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Succeeding in your application to University

by Matt Green

Chapter 1: Background The structure of this guide The importance of the university Personal Statement How a UCAS Personal Statement enhances your university application Chapter 2: Applying to university through...

Succeeding in the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT)

by Nicola Hawley & Matt Green

Chapter 1 : Introduction to the BMAT Chapter 2: Succeeding in the BMAT Chapter 3: Section 1: Aptitude and Skills Chapter 4: Section 2: Scientific Knowledge Chapter 5: Section 3: Writing Task Chapter 6: Full...

Succeeding in the GP ST

by Matt Green & Nicole Corriette

Chapter 1: Introduction to Professional Dilemmas Why use Professional Dilemmas? Person Specification Professional Dilemmas Test Format Ranking Questions Multiple Action Questions Suggested Approach to answering...

BMJ 10-Minute Consultation: Primary Care

by Professor Adrian Hunnisett & Helen

Suspected premature menopause • New patient asking for a benzodiazepine prescription • Management of recurrent gout • Asthma unresponsive to simple treatment in a child • Haemochromatosis • Smoking...

The Key to the Door

by Maurice Apprey & Shelli M. Poe

The Key to the Door showcases rare first-person narratives of pioneering black students who desegregated UVA in the 1950s and ‘60s. Situating their experiences in broad historical context, the book speaks...

Jefferson's Body

by Maurizio Valsania

What did Thomas Jefferson look like? How did he carry himself? Such questions, reasonable to ask as we look back on a person who lived in an era before photography, are the starting point for this boldly original...

The Algerian New Novel

by Valérie K. Orlando

Disputing the claim that Algerian writing during the struggle against French colonial rule dealt almost exclusively with revolutionary themes, The Algerian New Novel shows how Algerian authors writing in French...

The Girl From The Sky

by Francesca T Barbini & Robert Malan

For five years Julius McCoy has led the Zed army in its fight against Arnesh, surviving where friends have fallen. Now humanity has been called to make a terrible choice, one that could undo all that Tijara...

Oregon Myths and Legends

by Jim Yuskavitch

From the mysterious disappearance of hijacker D.B. Cooper to persistent rumors of bigfoot, this selection of thirteen stories from Oregon's past explores some of the Beaver State's most compelling mysteries...

Gumshoe for Two

by Rob Leininger

*Second in the Mortimer Angel series *John Lescroart says, "Mortimer Angel is my new favorite Private Eye" *Gumshoe series brings back the style of Micky Spillane and Raymond Chandler *Gumshoe series is reminiscent...

Who Told You That You Were Naked?

by William Combs

The knowledge of good and evil we inherited from Adam is a dimension of our intellect so innate, so instinctual, so intuitive, so pervasive a way of responding to our everyday circumstances it is virtually impossible...

Time to Die, A Time to Live

by Nancy Magargle

A mother grapples with a crisis of faith while struggling to know God’s will when facing end-of-life decisions for her child and learns to recognize and recover from false guilt as she seeks to reconnect with...


by Max Winter

For Clay Blackall, a lifelong resident of Providence, Rhode Island, the place has become an obsession. Here live the only people who can explain what happened to his brother, Eli, whose suicide haunts this heartbreaking,...

The Memory Tree

by Glenn Haybittle

2084: In a post-apocalyptic world controlled by UniCorp, where the memory of the “genetically inferior” has been chemically tampered with, Alowa escapes her captivity as a dispenser. She is sheltered in...

Does Policy Analysis Matter?

by Lee S. Friedman

Just how well can democracy incorporate knowledge and expertise through public policy analysts? This book examines the evolution of policy analysis, its use in legislative and regulatory bodies, and its use...

Scab Vendor

by Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan Shaw’s Scab Vendor: Confessions of a Tattoo Artist is a surreal, multi-generational roller coaster ride through the underbelly of modern culture, charting the course of a life measured by extremes,...

The Handy Communication Answer Book

by Lauren Sergy

Powerful oratory. Persuasive arguments. Succinct business pitches. Speeches and emails. From cave walls to the printing press, and from Cicero to TED talks, The Handy Communication Answer Book traces the history,...

Photographing the Aurora Borealis

by Andy Long

Award-winning photographer and accomplished instructor Andy Long provides a comprehensive guide to photographing the Aurora Borealis. It, readers will learn everything they need to know about photographing this...

Participation and Non-Participation in Student Activism

by Alexander Hensby

There is a strong need to understand the changing dynamics of contemporary youth participation: how they engage, what repertoires are considered efficacious, and their motivations to get involved.

This book uses...

States of Discipline

by Cemal Burak Tansel

Despite the severity of the global economic crisis and the widespread aversion towards austerity policies, neoliberalism remains the dominant mode of economic governance in the world. What makes neoliberalism...