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Scandalous Women: The Lives and Loves of History's Most Notorious Women

by Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

Throughout history women have caused wars, defied the rules, and brought men to their knees. The famous and the infamous, queens, divorcées, actresses, and outlaws have created a ruckus during their lifetimes-turning...

AN Unlikely Countess: A Novel of the Malloren World

by Jo Beverley

Prudence Youlgrave is out to marry above her station and secure a happy life. Catesby Burgoyne is out to continue his noble family's good name. When fate pushes them together, they are married-but this inconvenient...

The Trailsman #353: Bitterroot Bullets

by Jon Sharpe

Fourteen-year-old Petey Evans ain't much to look at, but he's got a big head full of dreams-and becoming just like his hero, Skye Fargo, is at the top of the list. Fargo isn't keen on taking on anyone as a pupil,...

Extreme Adventures Book 6- Man-Eater

by Justin D'Ath

Sam Fox is at a youth conference in Africa when the bus takes off without him, leaving him stranded. Within minutes he's attacked by an angry elephant and half-blinded by a spitting cobra. A young Masai tells...

Extreme Adventures Book 5- Spider Bite

by Justin D'Ath

When Sam Fox's twin brothers, Harry and Jordan, are carried off in a runaway hot air balloon, Sam tries to save them - only to end up trapped himself! What starts as a joy ride turns into a life-or-death struggle...

The Bloomswell Diaries

by Louis Buitendag

Benjamin Bloomswell is pleased to be staying with his uncle in America while his parents are off on another business trip. It's like a vacation. But when a series of newspaper articles, telephone calls and mysterious...

Best Easy Day Hikes Adirondacks

by Lisa Densmore

Best Easy Day Hikes Adirondacks directs you to some of the best short hiking trails in the area. This guidebook includes concise descriptions and detailed maps of mostly short, easy-to-follow trails that lead...

Grand Canyon: The Complete Guide: Grand Canyon National Park

by James Kaiser

Featuring a number of beautiful, high-quality color photographs, this guide is as browsable as the best coffee-table books while also offering maps, travel tips, and extensive listings for lodging, camping,...

Into White Silence

by Anthony Eaton

A tale of ambition and madness in the frozen seas of Antarctica. In 1922 the polar exploration vessel RAVEN sailed from Hobart in the early hours of the morning, south into the icy embrace of the Antarctic Ocean....

To Die For

by Mark Svendsen

An epic battle between a boy, a boat and a sharkWith a crack as though her back was breaking the dory lurched downwards. Christos felt himself twist, then fall inexorably, towards the head of the inquisitive...

Floods 10: Lost

by Colin Thompson

The caves under Transylvania Waters are about to be explored for the first time ever. What will the Floods find? The Floods are back in their rightful place as rulers of Transylvania Waters and there is an enormous...

Lucy Zeezou's Goal

by Liz Deep-Jones

Fashion, modelling, dance . . . football?Everyone's making plans for Lucy's future. But will she get to pursue her own dreams on the pitch? Lucy's family is famous for two things in Italy: football and fashion....

The Nymph and the Lamp

by Thomas H Raddall

Thomas Raddall is one of Canada's most popular novelists, and a three-time winner of the Governor General Award for Fiction. Born in Nova Scotia, Thomas Raddall authored sixteen books inlcuding The Nymph and...

The Stories That Haunt Us

by Bill Jessome

This latest collection by Maritime Mysteries' former TV host and actor Bill Jessome includes forty of the best stories collected from around the Maritimes. Using his journalist's skills, Jessome weaves incredible...

Maritime Mysteries

by Bill Jessome

Here is a frightening, fun trip through the Maritime's most bone-chilling ghost stories and tales of the unexplained. From the spirit who lurks in the halls of Dalhousie University's Shirreff Hall to the phantom...

Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor

by C. Lamont MacMillan

Dr. C. Lamont MacMillan had no idea of the life that awaited him when he began his medical practice in Baddeck, Cape Breton, in 1928. At that time it was more common for doctors to travel to their patients....

We Keep a Light

by Evelyn Richardson

Evelyn Richardson was a teacher and writer who spent much of her life on Bon Portage Island in southwestern Nova Scotia where she wrote her critically acclaimed works including We Keep A Light and Desired Haven....

Let's Talk: Money, Virtues, "Out-Smarting" Your Parents and More

by Ken Ogorek

A full, authentic life-that's every teen's desire, and every teen's right. That's the message of Let's Talk, a new catechetical program specifically designed for 9th-12th grade teens. Developed by an experienced...

Quarterly Essay 41 the Happy Life: The Search for Contentment in the Modern World

by David Malouf

In the first Quarterly Essay for 2011, David Malouf returns to one of the most fundamental questions and gives it a modern twist: what makes for a happy life?

With grace and profundity, Malouf discusses new...

The Spirit of the Union: Popular Politics in Scotland

by Gordon Pentland

Pentland's study has 3 aims: to place the uprising in a wider context by exploring the modes of extra-parliamentary politics between 1815 and1820 as well as the situation outside Scotland; (ii) to provide the...