest woman he’ s ever seen!...

Convenient Proposal

by Helen Brooks

Candy was wary when Quinn Ellington suggested it would be mutually beneficial for them to marry. She knew her uncle had asked Quinn to look after her while she recovered from an accident. But wasn’ t marriage...

Playboy King's Wife

by Emma Darcy

Samantha Connelly finally knows what it is to feel sexy, elegant— and desirable. Playboy Tommy King, the man she has secretly loved for years, is amazed at her transformation.

Up to now, Sam and Tommy have...

Husband Assignment

by Helen Bianchin

When Stephanie accepted an assignment to publicize a major film, she found herself having to negotiate with Raoul lanier, the powerful heir to a billionaire empire— and a ruthlessly sexy man…

Stephanie simply...

Innocent Affair

by Kim Lawrence

Being bridesmaid at her triplet sister’ s wedding was the happiest day of Hope’ s life— especially as, afterward, she was swept off her feet by gorgeous tycoon Alex Matheson!

It seemed Hope would soon follow...

Luc's Revenge

by Catherine George

What has driven wealthy Frenchman Luc Brissac to seduce and then propose marriage? Could his motives be fueled by an event that occurred one shocking September in Portia’ s past— an event so traumatic that...

Suspicious Proposal

by Helen Brooks

Essie met millionaire businessman Xavier Grey at a wedding: she was the chief bridesmaid, he was a distant relative of the bridegroom. They were strangers, yet for some reason Xavier clearly disapproved of Essie....

Stormbound with a Tycoon

by Shawna Delacorte

Wealthy, jaded playboy Dylan Russell had sought an isolated cabin in the woods to escape his fast-paced life and reconsider his future. He wanted solitude...but awoke to a woman in his bed! Nothing had prepared...

M.D. Courts His Nurse

by Meagan McKinney

Whoa! New nurse Rebecca O’ Reilly had Dr. John Saville’ s thoughts straying into uncharted territory. This female wildcat had obviously been wounded by romance— she protected her frayed heart with a sharp...

Lone Star Knight

by Cindy Gerard

Billionaire Matt Walker was not a man who walked away from what he wanted. And what he wanted was the hand of Lady Helena Reichard. The darling of the paparazzi, Helena had recently been through hell and back—...

His Sheltering Arms

by Kristi Gold

His job was to keep Erin Brailey safe. But first, security expert Zach Miller had to convince the sultry beauty that she needed his protection...while keeping his desire for her hidden lest it lure them both...

Millionaire Takes a Bride

by Kate Little

Wealthy New York businessman Jackson Bradshaw was used to going after what he wanted, but this time it was what he didn’ t want that was making him pound on some stranger’ s door in the godforsaken hamlet...

American Earl

by Kathryn Jensen

Sweet and innocent no more! Abby Benton longed to cast off her closely guarded virginity— with her boss. Mere proximity to executive taskmaster Matthew Smythe, a.k.a. “ The American Earl,” left her quivering...

World's Most Eligible Texan

by Sara Orwig

Nothing could make world-weary Aaron Black’ s blood race anymore. Until the magical night he danced with Pamela Miles. The debonair man-about- town and the shy schoolteacher shared a night of intense desire...only,...

Way to a Rancher's Heart

by Peggy Moreland

For a hard-edged cowboy, sweet young virgins were trouble. So Jase vowed to steer clear of his children’ s new nanny, Annie Baxter. But it wasn’ t easy for the single father to deny his attraction to the...

Cowboy, a Bride & a Wedding Vow

by Shirley Rogers

College sweethearts, sexy Jake McCall and beguiling innocent Catherine St. John had spent an intense, passionate yet tender year as lovers. Then fate and duty intervened, separating the couple....

...until the...

Baby at His Door

by Katherine Garbera

First, stranded beauty Lydia Kerr came rapping on his ranch house door. An unbidden sensuality clung to the mysterious damsel, and lawman Evan Powell couldn’ t resist getting closer… . Though he was rocked...

Millionaire Boss

by Peggy Moreland

Penny Rawley hadn’ t traveled across Texas to have sexy CEO Erik Thompson boss her around! Sure, she was his new secretary, but she’ d come to his million-dollar firm with one thing in mind: marrying the...

Tycoon Warrior

by Sheri Whitefeather

Dakota Lewis wanted only one thing— his wife! By law, Kathy Lewis was still married to him, but she was not under his roof… in his bed. This bold modern Native American warrior had faced many fights, but...

Temptation of Rory Monahan

by Elizabeth Bevarly

He was a man of books, all right, but Rory Monahan had no explanation for his new reaction to lovely librarian Miriam Thornbury. Something was suddenly different about her. He’ d never noticed that her legs...