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The History and Impact of Development in Dental Biomaterials Over the Last 60 Years - The John McLean Archive a Living History of Dentistry Witness Se

by Nairn Wilson & Stanley Gelbier

This is the transcript of a witness seminar held at the British Dental Association in June 2012. It records the changes and impact on the practice of Dentistry made by the changes and development in biomaterial...


by Julie Elizabeth Powell

I couldn't resist putting together all those little ideas that have popped into my mind then out onto paper as the years have flown. Most have fallen by the wayside into the bin of 'of my' but some stayed and...

The Dental Press - The John McLean Archive a Living History of Dentistry Witness Seminar 5

by Nairn Wilson & Stanley Gelbier

This is the transcript of a witness seminar held at the British Dental Association in September 2012. It records the contribution made by the media and Dental Press to the practice of Dentistry within the United...


by Julie Elizabeth Powell

What is found within the depths of the human soul? Does wickedness linger, as if the Devil's thumb is ready to pluck the strings of certain choices? And with the strumming, just how far will Evil spread? 13...

The Changes in Dentistry Since 1948 - The John McLean Archive a Living History of Dentistry Witness Seminar 2

by Nairn Wilson & Stanley Gelbier

This transcript of a witness seminar, one of a series of five, provides an intriguing and instructional collection of memoires and insights from senior members of the dental profession and others, especially...

A Murderer's Heart

by Julie Elizabeth Powell

Anne Blake, psychiatrist, is good at her job and believes that even the most sick at heart can be cured...or at least saved enough that they can lead a better life. But maybe she's wrong? Maybe within a murderer's...

The Regulation of the Dental Profession by the General Dental Council. - The John McLean Archive a Living History of Dentistry Witness Seminar 1

by Nairn Wilson & Stanley Gelbier

This transcript of the first witness seminar of the John McLean archive of the British Dental Association gathers together an interesting and instructional collection of memories and insights from senior members...

To Love Once Again

by C.J. Jimenez

After suffering a painful heartbreak on her wedding day, Katherine Walker has vowed to never fall in love again until she crashes into the charming and handsome Scott Knight. He is automatically drawn to her...

50 Easy Party Cakes

by Debbie Brown

These 50 fun, gorgeous cake designs will be a brilliant centrepiece for any child's party.

Social Media Design For Dummies

by Janine Warner & David LaFontaine

Learn to design professional and effective social media profiles!

Whether you're trying to attract a new employer or get new fans to notice your brand, your social media profiles need to distinguish you from...

The Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms, Second Edition: Revised and Expanded

by Donald K. McKim

This second edition of the Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms provides a comprehensive guide to nearly 7,000 theological terms-1,000 more terms than the first edition. McKim's succinct definitions cover...

Being Cultured: In Defence of Discrimination

by Angus Kennedy

Today culture is everywhere as maybe never before. We read culture reviews, watch culture shows, live in Cities of Culture, and witness the Cultural Olympiad. Government, museums and arts councils worry that...

Advances in Applied Microbiology

by Geoffrey M. Gadd & Sima Sariaslani

Published since 1959, Advances in Applied Microbiology continues to be one of the most widely read and authoritative review sources in microbiology.

The series contains comprehensive reviews of the most current...

The Enduring of the Lovely Star

by James Outis

Three teenagers portraying their view of the world. Ariana, John, and Eddie speak through their mind, and thoughts, as the reader uncovers their past life, personalities and distinct stories. All, of course,...

Cartwheel: Basics

by Peter Marino

This book is a great starting place to gain an understanding of how to perform cartwheels. This book is designed for use in the gym or at home, and for coaches, parents, and gymnasts. Topics in this book include...

Consider the Night

by Paul C. Maurer

He fought in a war. He loved a woman. He fathered a son. Then he sought the happiness he believed was a birthright. But the horrors of Vietnam and a life of discontent leave a scar that transforms him into a...

Romance Explored

by Sandra Staines

Romance Explored is a collection of poems dealing with contemporary love and romance. See if this little sample does it for you: Yes I was a fool Listening to his patter It was too smooth This patina of burnished...

Gay Sex Stories: The Kinky Erotica Collection

by Bryan Carter

The best gay erotica collection to read in the privacy of your own home. Steamy sex stories, a collection of the best, most famous gay erotica you can find anywhere. Muscle men, small men, experienced men, first-time...

To Serve a Princess

by Fernando Cuenca

The Princess stood in the mirror for a long while and observed her reflection in its polished face. The dress was beautiful, accenting her full breasts and bringing out...

Major Obsession

by Raymond Turner

Major Obsession is the story of an African American, who as a teenage combat medic, found himself in the jungles of South Vietnam. Throughout his tour of duty, he was attached to a recon infantry platoon. In...