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J. R. Booth:: Lumberman,  Railroad Builder, Industrialist and Great Canadian

by Gaye I Clemson

John Rudolphus Booth (1827-1925) had a significant influence on Algonquin Provincial Park, the Ottawa Valley, and the City of Ottawa. He was a businessman of note, who built an empire based on timber, lumber,...

Can A Woman Raise A Man?

by quinton savage

Q. Allen King. Is the creator of the T-4 forumula for life. His beliief that the right information going into your ears, eyes, mouth and mind can bring about the change you always dreamed of in your life. He...

Queering The Stage: Through Plays & Monologues, A Road Map To GLBT History & Heroes (1994 - 1997)

by Jack Shamblin

Welcome to my chronicle of LGBT history and heroes through theatrical storytelling. In these pages, you'll travel through time from the early 90s in New York City to Byzantium in 527 A.D. You'll become an ACT...

Mushroom Medicine: The Healing Power of Psilocybin & Sacred Entheogen History

by Brian Jackson

In Mushroom Medicine: The Healing Power of Psilocybin & Sacred Entheogen History, author Brian Jackson describes his personal experiences with psilocybin mushrooms, both recreationally, and as a medicine. The...

Mega-Thinking for 21st Century Success: Uniting Brain Science and Thinking Skills

by Mary Ferron

This book fills a gap in the thinking skills literature by introducing the 21st century skill of Mega-Thinking, which unites brain science with thinking skills. A Mega-Thinker is a person who understands how...

A Creeping Mind

by Brian Watson

After a series of personal hardships, Wayne Parker, a man who has always fled from the hardships of reality, begins to feel himself slipping from reality altogether. Turning to a professional help, the already...

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Roadmap

by Kevin Morgan

This book has been designed to provide a complete overview of the available treatments for plantar fasciitis, and guidance on how to select an approach to a cure that is right for you. We include many helpful...

Top of the First: The Convergence of Health Care & Financial Planning

by Peter Stahl

• How much will Health Care cost during retirement? • How will Medicare impact my Social Security Benefit? • How do I best prepare for health care costs prior to and during retirement? Health care is a...



This book shares some of the all time favorites regarding Colombian food. From arepa to empanadas, this would be enough to build an appetite and start cooking right away!

Heart of Wonderland

by Kristina Garlick

Wonderland Revolts! The Queen of Hearts has gone mad. To simply put it, she has chopped off just one too many heads. As punishment, she has been locked away in the royal asylum and her daughter has been exiled....

Johnny Hockey And The Case Of The Rink Thief

by Kristin Tuttle

Fifteen-year-old Johnny Orson can't wait to play in this weekend's elite hockey tournament. Not only is this a chance for his team, the Missouri Eagles, to prove they can compete with some of the best teams...

LOOK A LIKE 101: Celebrity Impersonators and Look A Likes

by Greg M Thompson

Greg M Thompson has been a professional entertainer since he was a teenager. In 1999, he added "celebrity impersonator" to his list of talents. He accidentally fell into the role of "producer" when he and his...

Anywhere Else

by Frank Donahue

Ullamco occaecat kevin bresaola. Meatball aliquip eiusmod dolor pork belly ball tip ex venison nostrud. Sunt ham hock laboris qui, tail pork belly frankfurter ribeye ut hamburger short ribs sint. Reprehenderit...

Peter Pan

by J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan is a character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie. A mischievous boy who can fly and never ages, Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood adventuring on the small island of...

Youth Power: A legacy of hope which transcends ethnicity, culture and time

by Catherine Dorsette

Do you sometimes wonder why God allows certain things to happen to you, especially when you know that He can stop them? Have you ever felt like God's demands on your life as a young Christian person are particularly...

MASS EXTINCTION: Tales from the Ankhologies

by Brock Roberts

Cataclysm. The concept has haunted humanity since the beginning of time. Provoked by the promise of deific wrath or ecological annihilation, our greatest fears are based on apocalyptic threats to our existence....

From Transplant to Transformation: The Journey of A Mother Who Gave The Gift of Life Twice

by Louise Camilleri

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Louise's mission begins with a true interest in being of service to others and teaching people how to live to their highest potential through holistic means. This was learned through her experience...

View from the Principal's Office:: 10 Things You Really Need to Know About Education, Schools & Life

by Bryan Pearlman

View from the Principal's Office helps readers to learn about the realities of schools and education today. Topics include: the importance of grit and perseverance, the power of relationships, hope for the future,...

Canoe Tripping in Algonquin - Then & Now

by Gaye I Clemson

In late September in 1903, Ernest Machado, a 35-year old Boston architect, his older brother José, brother-in-law Alfred Whitman and three park rangers headed out from Canoe Lake on a twelve-day canoe trip...

Unreal News: A Collection of Satire

by Jon Webster

"Hilarious!" "Funny stuff!" "That's funny!" These are just some of the reviews of the contents of this book. The title of the original site to which many of these articles were published was Unreal News Online....