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The Noir Mystery MEGAPACK ™: 25 Modern and Classic Mysteries

by Joseph J. Millard, Gary Lovisi & John L. French

The Noir Mystery MEGAPACK™ presents 25 modern and classic noir (and noir-inspired) and hardboiled tales by writers new and old. Included are:

KIDNAPPED EVIDENCE, by Joseph J. Millard

A RAT MUST CHEW, by Gary...

The Uncanny Stories MEGAPACK ™: 16 Classic Chillers

by Roy Vickers, Margaret Strickland & Lewis Lister

Readers of our "Macabre" and "Ghost Stories" MEGAPACK™ ebook series will surely enjoy this volume, which assembles the complete contents of two early British horror anthologies, Uncanny Stories (1916) and...

The 13th Golden Age of Science Fiction Megapack ™: Lester del Rey (Vol. 2)

by Lester Del Rey

The "Golden Age of Science Fiction" MEGAPACK™ ebook anthologies are designed to introduce readers to classic science fiction writers who might otherwise be forgotten. Lester del Rey -- one of the all-time...

The Mary Fortune Mystery & Suspense MEGAPACK ™: 15 Classic Tales

by Mary Fortune & John Gregory Betancourt

Mary Helena Fortune (circa 1833 - circa 1910) was an Australian mystery, suspense, and horror writer who wrote under the pseudonyms "Waif Wander" and "W.W." She was one of the earliest female detective writers...

Operation Isis

by E. Hoffmann Price

Rod Garvin, governor of North America and Mars, is supposed to be on vacation, spending time in France with his wife, Flora, and the son he had never met, Felix. But the war leaders of North America have a new...

The True Story of Cut-Hand the Mountain Man

by Joseph J. Millard

The true story of Richens Lacy "Cut-Hand" Wootton, mountain man, pioneer, explorer, and trader who helped open the American West. Dick Wootton was "two hundred pounds of hard muscle with a wild shock of bristling...

The Victorian Rogues MEGAPACK ™: 28 Classic Tales

by Maurice Leblanc, Johnston McCulley & E.W. Hornung

Sure, you can root for Sherlock Holmes or Charlie Chan or Hugh Drummond. But I'll take a good old-fashioned rogue over the lot of 'em any day. Boston Blackie, A.J. Raffles, the Lone Wolf, Thubway Tham, Mr. Clackworthy,...

The E. Hoffmann Price Spicy Adventure MEGAPACK ™: 14 Tales from the "Spicy" Pulp Magazines!

by E. Hoffmann Price & Darrell Schweitzer

E. Hoffmann Price was one of the "Weird Tales Circle" that included H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Clark Ashton Smith. In fact, he was the only person to meet both Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft...

The Fourth Ghost Story MEGAPACK ™: 25 Classic Haunts!

by Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling & Sarah Orne Jewett

We love ghost stories here at Wildside Press. If you've read the first 3 volumes in the Ghost Story MEGAPACK™ series, plus The Macabre MEGAPACK™ series, you're pretty well caught up with the classic supernatural...

The Western Romance MEGAPACK ™: 20 Classic Tales

by Zane Grey, William MacLeod Raine & James Oliver Curwood

The Western Romance MEGAPACK™ selects 20 classic novels with romantic elements, by some of the top Western authors of all time. Included in this volume are:

A DAUGHTER OF THE DONS, by William Macleod Raine...

The Utopia MEGAPACK ™: 20 Classic Utopian and Dystopian Works

by Sir Francis Bacon, Samuel Butler & William Morris

Utopia. A community or society possessing highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities. It may be a dream, but it's a dream that has inspired writers for thousands of years. Plato's "Republic" may be the very...

The Dark Corners: Fantastic Crime Stories

by Robert J. Tilley

Robert J. Tilley's THE DARK CORNERS collects 7 classic fantastic crime stories, including: "The Dark Corners," "Fiends and Neighbors," "The Devil and Mr. Wooler," "The Other Man," "The Great Golf Mystery," "Mirror,...


by Susan Dexter

From losing his master's chickens to burning down the mayor's house, young wizard-to-be Tristan's adventures always seem to go wrong... until a talking cat named Thomas adopts him! Together, they may be able...

The Gods Hate Kansas: A Classic Science Fiction Novel

by Joseph J. Millard

The invasion began with meteor strikes in Kansas. When the investigating team disappears, it signals the start of an alien invasion of Earth. At first, a number of humans are enslaved and forced to build a rocket...

The Flying Eyes

by J. Hunter Holly

Linc Hosier is sitting in a packed football stadium when the Flying Eyes appear and cast their hypnotic power over half the crowd. Thousand of people suddenly begin marching, zombie-like, into the woods, where...

The Mad Scientist Megapack: 23 Tales of Scientists, Creatures, & Diabolical Experiments!

by Lawrence Watt-Evans & Edward M. Lerner

"The Mad Scientist Megapack" assembles 23 tales of Scientists, their Creatures, and Experiments both Diabolical and Dangerous! Included are:

MYSHKIN, by David V. Reed

A LIGHT THAT SHAMED THE SUN, by C. J. Henderson...

Death Never Lies

by David Grace

The federal bureaucrat charged with stopping the importation of dangerous materials vanishes only days before approving a new list of prohibited substances. Homicide detective turned Homeland Security Agent...

Then Beggars Could Ride

by Ray Faraday Nelson

For most of his life, Newton McClintok had lived in the Americal flapper era. He might have been an ancient Roman or a Victorian Englishman. He could have lived his life in any time or place he chose -- or at...

Gonji: A Hungering of Wolves

by T. C. Rypel

GONJI, the demon-stalked warrior with the soul of his samurai forebears and the heart of his Viking mother, surges on through legend-haunted medieval Europe, seeking the key to his mysterious destiny...


Dog-Headed Death: A Gaius Hesperian Mystery

by Ray Faraday Nelson

Meet Centurion Gaius Hesperian; a reflective and compassionate member of Emperor Nero's palace guard with a knack for detective work. (He's considered rather odd by his fellow officers because he doesn't torture...