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The Pony Whisperer 4: Prize Problems: Prize Problems

by Janet Rising

When Pia?s parents divorce, both Pia and her pony Drummer have to start life in new homes. It?s also the start of Pia?s new life as a pony whisperer ? she can understand what the ponies are saying! When Bean...

Perhaps Tomorrow

by Jean Fullerton

Mattie Maguire is a twenty-six-year-old widow with an infant son. Since her husband, Brian, died three years before, she has struggled to keep the family's East End coal business solvent, as well as taking care...

Max and Molly's Guide to Trouble: How to Catch a Criminal

by Dominic Barker & Hannah Shaw

Meet Max and Molly in a brand-new rib-tickling series: twins have never been so much trouble! In this Guide to Trouble, Max and Molly will show you, clever reader: 1. How to kick a ball into Mrs Quibble's garden....

The Magical Detectives

by Brian Keaney

When his mother is kidnapped, Otto embarks on a strange and risky adventure in a very unusual world. His life is about to change for ever? When Otto returns home from school one day to find his mother missing,...

Mash Ups: Robin Hood vs The Plague Undead

by James Black

His lungs were gone. He was completely hollow inside. But he was not dead. Not quite.

What happens when Robin Hood and his Merry Men are faced with a plague of zombies? Somehow, Robin must figure out a way to...

Mentalizing in Child Therapy: Guidelines for Clinical Practitioners

by Schmeets Schmeets, Annelies Verheugt-Pleiter & Jolien Zevalkink

Mentalization-based child therapy, previously known as developmental therapy, is the latest branch on the psychoanalytic tree of knowledge. It comprises a number of techniques that address deficiencies in specific...

Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder

by Graeme Galton & Adah Sachs

This ground-breaking book examines the role of crime in the lives of people with Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, a condition which appears to be caused by prolonged...

Envy and Gratitude Revisited

by Alessandra Lemma & Priscilla Roth

These stimulating essays are evidence that 50 years after its publication Melanie Klein's Envy and Gratitude is still a rich source of psychoanalytic inspiration. Sixteen highly regarded analysts, representing...

Dialogue and Desire: Mikhail Bakhtin and the Linguistic Turn in Psychotherapy

by Rachel Pollard

Mikhail Bakhtin, the Russian philosopher and cultural critic, was one of the pioneers of the 'linguistic turn' in philosophy and is now widely associated with the concept of the dialogical self and dialogical...

Shakespeare on the Couch

by Michael Jacobs

Drawing upon a vast literature in psychoanalytic journals and either upon Shakespeare's characters themselves or alluding to those characters in the course of other topics, this book discusses eight of Shakespeare's...

Fly Away Fear: Overcoming your Fear of Flying

by Iljon Elaine & Van Lucas

Research indicates about 35 of every 100 people develop a fear of flying at some point in their life. Almost everyone knows someone who has it. If you've ever mentioned to others that you aren't comfortable...

Psychic Assaults and Frightened Clinicians: Countertransference in Forensic Settings

by John Gordon & Gabriel Kirtchuk

'...a fascinating read for mental health workers regardless of their own theoretical background. Working with disturbed and disturbing individuals in secure settings produces strong feelings, and working with...

What Can the Matter Be?: Therapeutic Interventions with Parents, Infants and Young Children

by Elizabeth Bradley & Louise Emanuel

This volume is the result of over twenty years of therapeutic interventions with families within the Tavistock Clinic's Under Fives Service. It describes in detail the process of understanding young children's...

Murder: A Psychotherapeutic Investigation

by Ronald Doctor

'This book... shines a bright light on a murky world. The contributors attempt to understand the origins of murder, but they also deal with the detail of treatment and show us how professionals are affected...

Violence in Children: Understanding and Helping Those Who Harm

by Rosemary Campher

This book explores various aspects of violence and the attendant emotional, psychological, biological and social features that may be found to accompany these states in children. It highlights the importance...

Organizations Connected: A Handbook of Systemic Consultation

by David Campbell & Clare Huffington

In this book, each contributor describes the way they use the systemic model in their consultancy practice. Their key ideas are illustrated via a case example (or examples), where possible including detailed...

Autism in Childhood and Autistic Features in Adults: A Psychoanalytic Perspective

by Kate Barrows

This is the first collection of papers published in this country which spans work with autistic children and autistic features in adults. The links between the two groups make for fascinating reading and go...

Sex, Attachment and Couple Psychotherapy: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

by Christopher Clulow

The contributors to this book have drawn on different mentors to provide a framework for understanding the sexual problems of the couples they see, and to inform the work they do. But whether Freud, Jung, Klein...

Lacan and Levi-Strauss or The Return to Freud (1951-1957)

by Markos Zafiropoulos & John Holland

Lacan and Levi-Strauss are often mentioned together in reviews of French structuralist thought, but what really links their distinct projects? In this important study, Markos Zafiropoulos shows how Lacan's famous...

The Psychoanalytic Therapy of Severe Disturbance

by Paul Williams

This book presents the proceedings of the of the conference on the Psychoanalytic Therapy of Severe Disturbance held in Belfast in June 2008.The aim of the conference was to offer a state of the art communication...