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Handbook of Japanese Grammar

by Harold G Henderson

This grammar has been written to help the student to think in the Japanese way. Part One contains several introductory notes on Nomenclature, Syntax, Verbs, Aru, Iru, Oru, on Adjectives and on Foreign Words....

The Rise of the Japanese Corporate System

by Koji Matsumoto

A new kind of economic system has developed in Japan, a system that differs greatly from traditional capitalism. The author of this book has observed Japanese industry from the inside. He provides detailed explanations...

Bureaucracy, Community and Influence in India

by William Gould

Offering a fresh approach to the issue of government and administrative corruption through 'everyday' citizen interactions with the state, this book explores changing discourses and practices of corruption in...

The Government of Japan

by Ardath Burks

This book takes a clear look at the course of the economic and political developments in Japan since the Second World War and in particular trends in government and politics since the peace treaty of 1952. ...

Direct Foreign Investment

by Kyoshi Kojima

Direct foreign investment and the activities of multinational corporations are new dynamic elements in the international economy. This book identifies, theoretically and practically, a Japanese model of multinational...

Democracy and Foreign Policy

by R Bassett

The Sino-Japanese crisis of 1931-33 provides effective illustrations of wider themes in British Foreign Policy. It might even be said that the general pattern of opinion in the UK at the time was to be reproduced...

Industry and Business in Japan

by Kazuo Sato

This volume analyzes Japan's industrial organization both from a historical perspective and by looking in details at specific industries such as iron, steel and the automotive industry. Big business, business...

Banking Policy in Japan

by William M Tsutsui

How Japan's banking system maintained continuity of development and avoided the occupiers' attempts at 'democratisation' and 'Americanisation' is the subject of this book. It explores why the American were committed...

Broadcasting in Japan

by Masami Ito

In this informative study, Professor Ito and his team comprehensively describe the staggering growth of broadcasting in Japan from the dawn or radio and television to satellite communication and through to the...

Japan's Options for the 1980s

by Radha Sinha

Within Japan at the start of the 1980s there was a strong mood on the right for remilitarization to give the nation the super-power status her economic performance justified. Outside Japan, there was increasing...

Foreign Competition in Japan

by Robert J Ballon

Using case studies and covering topics such as the labour market, corporate organization, decision making and business transactions, this book outlines the way the Japanese organize their companies; it analyzes...

Japanese Participation in British Industry

by John Dunning

This book, based on extensive original research, was, when originally published in 1986, the first detailed study of the extent of Japanese participation in British industry, and of its economic impact in a...

Industrial Training and Technological Innovation

by Howard F Gospel

Taking an international and comparative perspective, this book focuses on the relationship between industrial training and technological change in three major global economies - the UK, USA and Japan. The contributors,...

Key Issues in Health and Social Care

by Adam Barnard

This book is a learning resource for students in health and social care. It provides an overview of foundational issues and core themes in the field and introduces key areas of debate, moving from an introductory...

Networking in Japanese Factory Automation

by Koichi Kishimoto

In Japan information technology has been a vital part of manufacturing for decades. A central factory computer provides a production plan and shop minicomputers and microcomputers in the factory run machines...

Japan and a New World Economic Order

by Kyoshi Kojima

The book tackles two major issues in international economics: Firstly, traditional international trade theory aims only at static maximization in the use of world human and material resources, but, the author...

Fieldwork in Tourism

by C Michael Hall

The inherent mobility of tourists and consequent relative ephemerality of contact between the visitor and the visited tourism phenomenon have specific characteristics that challenge the usual fieldwork practices...

Japan's Foreign Aid Challenge

by Alan Rix

When this volume was published in 1993 it was the first comprehensive analysis of the major policy issues confronting Japan's massive foreign aid programme. It deals with the philosophy behind Japan's aid, Japanese...

Made in Japan

by Guenther Stein

This volume concentrates on the effect of Japanese trade competition on the UK and Europe, it also provides an illuminating picture of political, social and military conditions in Japan in the early twentieth...

Industrial Collaboration with Japan

by Louis Turner

This study looks at the experiences of European and American companies that have collaborated with their Japanese competitors in the fields of computers, consumer electronics, automobiles and aero-engines, by...