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The Luminous Face

by Carolyn Wells

An idle conversation among friends turns to the topic of murder, with each person discussing how and against whom they would commit the ultimate crime if given the opportunity. When one of the hypothetical victims...

Maud Florence Nellie: Or, Don't Care

by C. R. Coleridge

Maud Florence Nellie Whittaker is a defiantly spirited little girl who tends to wreak havoc wherever she goes. When Maud is sent to spend some time with her aunt, Mrs. Warren, in the quiet countryside, the peace...

Tex: A Hopalong Cassidy Novel

by Clarence E. Mulford

A newcomer to the small town of Windsor, Kansas, Tex Ewalt isn't your average cowboy. But even though he's educated and well-spoken, he's racked up more than his fair share of enemies over the course of his...

The Orphan

by Clarence E. Mulford

The Orphan is the second novel in Clarence E. Mulford's abidingly popular Hopalong Cassidy series of Westerns. In this volume of the series, Mulford introduces several new characters and injects a romantic subplot...

Bring Me His Ears

by Clarence E. Mulford

Bring Me His Ears, a novel that's part of Clarence E. Mulford's beloved Hopalong Cassidy series, is a fast-paced Western in the classic vein of the genre. It sucks readers in right from the start and doesn't...

Forbidden Cargoes

by Roy J. Snell

In this adventure-mystery story geared for younger audiences, intrepid hero Johnny Thompson stumbles on some unusual goings-on in the foreboding jungles of Central America. Will he get to the bottom of the mystery...

Double Harness

by Anthony Hope

Anthony Hope's early literary output consisted largely of court romances packed with action-adventure elements, but in the later phases of his development as an artist, he toned down the fantasy and began to...

Islands of Space

by John W. Campbell

Long regarded as a classic example of golden-age science fiction, John W. Campbell's Islands of Space is a must-read for fans of the genre. Four world-class scientists decide on a whim to take off an intergalactic...

Captured by the Arabs

by James H. Foster

Best pals Joe and Bob have just graduated from high school and are gearing up to make their own way in the world. But before the responsibilities of adult life begin to press upon them, the boys decide to join...

The Squire's Daughter

by Silas Hocking

Young Ralph Penlogan hails from a humble but hardworking family of farmers that has been oppressed by the greedy and callous local squire, Sir John Hamblyn, for years. But when Ralph finds himself falling for...

The Secret Cache: An Adventure and Mystery Story

by E. C. Brill

Set amidst the natural splendor of the shores of Michigan's beautiful Lake Superior, The Secret Cache is an engrossing mystery story geared for younger readers. Teenager Hugh Beaupre gets word that his father...

The Star-Chamber: An Historical Romance

by William Harrison Ainsworth

Take a trip back in time to the rule of the first Stuart king with this comprehensively researched Gothic thriller. Against the backdrop of James I's reign, the tale that unfolds is packed with mistaken identities,...

At the Councillor's: Or, A Nameless History

by E. Marlitt & Annis Lee Wister

German novelist Eugenie John, who wrote under the pseudonym E. Marlitt, achieved a remarkable degree of literary fame during her lifetime, particularly in light of the fact that she suffered from a condition...

Gold Elsie

by E. Marlitt & Annis Lee Wister

Originally published in German and presented here in an easy-to-follow English translation, the remarkably popular novel Gold Elsie tells the tale of Elizabeth Faber, the plucky daughter of a family that is...

The Five Knots

by Fred M. White

Businessman Samuel Flower has made it to the upper echelons of his profession -- and he's racked up a vast fortune along the way. Eager to show off his newly accumulated wealth, Flower has spared no expense...

Hard Pressed

by Fred M. White

Scorned by the lovely May Heredale, an imposter cooks up a vile scheme designed to bring about the utter devastation of the Heredale family, exploiting the patriarch's weakness for betting on horse races. Will...

The Crimson Blind

by Fred M. White

Fans of detective fiction featuring amateur sleuths will enjoy Fred White's cleverly plotted novel The Crimson Blind. A trio of charming and wily young girls band together to crack a beguiling case featuring...

The Eddy: A Novel of Today

by Clarence L. Cullen

After four years of finishing school, nineteen-year-old Louise Treharne is ready to make her mark on the world. But circumstances conspire against her, and she finds herself forced to move back home to stay...

They Looked and Loved: Or, Won by Faith

by Alexander McVeigh Miller

Desperately impoverished and nearing the end of her rope, Nita makes a rash promise to marry a strange but wealthy old man she meets in a chance encounter. Before the nuptials are to take place, Nita is given...

Beginners Luck

by Emily Hahn

Emily Hahn was an eccentric, spirited and independent writer and engineer whose insatiable wanderlust compelled her to spend most of her life traveling around the world. Beginners Luck, her first novel, chronicles...