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NORMA - Bellini (Engl-Ita) PDF

by Felice Romani & Bellini, Vincenzo

   NORMA - Tragic Opera in two acts by Vincenzo BELLINI. 

   Libretto by Felice Romani (Full Text ENGLISH - Italian), Synopsis, Opera Guide, Links to YouTube

   Vincenzo Bellini (Biography), PDF for Smartphone,...

The Codex Lacrimae, Part 1

by A.J. Carlisle


Believed lost for half a millennium, the Codex Lacrimae reappears...

A Summer Revenge

by Tom Callaghan

Having resigned from Bishkek Murder Squad, Akyl Borubaev is a lone wolf with blood on his hands. Then the Minister of State Security promises Akyl his old life back... if Akyl finds his vanished mistress. The...

Historical Sherlock Holmes Pastiches

by Anonymous, J.m Barrie & Arthur Conan Doyle

Giallo - short stories (15 pagine) - Sherlock Holmes short stories from 1891, 1896, 1903, 1904 and 1924

This collection of short stories, all related to the character of Sherlock Holmes and his universe, includes...

Lecciones Cristianas libro del maestro trimestre de invierno 2017-18: Fe en accion

by NoContributor

Lecciones Cristianas tiene como propósito ayudar a las personas adultas hispanas a crecer en su comprensión de la Biblia y relación de ésta con la vida.  Lecciones Cristianas sigue la serie de las Lecciones...

Lecciones Cristianas libro del alumno trimestre de invierno 2017-18: Fe en accion

by NoContributor

Lecciones Cristianas tiene como propósito ayudar a las personas adultas hispanas a crecer en su comprensión de la Biblia y relación de ésta con la vida.  Lecciones Cristianas sigue la serie de las Lecciones...

Four Weeks in the Trenches

by Fritz Kreisler

In trying to recall my impressions during my short war duty as an officer in the Austrian Army, I find that my recollections of this period are very uneven and confused. Some of the experiences stand out with...

Love Is Oxygen: How God Can Give You Life and Change Your World

by Jarrid Wilson

Love. It’s that thing everyone talks about but very few will ever truly put into action. It’s the fuel with which we are called to live, and it’s the very reason Jesus’ body was brutally broken upon...

Simple Fare: Fall and Winter

by Karen Mordechai

The second book in the seasonal cooking series by Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers, Simple Fare: Fall and Winter is a richly illustrated resource, focused on market-driven cooking. It consists of 65 elegant,...

Growth Mindset for Athletes, Coaches and Trainers: Harness the Revolutionary New Psychology for Achieving Peak Performance

by Jennifer Purdie

Studies show that the greatest athletes have a "growth mindset"--the ability to welcome mistakes, deal with weakness, and seek challenge to ultimately reach peak performance. This book offers a yearlong training...

The MIND Diet Cookbook: Quick and Delicious Recipes for Enhancing Brain Function and Helping Prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia

by Kristen Diversi

The MIND diet is the new, scientifically-proven diet that promotes brain health and reduces the chance of Alzheimer's disease. Packed with over 150 delicious recipes, easy meal plans, and complete nutritional...

The Most Important 60 Days of Your Pregnancy: Prevent Your Child from Developing Diabetes and Obesity Later in Life

by Pierre Dukan

Based on groundbreaking research, bestselling author Dr. Pierre Dukan pinpoints the most vital 60 days during which a pregnant mother's nutrition is linked to adulthood obesity and diabetes. Highlighting 23...

This Blessed Earth: A Year in the Life of an American Family Farm

by Ted Genoways

Is there still a place for the farm in today’s America?

The family farm lies at the heart of our national identity, yet its future is in peril. Rick Hammond grew up on a small ranch, and for forty years he...

You Are Not Alone

by Silvas Kate

You Are Not Alone is a book of hope and contains a series of meditations based on scripture that were written for parents of children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). While intended for that specific...

Russia in Flames

by Laura Engelstein

October 1917, heralded as the culmination of the Russian Revolution, remains a defining moment in world history. Even a hundred years after the events that led to the emergence of the world's first self-proclaimed...


by Michael J Beashel & Bert Hingley

Sydney is booming in 1855 and life looks grand for John Leary: his construction dreams are coming true, his beloved wife Clarissa is expecting their first child and, with his partner Sean Connaire, he has produced...

Alara's Call: The Prophet's Chronicle, One

by Kristen Stieffel

Tales are often told of heroes who fulfill ancient prophecies. Alara’s Call is the tale of a woman who gives new ones.


Alara sees visions of other’s futures, but never her own.

A young clergywoman with a...

The Lost Astronaut: Search for the Golden Thread

by D. J. Coning

The Lost Astronaut features themes of resilience and integrity through a futuristic story of a young astronaut who must find the will to forgive to save Earth.

Bible Lessons for Youth Winter 2017-2018 Leader: Faith

by Sally Hoelscher, Tim Gossett & Michael S Poteet

The Bible Lessons for the winter quarter will help teens explore the twofold nature of faith as belief and action. The Book of Acts offers some examples of proclaiming faith in Christ. In the Book of Daniel,...

Raising Healthy Parents

by Sid Garza-Hillman & Matt Frazier

This ain’t your parents’ parenting book.

In parenting, there is a case to be made for putting your oxygen mask on first. This refreshingly humorous yet effective guide on the oh-so-serious business of parenting...