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No Ordinary Joe

by Michelle Celmer

Nothing could stop small-town gal Reily Eckardt from heading to Nashville and living the dream…until her car and cash savings were stolen en route. Now she was high and dry in Paradise, Colorado, population...

An Officer, a Baby and a Bride

by Tracy Madison

Steering clear of military men was Rebecca Carmichael's mantra. Until the night she and air force captain Seth Foster took their pen-pal relationship to the next level. But the mother-to-be never expected the...

The Camden Cowboy

by Victoria Pade

When it came to the family company, Lacey Kincaid would prove to her hidebound father that she could play with the big boys. She rode into Northbridge, Montana, to get her way with the mighty Camden conglomerate—and...

The Rancher's Hired Fiancee

by Judy Duarte

The Antonio Banderas look-alike standing on the porch in Western gear wasn't at all what actress Catherine Loza had expected. But when the tall, dark and totally irresistible rancher asked her to play the role...

Once Upon a Matchmaker

by Marie Ferrarella

If there was one thing single dad Micah Muldare lacked, it was time! The busy widower didn't have enough hours in the day for his too-full to-do list—his high-profile job demanded focus, and the rest of his...

Fortune's Perfect Match

by Allison Leigh

It seemed as if all the Fortunes were finding love—all of them except Emily. Pretty, poised and smart, the oldest Fortune daughter had given up on Mr. Right and was now looking for Baby Right.

And then she met...

The Surprise of Her Life

by Helen R. Myers

Eve Easton had had enough "neighbor" trauma to last a lifetime, seeing as how her now ex-husband had run off with the woman next door. So off Eve went, to a new state, a new city, a new everything—only to find...

Matchmaking by Moonlight

by Teresa Hill

"I now pronounce thee man and…ex-wife?"

Family court judge Ashe Thomas had heard it all. But New Age teacher Lilah Ryan's loopy request for him to perform a "divorce ceremony" for women to heal from their bad...

Courted by the Texas Millionaire

by Crystal Green

Violet never saw it coming. Davis Jackson. Her secret high school sweetheart. The rich boy who risked everything to be with her. The carefree bachelor she thought would never settle down. Pursuing her as if...

Holding Out for Doctor Perfect

by Teresa Southwick

No-nonsense Avery O'Neill was as by-the-numbers about her love life as she was about the hospital budget she managed. So she vowed to ignore any electricity that sparked between her and hotshot surgeon Spencer...

A Doctor in His House

by Lilian Darcy

Burned-out doctor Scarlett McKinley needed a hero…and sexy cop Daniel Porter fit the bill. The problem was, when she'd met him six years ago while rebounding from a divorce, their five-alarm affair hadn't been...

Fortune's Unexpected Groom

by Nancy Robards Thompson

Jordana Fortune never expected to be single at twenty-nine. She never expected to lose her virginity in the midst of a tornado. And she most certainly never expected to be expecting. But her impulsive encounter...

The Doctor's Not-So-Little Secret: The Doctor's Not-So-Little Secret\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 1)\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 2)\The Anniversa

by Cindy Kirk, RaeAnne Thayne & Christine Rimmer

Pediatrician Kate McNeal thought she had it all. But the one thing she longed for—the child she'd given up for adoption nine years earlier—remained just out of reach. So when she learned the girl was living...

Husband for a Weekend: Husband for a Weekend\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 1)\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 2)\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 3)\The

by Gina Wilkins, RaeAnne Thayne & Christine Rimmer

When it comes to marriage, Tate Price is all business. Sure, he'll play along with the charade for a few days, especially for a friend like Kim Banks. How can he say no to her girl-next-door beauty and those...

Having Adam's Baby: Having Adam's Baby\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 1)\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 2)\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 3)\The Anniv

by Christyne Butler, RaeAnne Thayne & Christine Rimmer

There was absolutely nothing wrong with widowed florist Fay Coggen seeking a new lease on life. Just not in Adam Murphy's arms. But the night her late husband's best friend returned from his tour of duty overseas,...

Fortune's Hero: Fortune's Hero\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 1)\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 2)\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 3)\The Anniversary P

by Susan Crosby, RaeAnne Thayne & Christine Rimmer

It had been months since an unidentified rugged cowboy had saved Victoria Fortune from the rubble of the tornado—and she'd been haunted by his image ever since.

Garrett Stone knew her name, all right. Everyone...

The Prince's Secret Baby: The Prince's Secret Baby\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 1)\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 2)\The Anniversary Party (Chapter

by Christine Rimmer, RaeAnne Thayne & Susan Crosby

Only a matter of urgent Bravo family business could bring Prince Rule to America. And he wasn't leaving until he met Sydney O'Shea…

…who happened to be the mother of Rule's toddler son. Rule didn't expect the...

A Cold Creek Reunion: A Cold Creek Reunion\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 1)\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 2)\The Anniversary Party (Chapter 3)\The A

by RaeAnne Thayne, Christine Rimmer & Susan Crosby

He was the one you called when you needed rescuing…

But who was Taft Bowman going to call when he needed help? Because ten years ago Laura Pendleton, the love of his life, had left town without a word, then...

Courting His Favorite Nurse

by Lynne Marshall

Ann Grady knew better than anyone that love was complicated. When she'd left her hometown, she thought she was leaving her past heartbreak behind for good, as well. But practically the moment she returned to...

Claiming Colleen

by Beth Kery

In high school, small-town princess Colleen Kavanaugh had had it all, and Eric Reyes was the outsider with his nose pressed against the glass. Then a sudden change in circumstance led to a reversal of fortune....