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Knowing Right From Wrong

by Kieran Setiya

Can we have objective knowledge of right and wrong, of how we should live and what there is reason to do? The thought that we can is beset by sceptical problems. In the face of radical disagreement, can we be...

SBA MCQs for the MRCS Part A

by Sri G. Thrumurthy, Tania Samantha De Silva, Zia Moinuddin & Stuart Enoch

Specifically designed to help candidates revise for the MRCS exam, this book features 350 Single Best Answer multiple choice questions, covering the whole syllabus. Containing everything candidates need to pass...

Martyrdom: A Very Short Introduction

by Jolyon Mitchell

Martyrdom is not only a sharply contested term and act, but it has a long history of provoking controversy. One persons martyr is anothers terrorist, and one persons martyrdom operation is anothers suicide bombing....

Turing: Pioneer of the Information Age

by B. Jack Copeland

Alan Turing can be regarded as one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century. But who was Turing, and what did he achieve during his tragically short life of 41 years? Best known as the genius who broke...

The Enforcement of EU Law: The Role of the European Commission

by Stine Andersen

A comprehensive analysis of the European Commissions general role in supervising member state compliance with EU law, this book provides a detailed assessment of centralized EU enforcement. It starts out by...

The Artful Species: Aesthetics, Art, and Evolution

by Stephen Davies

The Artful Species explores the idea that our aesthetic responses and art behaviors are connected to our evolved human nature. Our humanoid forerunners displayed aesthetic sensibilities hundreds of thousands...

Calvins Company of Pastors: Pastoral Care and the Emerging Reformed Church, 1536-1609

by Scott M. Manetsch

In Calvins Company of Pastors, Scott Manetsch examines the pastoral theology and practical ministry activities of Genevas reformed ministers from the time of Calvins arrival in Geneva until the beginning of...

Spirituality: A Very Short Introduction

by Philip Sheldrake

It has been suggested that spirituality has become a word that can define an era. Why? Because paradoxically, alongside a decline in traditional religious affiliations, the growing interest in spirituality and...

Emergencies in Mental Health Nursing

by Patrick Callaghan & Helen Waldock

Emergencies in Mental Health Nursing is a practical and accessible guide for mental health nurses confronted with emergencies. It enables them to manage these emergencies in a therapeutic, safe, and legally...

Getting to Standard Work in Health Care: Using TWI to Create a Foundation for Quality Care

by Patrick Graupp & Martha Purrier

Addressing the challenges involved in achieving standard work in health care, Getting to Standard Work in Health Care: Using TWI to Create a Foundation for Quality Care describes how to incorporate the most...

Team Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts

by Gail Levitt

Supplying busy project professionals with time-tested tips and templates for developing teams efficiently and effectively, Team Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts provides the planning materials...

Effective Expert Witnessing, Fifth Edition: Practices for the 21st Century

by Jack V. Matson

The testimony of an expert witness can lead to success or failure in cases that hinge on the presentation's impact on a jury. Effective Expert Witnessing, Fifth Edition: Practices for the 21st Century explores...

Cross-Functional Productivity Improvement

by Ronald Blank

Using language that is easy to understand, Cross-Functional Productivity Improvement describes how improvement efforts can be undermined by errors and incompleteness. It illustrates the various types of errors...

Concepts and Case Studies in Threat Management

by Frederick S. Calhoun & J.D., Stephen W. Weston

Professionalization has come to the field of threat management. It has developed a systematic theory unique to the field, recognized authorities have emerged, and it is finding its own ethical code of conduct....

Networked Multisensor Decision and Estimation Fusion: Based on Advanced Mathematical Methods

by Yunmin Zhu, Jie Zhou & Xiaojing Shen

Due to the increased capability, reliability, robustness, and survivability of systems with multiple distributed sensors, multi-source information fusion has become a crucial technique in a growing number of...

Mastering the Stock Market

by John L. Person

Noted technical analyst John Person outlines a comprehensive method to pinpointing today's best trading opportunities

The economy and stock market are heavily influenced by seasonal factors. For example, a strong...

Quantitative Value

by Wesley R. Gray & Tobias E. Carlisle

A must-read book on the quantitative value investment strategy

Warren Buffett and Ed Thorp represent two spectrums of investing: one value driven, one quantitative. Where they align is in their belief that the...

The Real Retirement

by Fred Vettese & Bill Morneau

Straight Talk and solid retirement advice for all Canadians

In the face of government changes, financial market volatility, and an aging workforce, Canadians are understandably concerned about the impact on...

Engineering for Sustainability

by Dennis F.X. Mathaisel, Joel M. Manary & Ned H. Criscimagna

Sustainability and sustainable development have become popular goals. They have also become wide-ranging terms that can be applied to any entity or enterprise on a local or a global scale for long time periods....

Amoeba Management: The Dynamic Management System for Rapid Market Response

by Kazuo Inamori

Especially effective in dynamic and highly competitive environments, the Amoeba Management System has received attention from the Harvard Business Review and has already been successfully adopted at more than...