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Coming Home

by Wendy Kline

By the mid-twentieth century, two things appeared destined for extinction in the United States: the practice of home birth and the profession of midwifery. In 1940, close to half of all U.S. births took place...

Love at Last Sight

by Tyler Carrington

In June 1914, a seamstress named Frieda Kliem left Berlin on a commuter train to meet the man she had fallen in love with through a newspaper personal ad. Instead of proposing marriage, the man lured her into...

Yoga Nidra

by Barbara Kündig

Learn how to start living blissfully now! Discover the secrets of Yoga Nidra (Nidra = sleep) and its practical applications! This book gives you a comprehensive overview of the deep relaxation and meditation...

The Smugglers' World

by Jesse Cromwell

The Smugglers' World examines a critical part of Atlantic trade for a neglected corner of the Spanish Empire. Testimonies of smugglers, buyers, and royal officials found in Venezuelan prize court records reveal...


by Henry B. Lovejoy

This Atlantic world history centers on the life of Juan Nepomuceno Prieto (c. 1773–c. 1835), a member of the West African Yoruba people enslaved and taken to Havana during the era of the Atlantic slave trade....

Mapping Diaspora

by Patricia de Santana Pinho

Brazil, like several countries in Africa, has become a major destination for African American tourists seeking the cultural roots of the black Atlantic diaspora. Drawing on over a decade of ethnographic research...

Literary Indians

by Angela Calcaterra

Although cross-cultural encounter is often considered an economic or political matter, beauty, taste, and artistry were central to cultural exchange and political negotiation in early and nineteenth-century...

Biomedicalization and the Practice of Culture

by Mari Armstrong-Hough

Over the last twenty years, type 2 diabetes skyrocketed to the forefront of global public health concern. In this book, Mari Armstrong-Hough examines the rise and response to the disease in two societies: the...


by Tony Mohorovich

Your mind is not your own.

The government can read your thoughts. Improve them too. War, poverty, and crime are history. If you don’t like it, you can always try your luck on that orbiting stateless superpower...

Naughty Bits - Volume 19

by John Lord

15 Erotic nude studies of a sexy ebony BBW model. This is a continuing series and features explicit nudity, in this edition we concentrate on our model's feet. This photobook contains full frontal nudity as...

Naughty Bits - Volume 20

by John Lord

15 Erotic nude studies of a sexy ebony BBW model. This is a continuing series and features explicit nudity and Hardcore interracial action. This photobook contains full frontal nudity as our model gets naked...

Naughty Bits - Volume 18

by John Lord

15 Erotic nude studies of a sexy ebony BBW model. This is a continuing series and features explicit nudity, and in this edition our model is five months pregnant as she reveals all. This photobook contains full...

Naughty Bits - Volume 17

by John Lord

15 Erotic nude studies of a sexy ebony BBW model. This is a continuing series and features explicit nudity. This photobook contains full frontal nudity as our model gets naked and naughty, and is therefore for...

A Christmas Carol (Vintage Classics)

by Charles Dickens

Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean, miserable, bitter old man with no friends. One cold Christmas Eve, three ghosts take him on a scary journey to show him the error of his nasty ways. By visiting his past, present...

Shaping a City

by Mack Travis

Picture your downtown vacant, boarded up, while the malls surrounding your city are thriving. What would you do?

In 1974 the politicians, merchants, community leaders, and business and property owners, of Ithaca,...

Frame, Glass, Verse

by Rayna Kalas

In a book that draws attention to some of our most familiar and unquestioned habits of thought—from "framing" to "perspective" to "reflection"—Rayna Kalas suggests that metaphors of the poetic imagination...

Deep Water Dream

by Gretchen Roedde

A hopeful memoir that shares the author’s voyage of discovery as a mother, wife, and physician in underserved communities in northern Ontario.

In underserved areas, the communities themselves are one of the...

Land-Grant Colleges and Popular Revolt

by Nathan M. Sorber

The land-grant ideal at the foundation of many institutions of higher learning promotes the sharing of higher education, science, and technical knowledge with local communities. This democratic and utilitarian...

The Refugee-Diplomat

by Diego Pirillo

The establishment of permanent embassies in fifteenth-century Italy has traditionally been regarded as the moment of transition between medieval and modern diplomacy. In The Refugee-Diplomat, Diego Pirillo offers...

The City Lament

by Tamar M. Boyadjian

Poetic elegies for lost or fallen cities are seemingly as old as cities themselves. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, this genre finds its purest expression in the Book of Lamentations, which mourns the destruction...