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How not to run the same Hotel

by Harry Pope

The second in the series,'You remember Harry Pope telling you in his previous book How Not to Run A Hotel? In this latest book, he gives you more advice. Did you know that interior designers have the letter...

How not to run a Hotel

by Harry Pope

Basil Fawlty has reincarnated in Eastbourne as Harry Pope, he enters into a disastrous partnership with a Californian businessman, and buys a 28 bedroom hotel. He employs Polish, not Spanish, staff, blocks the...

The Roaring 20's and the Wall Street Crash: Good Times, Deep Pockets and Poverty

by Nick Shepley

The Wall Street Crash was an epic failure of the financial system at the start of the 20th Century, but it alone did not cause the Great Depression. This edition of Explaining Modern History looks at the deeper...

The Palmer Raids and the Red Scare: 1918-1920: Justice and Liberty for All

by Nick Shepley

In this volume of the Explaining Modern History Series, Nick Shepley explores the roots of American anti Communism and how a strong and independent left wing movement in the USA was broken during and immediately...

Britain, France and Germany and the Treaty of Versailles: The Failure of Long Term Peace

by Nick Shepley

A helpful GCSE and A Level Guide to one of 20th Century History's most pivotal events. This guide discusses in a clear and concise manner the objectives of the British, French and Germans at the Treaty of Versailles....

Horoscopes - Your Future in 2012

by Bryan Spain

A Book of horoscopes for every star sign for each week in 2012: see what the future holds for you! These predictions mainly deal with the three most important areas in people's lives - work, family life and...

Health Insurance Answer Book, Tenth Edition

by John C. Garner

From designing a cost-effective new health care plan--to administering an existing plan--to complying with the many state and federal rules that govern health benefit plans - you know how difficult it is to...

Do Children Drop Out of School in Kindergarten?

by Gregory P. Hickman & Randy S. Heinrich

n Do Children Drop Out of School in Kindergarten? Gregory Hickman and Randy Heinrich show how high school dropouts in many ways "drop out" of school long before they reach high school. Using a comprehensive...

Emma Watson: The Biography

by David Nolan

A biography of the actress behind the role of Hermione Granger A detailed insight into Emma Watson's career, the highs and lows of being a child star, and how she is moving on from Harry Potter balancing...

Going Back to the Future: A Leadership Journey for Educators

by Robert Palestini

Edmund Burke, the British Statesman and philosopher, said that those who don't know history are destined to repeat it. In this book, at least as far as educational leadership is concerned, Robert Palestini helps...

Deep-Sea Sediments

by H. Hüneke & T. Mulder

During the past few decades, deep-sea research benefited greatly from a number of newly developed, highly sophisticated exploration techniques and comprehensive datasets, thanks to the immense industrial interest...

Reds at the Blackboard: Communism, Civil Rights, and the New York City Teachers Union

by Clarence Taylor

The New York City Teachers Union shares a deep history with the American left, having participated in some of its most explosive battles. Established in 1916, the union maintained an early, unofficial partnership...

Teach Yourself Visually Digital Photography

by Chris Bucher

All-new update to this complete photography guide-over 125 photography tasks explained!

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Digital Photography, Fourth Edition is a brand new take by a brand new author and professional photographer,...

Citizens in the Making in Post-Soviet States

by Olena Nikolayenko

The political outlook of young people in the countries of the former Soviet Union is crucial to their countries' future political development. This is particularly relevant now as the first generation without...

E-Learning in the 21st Century: A Framework for Research and Practice

by D. Randy Garrison

The second edition of E-Learning in the 21st Century provides a coherent, comprehensive, and empirically-based framework for understanding e-learning in higher education. Garrison draws on his decades of experience...

Network Governance of Global Religions: Jerusalem, Rome, and Mecca

by Michel S. Laguerre

This study seeks to explain three models of network governance embedded in digital practices that the mainstream monotheistic religions-Judaism, Catholic Christianity, and Islam-have used to lead and manage...

The Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry: Its Evolution and Current Challenges

by Maki Umemura

This book explores why Japan, despite being a world leader in many high technology industries such as automobiles and consumer electronics, is only a minor player in the global pharmaceutical industry. Japan...

Patient Safety, Law Policy and Practice

by John Tingle & Pippa Bark

Patient safety is an issue which in recent years has grown to prominence in a number of countries' political and health service agendas. The World Health Organisation has launched the World Alliance for Patient...

Seeing and Being Seen

by John Steiner

Seeing and Being Seen: Emerging from a Psychic Retreat examines the themes that surface when considering clinical situations where patients feel stuck and where a failure to develop impedes the progress of analysis....

Mastering Revit Structure 2010

by Thomas S. Weir, Jamie D. Richardson & David J. Harrington

Mastering Revit Structure 2010 covers both the basics and the advanced features and functions. Written by a team of authors who are deeply involved with the Revit community, Mastering Revit Structure 2010 explains...