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Zen Supremacy: Being, Acknowledging, Perceiving, Changing and Achieving

by Daniel Marques

This book is divided into five chapters: The Spiritual Identity; The Acknowledgement of God; The Perception of Happiness; The Transversality of Pureness; The Achievement of Immortality. Here, the reader will...

You Are Beautiful: Achieving All Your Dreams With Love

by Robin Sacredfire

You were born with a life purpose but somehow along the way you’ve lost it, otherwise you would be now a very successful person. A life purpose is connected to happiness and abundance, including also money....

Why You Should Listen to Me

by Daniel Marques

This book is an autobiography describing a personal insight leading to the author’s decision of becoming a writer. It shows an uncommon path of meaningful experiences and dramatic choices, as well as a peculiar...

Why You Should Believe in Me

by Daniel Marques

After the unexpected and amazing success of the autobiography “why you should listen to me” came the time and opportunity to go deeper in the same subject and into the life of the author, in order to reveal...

Why We Suffer: Why does God allow Evil, Sickness, Suffering and Pain to Exist in this World?

by Robin Sacredfire

When somebody asks me “do you believe in God?” I have to answer “yes, but maybe mine is not the one you’re talking about”. Some people get scared and others smile at this answer, which can be seen...

Why we are coming back: A Channeled message from our fathers

by Angel Ennobled

For thousands of years, their return was expected by many ancient cultures that have openly worshiped them. Popular religions ended up being created based on their histories and prophecies as well. They are...

Why I Hate Communist China: My personal experience with Mao’s China

by Bo Karma

I must say that it’s quite unbelievable for me to see how many efforts the media are doing nowadays to brainwash people into accepting the Chinese values as the best in the world. It’s also very surprising...

Why do we feel lonely: Why do we feel sad, empty, depressed and unwanted

by Mark Brightlife

In today’s world, loneliness is a very common problem that most people face, and that’s very likely the reason why so many social networks are rapidly becoming popular. This book presents an uncommon and...

Where’s the Money? The Cycle of Poverty and Why the Majority Can’t Be Rich

by Robin Sacredfire

Traveling to very poor countries allows noticing that the majority of the locals tend to look at foreigners as a walking ATM machine that guarantees their monthly income and food in the table on a daily basis....

When Death Comes: Why, How and When We Die

by Robin Sacredfire

Many mystics know that there are ways to predict death. These ways or principles are all related. We can predict death with the analysis of auric fields, which are a manifestation of our emotions. But our emotions...

What is the secret? Applied Spirituality beyond the Law of Attraction and the Purpose of Life

by Daniel Marques

The secret law of attraction has always existed for thousands of years. It has been included in religious books to promote faith and gain followers but also used by aristocrats and politicians to control people....

Unrealistic Depression: The Dark Secrets behind the Mental Health Industry and How to Help Yourself

by Mark Brightlife

We trust doctors and mental health science out of lack of choices. But the more the population of the world is willing to cooperate with the system promoted by those that control it, the easier it is to proceed...

Understanding & Uplifting the Human Nature: How to Change Thoughts, Beliefs and Attitudes, while Predicting and Transforming the Future to Get Recognition and Become Wealthy

by Robin Sacredfire

There are many people in our world today trying to research about secret knowledge, secret societies, magic and mystical practices, in the quest for answers to their life. Others, search for the support and...

Ultimate Crime Prevention: Predicting a Crime with Efficiency

by Bryan Keyleader

The modern world is drastically changing and many people are far from ever understanding the patterns that current criminality follows. In a precise description of several issues unknown to the vast majority...

Ultimate Alpha Woman Compilation: 5 Bestsellers In One Book

by Daniel Marques

This compilation includes 5 Bestsellers about Seduction, Dating, Relationships, Sex and Love, and answers all questions women usually have, namely: * How to get a boyfriend; * How to find a husband; * How to...

Think Like a Spy: 12 Basic Facts You Must Know about Espionage

by Bryan Keyleader

Many people have wished or dreamed about the possibility of doing espionage, and movies surely stimulate such desire. But my experience of living in some of the worst neighborhoods in the world left me with...

Thinking in Chinese: The Top 10 Chinese Values & How China Became a Superpower

by Samuel River

After nearly 10 years of my life working for Chinese companies, most of them the richest and most powerful, there were many things that started to become obvious for me and that clearly differentiate the results...

The Ultimate Sex Manual for Women: Uncensored Secret Strategies to Seduce and Fxxx Like a Pornstar All Day Long

by Daniel Marques

Did you know that, according to several scientific studies, orgasms can relieve pain? Or, that while 75% of men always reach orgasm during sex, only 29% of women report the same? (by National Health and Social...

The Transitional Code: A Key to Miracles, Dreams and Unlimited Abundance

by Robin Sacredfire

What if you could have everything you ever wished by simply changing the way you think about life? The stars and the sun are the same for everyone, and so are the opportunities in life. This is the main principle...

The Tao of Life: The Truth about Christ, God and Enlightenment

by Daniel Marques

This book is divided in 4 parts: Tao of Truth, Tao of Christ, Tao of God and Tao to Enlightenment. These topics are here interconnected through the theories described in each. But this isn’t a book for weak...