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A Piece of My Heart

by Richard Ford

Ford's mesmerizing first novel is the story of two godless pilgrims. Robard Hewes has driven across the country in the service of a destructive passion. Sam Newell is seeking the missing piece of himself. When...

Chickamauga: And Other Civil War Stories

by Shelby Foote

Shelby Foote's monumental historical trilogy, "The Civil War: A Narrative," is our window into the day-by-day unfolding of our nation's defining event.  Now Foote reveals the deeper human truth behind the...

Sister Age

by M.F.K. Fisher

In these fifteen remarkable stories, M.F.K. Fisher, one of the most admired writers of our time, embraces age as St. Francis welcomed Brother Pain. With a saint to guide us, she writes in her Foreword, perhaps...

As They Were

by M.F.K. Fisher

This marvelous collection of autobiographical essays by the celebrated, much-adored Fisher covers her life, family, food and adventures.

Healing and Transformation Through Self Guided Imagery

by Leslie Davenport

A guide to healing from trauma and crisis though the transformative potential of creative visualization techniques.

Tapping into the heart's wisdom through creative visualization is an ancient practice, but today...

How I Pray

by Jim Castelli

Religion writer Jim Castelli set out to answer these profound questions by talking with twenty-six spiritual leaders and practitioners representing the wide spectrum of faith in America today. How I Pray gathers...

Pride: A Novel

by Lorene Cary

Four women, lifelong friends, are turning 40--and what a year it is.

Roz, the perfectly controlled (and controlling) politician's wife, is trying to keep her family together as she recovers from breast cancer...

For the Love of Ireland

by Susan Cahill

Welcome to the Ireland of its Writers

Walk the streets of Dublin with Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, and Roddy Doyle. Contemplate the wild glens of Wicklow with John Millington Synge and Seamus...

The Destiny of Nathalie X

by William Boyd

This new collection of eleven stories by the author of The Blue Afternoon takes readers back in time from a contemporary Hollywood film shoot to World War I in Vienna, introducing an unforgettable cast of characters....

American Jihad: Islam After Malcolm X

by Steven Barboza

American Jihad is the only popular book  available about the religious experience of Muslims,  both black and white, in America. With over one  billion faithful worldwide, and over six rnillion in  the...

The Salt Eaters

by Toni Cade Bambara

Set in Claybourne, a small town somewhere in the South, THE SALT EATERS is the story of a community of black faith healers who, searching for the healing properties of salt, witness an event that will change...

Piercing Bible

by Elayne Angel

Piercing pioneer Elayne Angel has performed over 40,000 piercings since the 1980s and has brought many practices, such as tongue-piercing, into the mainstream. She brings her exhaustive knowledge to this groundbreaking...

How Men Think

by Adrienne Mendell

"An interesting tool for working with gender differences."

--John Gray

Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Men at work do it all the time: They brag, cover up their mistakes, pretend to know what...

Franklin D. Roosevelt: The People's President (Great Lives Series)

by John W. Selfridge

The People's President depicts the life and times of one of America's best-loved presidents. Listen to his radio addresses--the famed "fireside chats"--and see how he showed the American people just how much...

Flirting with Danger: Confessions of a Reluctant War Reporter

by Siobhan Darrow

Former star correspondent for CNN, Siobhan Darrow covered the world’s hottest war zones over the last two decades, reporting from the front lines in Moscow, Chechnya, the Balkans, Albania, Israel, and Northern...

Knights of the Round Table

by Gwen Gross

imagine a mythic kingdom in England of wizards and witches, fire-breathing dragons, and dreadful giants. Who can rule this magical land? Who can overcome the powers of evil? It is the destiny of King Arthur...

What Girls Learn: A Novel

by Karin Cook

radiant debut novel, What Girls Learn takes readers on an intimate and haunting journey into the landscape of girlhood and the complex terrain of the family. Wise, bittersweet, and above all intensely human,...

Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook: Preparing 12- To 18-Year-Olds for Success in the College of Their Choice

by Cafi Cohen

Everything You Need to Prepare Your Homeschooler for College Success

The transition from homeschooling children to preparing them for success in college deserves both planning and preparation. As the parent of...

Peter Isler's Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets

by Peter Isler

From one of the world's most respected sailors-the knowledge and secrets every sailor needs

Peter Isler, two-time America's Cup winner, has sailed in and won hundreds of races over the last forty years. In that...

Best of the Britcoms: From Fawlty Towers to The Office

by Garry Berman

This book covers the most noteworthy situation comedies ever to cross the pond. Each entry has a show summary and descriptions of standout episodes and behind-the-scenes details. This revised edition contains...