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Psychosis in the Family: The Journey of a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Mother

by Janet Love

This is a book written not just by a professional transpersonal psychotherapist but by someone who has walked the heart-rending path and experienced the psychological trauma of loving someone in psychosis; psychosis...

Hidden Twins: What Adult Opposite Sex Twins Have to Teach Us

by Olivia Lousada

'This pioneering book offers wonderful insight into the experience of opposite sex twins in adulthood. It is a very welcome addition to the literature and warmly recommended to all who know or work with twins,...

Supervisor Training: Issues and Approaches: Guide to Supervision

by Penny Henderson

Considering how much experience there now is in providing supervisor training in the UK, relatively little has been written about it. This book aims to create a lively and readable resource that will be informative...

A Different Wisdom: Reflections on Supervision Practice: Guide to Supervision

by Penny Henderson

Britain has a fine tradition of writing about supervision practice. This book connects to this by organising reflection around the practice taken from the author's sixteen years experience as a practitioner....

Intimate Warfare: Regarding the Fragility of Family Relations

by Martine Groen & Van Justine

The community in which children are nursed; the family, should by all means be a safe haven. However, it is not. People in family relations are more likely to be threatened, hit, kicked, raped or beaten up....

Resonance of Suffering: Countertransference in Non-Neurotic Structures

by Andre Green

Some sixty years after the "Controversial Discussions" in the early 40s, this passionate book resurrects their spirit on a global scale. Under Andre Green's generous, tactful yet strong leadership, a small discussion...

On Freud's "Mourning and Melancholia"

by Thierry Bokanowski, Glocer Leticia & Sergio Lewkowicz

Both melancholia and mourning are triggered by the same thing, that is, by loss. The distinction often made is that mourning occurs after the death of a loved one while in melancholia the object of love does...

The Experience of Time: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

by Jorge Canestri & Glocer Leticia

This book's hypothesis is that psychoanalysis revolutionizes the common conception of time, similar to the revolution in physics. While it does not ignore the 'psychological time arrow' no doubt distinguishing...

Identity, Gender, and Sexuality: 150 Years After Freud

by Peter Fonagy, Rainer Krause & Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber

'While Freud opened the door on the formative and motivating power of sexuality, contemporary psychoanalysts, with some notable exceptions, have consigned sexuality to the psychoanalytic closet. This book not...

Systems and Psychoanalysis: Contemporary Integrations in Family Therapy

by Carmel Flaskas & David Pocock

'This intellectually rigorous and generative collection of papers, positioned at the intersection of systemic and psychoanalytic therapy, captures the potential synergy of bringing these two honoured traditions...

The Analytic Field: A Clinical Concept

by Roberto Basile & Antonino Ferro

'Until now no book has ever attempted to compare and contrast contributions on analytic field theory and at the same time to explore its clinical and technical implications. This volume is intended for the first...

Coping Better With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for CFS/ME

by Bruce Fernie & Gabrielle Murphy

CFS/ME is a debilitating disorder which affects both physical and psychological functioning. It is also a poorly understood condition which was not widely accepted as a specific disorder until only a few years...

The Analyzing Situation

by Jean-Luc Donnet & Andrew Weller

In this book Jean-Luc Donnet explores the particularities of the status of the method in psychoanalysis, linked to the specificity of unconscious psychic processes. If the method aims at ensuring a level of...

The Organic and the Inner World

by Ronald Doctor & Richard Lucas

For some years, there has been an unfortunate tendency in the UK for psychiatry and psychoanalysis to be perceived as in opposition to one another, to the detriment of both disciplines. Rather than see 'organic'...

The 3-Point Therapist

by Hilary Davies

An ambitious trainee therapist, determined to make her mark in the therapy world, seeks supervision and guidance. In her meetings with the 3-Point Therapist she gains much more than she had bargained for. The...

Researching Beneath the Surface: Psycho-Social Research Methods in Practice

by Simon Clarke & Paul Hoggett

This book offers an overview of the rapidly expanding field of Psycho-Social research. Drawing on aspects of discourse psychology, continental philosophy and anthropological and neuro-scientific understandings...

Social Symptoms of Identity Needs: Why We Have Failed to Solve Our Social Problems and What to do About It

by Mark Bracher

Explains how our major social problems, including crime, violence, terrorism, war, substance abuse, and prejudice, are the result of efforts by their perpetrators to maintain a secure identity, or sense of self....

The Work of Confluence: Listening and Interpreting in the Psychoanalytic Field

by Madeleine Baranger, Willy Baranger & Glocer Leticia

This book aims to expand the Barangers' oeuvre to the English language and, consequently, to a broader spectrum of readers. These contributions represent a pioneering work of great interest to the field of psychoanalysis....

Adaptation and Innovation: Theory, Design and Role-Taking in Group Relations Conferences and their Applications

by Eliat Aram, Robert Baxter & Avi Nutkevitch

This book, the second in a series on Tavistock Group Relations Conferences, contains the collection of papers presented at the second Belgirate conference plus four additional papers reflecting on and making...

Transvestism, Transsexualism in the Psychoanalytic Dimension

by Giovanna Ambrosio

'From time to time we listen to some curious views on psychoanalysis as an old fashioned and useless discipline, more important from an historical perspective than as a tool for understanding human life in its...