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Sin, Sushi & Survival: A Memoir

by Erla-Mari Diedericks

When journalist Erla-Mari Diedericks leaves her husband after an abusive marriage of eight years, her heart is broken, her dreams shattered and her body bruised. Instead of breaking down or turning to self-help...

A Memoir of Love and Madness: Living with bipolar disorder

by Rahla Xenopoulos

In 1992, Rahla Xenopoulos was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Despite the devastating diagnosis, she sought education on her affliction. Although she found an abundance of literature on various mental illnesses,...

Making Sense of Strategy

by Tony Manning

Worldwide, business faces daunting challenges. Competition in every industry is increasingly hostile. The operating environment is increasingly complex. And the cost of missteps and lost opportunities is rising....

The Number 10s: South Africa's Finest Flyhalves 1891-21

by Chris Schoeman

Throughout the history of rugby, it has been the flyhalves who have gripped the imagination of rugby supporters the most. Arguably the most crucial position on the rugby field, a flyhalf can almost single-handedly...

Elections & Erections: A Memoir of Fear and Fun

by Pieter-Dirk Uys

At last, Pieter-Dirk Uys, South Africa's most famous political satirist, entertainer and AIDS activist, has penned a memoir. He takes us back to his upbringing in apartheid South Africa, his early days in the...

The Marginal Safari

by Justin Fox

Travel writing from the edges of a mad, beautiful country

Dark Continent my Black Arse

by Shile Khumalo

Cape to Cairo epic. Hilarious and insightful account of a black South African's journey across the continent by public transport

Not a Fairytale

by Shaida Ali Kazie

Two sisters, some fairy tales with a modern spin and a recipe or two ...

Son-in-Law of the Boere

by Nape ' a Motana

Craziness and comedy when a brother falls for a lily-white vegetarian

Heart of Africa

by Shile Khumalo

More hilarious, more deeply experienced travelling from the author of Dark Continent My Black Arse

Four Drunk Beauties

by Alex Smith

A literary adventure in the luxurious tradition of the Arabian Nights

You Can't Trust Your own mind

by David French

Did you know our mind lies to us, on a regular basis, causing us to create belief systems and view things as not safe? Dr. David French explains the human psyche in simple terms, showing us how the automatic...

Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road

by Johan Elverskog

This groundbreaking work challenges contemporary stereotypes by revealing how both Buddhist and Muslim religious traditions were shaped by a millennium of cross-cultural exchange along the Silk Road from Iran...

Commerce by a Frozen Sea: Native Americans and the European Fur Trade

by Ann M. Carlos & Frank D. Lewis

Commerce by a Frozen Sea reveals Native Americans as industrious people and effective traders who achieved a standard of living in the eighteenth century higher than most workers in Europe.

Out of Sorts: On Typography and Print Culture

by Joseph A. Dane

Out of Sorts offers a series of case studies testing modern theories and assumptions of print culture against particular cases involving typography and typographical representation. Topics covered range from...

Decolonization and the Evolution of International Human Rights

by Roland Burke

This book challenges traditional accounts of the Third World's contribution to international human rights. It demonstrates that diplomats from Third World countries helped both to radicalize the UN human rights...

SAP Netweaver for Dummies

by Dan Woods & Jeffrey Word

Imagine that it’s the 1950s, and you are in charge of developing the U. S. interstate system. There are countless roads already in use. The system can go in numerous different directions. Where do you begin?...

Understanding Cities: Method in Urban Design

by Alexander Cuthbert

For too long urban design has been seen as a subsidiary to architecture and urban planning, sitting somewhere between the two without establishing itself as a field of study in its own right. This book sets...

French Essentials for Dummies

by Laura K. Lawless & Erotopoulos

Just the core concepts you need to write and speak French correctly

If you have some knowledge of French and want to polish your skills, French Essentials For Dummies focuses on just the core concepts you need...

Golf For Dummies

by Keipert

An informative and entertaining guide to the world of golf

Want to get your handicap down or just get out of a bunker? Golf For Dummies, 2nd Australian and New Zealand edition, is the complete reference for golfers...