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Therapeutic Care for Refugees: No Place Like Home

by Renos Papadopoulos

This volume addresses the complexities involved in attending to the mental health of refugees. It covers theory and research as well as clinical and field applications, emphasising the psychotherapeutic perspective....

Perspectives on Supervision

by David Campbell & Barry Mason

This reader-friendly and stimulating volume, indispensable to anyone interested in supervision from a systemic perspective, emerged from a conference organised jointly by the Institute of Family Therapy and...

Surviving Space: Papers on Infant Observation

by Andrew Briggs

Surviving Space is a collection of papers on infant observation and related issues by contemporary experts in the field, commemorating the centenary of Esther Bick and the unique contribution she has made to...

Ideas in Practice

by Bernardine Bishop, Angela Foster & Josephine Klein

Comprising the second volume in the series The Practice of Psychotherapy, this volume brings together six contributors, all members of the London Centre for Psychotherapy, presenting psychoanalytic ideas lucidly...

Challenges to Practice

by Bernardine Bishop, Angela Foster & Josephine Klein

The first title in the Practice of Psychotherapy Series that explores the limits of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Each of the five chapters in this book takes up an aspect of this challenge. In an open and enquiring...

You and Your Toddler

by Jenny Stoker

A central theme of this book is the gradual process of separation between parents and toddlers and the growth of autonomy in them all. Jenny Stoker has written with clarity, sympathy and warmth about the multiple...

Unmasking Race, Culture, and Attachment in the Psychoanalytic Space

by Kate White

Drawn from the John Bowlby Memorial Conference, the theme of this book addresses the often hidden and ignored subject of attachment, race and culture. Can our individual narratives in relation to race, culture...

Violent Adolescents: Understanding the Destructive Impulse

by Lynn Greenwood

This volume looks at the reasons behind adolescent violence and the possible solutions for handling the violent adolescent. The contributors are all experienced practitioners and draw from their extensive experience...

Understanding the Self-Ego Relationship in Clinical Practice: Towards Individuation

by Margaret Clark

The author argues for the profound importance of trusting the unconscious psyche in therapeutic work with adults. She considers various analytical meanings of the term "the self", with reference to a wide range...

Taking Positions in the Organization

by David Campbell & Marianne Groenbaek

This volume provides a positive and productive model for helping people to move out of static positions or difficult relationships in the workplace. Informed by systemic thinking and social constructionism,...

Motherhood in the Twenty-First Century

by Alcira Mariam Alizade

This book takes a fresh look at women in their maternal role. In the 21st century, with its frenzy and heterogeneity, where the mixture of modernity and post-modernity is not without danger, motherhood cannot...

Intellectual Disabilities: A Systemic Approach

by Sandra Baum & Henrik Lynggaard

The application of systemic ideas and principles in working with people with intellectual disabilities, their families and their service systems, has grown over the last decade in the UK. This book, for the...

Group Relations Conferences: Reviewing and Exploring Theory, Design, Role-Taking and Application

by Louisa D. Brunner, Avi Nutkevitch & Mannie Sher

This book will interest members of the group relations community and others whether or not they are familiar with and utilize Tavistock group relations thinking in their research, consultancy, management or...

Moodle Security

by Darko Mileti?

Moodle Security is packed with practical examples, which guide you through optimizing the protection of your Moodle site. Each chapter covers a different security threat and how to secure your site against it....

Holy Warriors: A Journey Into The Heart Of Indian Fundamentalism

by Edna Fernandes

Home to all the major religions, India is also, inevitably, host to virtually every type of religious fanatic. No other nation has witnessed as much proselytizing or heard as many war cries in the name of God...

The Billy Palmer Chronicles

by Derek Johns

The bumper book of Billy Palmer: following our hero from his apple-scrumping childhood in post-war Somerset and his coming-of-age in the Soho of the swinging sixties, to his romp through '80s New York and his...

Ways Of Staying

by Kevin Bloom

After the brutal, random murder of his cousin, Kevin Bloom was left with shock, grief and anger - and one burning question: 'Why stay in South Africa?'

Systemic Couple Therapy and Depression

by Eia Asen & Elsa Jones

Based on a research project which demonstrated the effectiveness of systemic therapy, this book can be used as the basis of a training programme in systemic couple therapy, as a phase in the treatment of depression....

Innovations in the Reflecting Process

by Harlene Anderson & Per Jensen

'This is an important book for our Series [the Systemic Thinking and Practice Series]. It brings together people who have either previously contributed books to this Series or have been present in many volumes...

Trauma and Organizations

by Earl Hopper

This collection of new contributions from psychoanalysts, group analysts and organisational consultants from Europe, Australia and the United States examines the patterns of conscious and unconscious life of...