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Forbidden Territory

by Paula Graves

"Help me!" For Lily Browning, there was no escaping the visions that had haunted her all her life. And now a little girl's desperate cry for help had brought enigmatic, disturbingly masculine Lieutenant McBride...

Midnight Sun's Magic

by Betty Neels

Finding romance didn't seem likely in a place like Spitsbergen, so close to the North Pole. Yet when Annis went there for a short time to work, she found herself falling in love with a handsome Norwegian. But...

Last April Fair

by Betty Neels

Phyllida Cresswell has defi nite ideas about love, and her current boyfriend is certainly not marriage material. So when the chance of a nursing job abroad comes up, she takes it.

When things don't go smoothly...

Marrying McCabe

by Fiona Brand

None of Roma Lombard's high-society friends knew anything about the mystery man who was suddenly everywhere the wealthy heiress went. And that was exactly the way she wanted it—because her new "lover" was really...

Hot On His Trail

by Linda Winstead Jones

The trial was supposed to be television reporter Shea Sinclair's big break—her chance to show the world she wasn't just some empty-headed "weather girl." Then she became the story when Nick Taggert, a contractor...

Plain-Jane Princess

by Karen Templeton

Incompetent! She couldn't cook, clean or operate the dishwasher. But Steven Koleski had to admit the mysterious woman did have a way with his newfound family...and his lonely heart.

It was the opportunity of...

Caroline's Waterloo

by Betty Neels

Caroline had never imagined that anyone would want to marry her. After all, she wasn't pretty or clever in any way. But the imposing Professor Radinck Thoe van Erckelens did propose to her and, having speedily...

Out of Nowhere

by Beverly Bird

The beautiful Philadelphia socialite with the drop-dead attitude wasn't exactly the kind of murder suspect Fox Whittington was used to. He couldn't figure out whether he should haul her off to jail—or just...

Born a Hero

by Paula Detmer Riggs

This Firstborn Son thought he was prepared for anything—except teaming up with his beautiful former flame on a crucial rescue mission.

Lives were at stake when Dr. Elliot Hunter was called on by his father to...

Dangerous Attraction

by Susan Vaughan

Michael Quinn's years as an undercover agent had marked him forever. He wasn't a man who trusted anyone—and that went double for the lovely, mysterious woman he'd come to this isolated Maine village to investigate....

Interrupted Lullaby

by Valerie Parv

A child taken from her loving arms too soon. So Tara McNiven swallowed her tears, bolstered her pride and vowed never to let Zeke Blaxland know about the family that might have been....

But when Zeke burst unexpectedly...

Daddy with a Badge

by Paula Detmer Riggs

Rafe Cardoza was a government agent, a professional who knew better than to let his emotions get in the way. But that was before duty brought him back into Daniela Fabrizio's life as suddenly as he had been...

Familiar Stranger

by Sharon Sala

THE AGENT: SPEAR's top gun, a man deeply shrouded in mystery...

THE MISSION: To find his heart again—before he fights his last battle...

THE SOUL-WRENCHING REUNION:Once he holds Cara Justice in his arms, will...

Renegade with a Badge

by Claire King

Deep in the wilderness of Baja California, undercover agent Rafe Camayo was closing in on the ruthless drug trafficker who had destroyed his family. Nothing stood between him and the revenge he had sought for...

Moonglow, Texas

by Mary McBride

She hated molasses-paced Moonglow, Texas. She hated her new homespun identity. And she didn't know whether to strangle or kiss the handsome Hawaiian-shirt-clad handyman who ruined more than he repaired. But...

Cinderella's Secret Agent

by Ingrid Weaver

THE AGENT: Dashing sharpshooter Del Rogers.

THE EMERGENCY MISSION: Saving the day when pregnant waitress Maggie Rice needed a helping hand—pronto!

THE HIDDEN TALENT: Giving Sir Galahad a run for his money.


Heaven Sent Husband

by Gilbert Morris

Between her dedicated nursing at Mercy Hospital and plans to be a missionary in India, Ketura Lindsey had no time to think about marriage. But to follow God's plan, she had to acknowledge that love was part...

Light in the Storm

by Margaret Daley

Freedom! After raising her three siblings, high school teacher Beth Coleman was finally, at thirty-eight, responsible for herself alone. With her nurturing nature, she'd loved caring for her family, but now...

In Close Quarters

by Candace Irvin

Lieutenant Karin Scott had always steered way clear of men like TJ Vasquez—playboys who assumed their sexy looks would get them an open invitation to her bedroom. But she was a navy doctor with a serious problem—lethal...

Love Next Door

by Anna Schmidt

The last thing Detective Pete Fleming wanted was time with children. Taking a break after a deadly mistake in the line of duty, he came to the lakeside rental looking for solitude and emotional healing. He hadn't...