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New Perspectives on Emotions in Finance: The Sociology of Confidence, Fear and Betrayal

by Jocelyn Pixley

The financial crisis that started in 2007 is a concern for the world. Some countries are in depression and governments are desperately trying to find solutions. In the absence of thorough debate on the emotions...

Trade Unions in the Green Economy: Working for the Environment

by Nora Räthzel & David Uzzell

Combating climate change will increasingly impact on production industries and the workers they employ as production changes and consumption is targeted. Yet research has largely ignored labour and its responses....

Managing Organizational Behavior in the African Context

by David Zoogah & Constant Beugré

Managing Organizational Behavior in an African Context discusses management and organization science theories as they apply within the social, cultural and economic contexts in which organizations operate in...

Efficiency, Equality and the Ownership of Property (Routledge Revivals)

by James E. Meade

First published in 1964, this is a study of the extreme inequalities in the ownership of property, in economies across the globe. Professor Meade examines in depth the economic, demographic and social factors...

The Just Economy: Principles of Political Economy Volume IV

by James E. Meade

First published in 1979, this fourth part of Principles of Political Economy applies the tools of economic analysis to the distribution of income and property. Professor Meade considers the problems of making...

Urban Poverty in the Global South: Scale and Nature

by Diana Mitlin & David Satterthwaite

One in seven of the world's population live in poverty in urban areas, and the vast majority of these live in the Global South - mostly in overcrowded informal settlements with inadequate water, sanitation,...

State Reform and Development in the Middle East: Turkey and Egypt in the Post-Liberalization Era

by Amr Adly

The economies of Turkey and Egypt, remarkably similar until the early 1980s, have since taken divergent paths. Turkey has successfully implemented a policy of export led industrialisation whilst Egypt's manufacturing...

Institutional Reform in Central Asia: Politico-Economic Challenges

by Joachim Ahrens & Herman W. Hoen

The countries of Central Asia are increasingly the focus of intense international attention due to their geopolitical and economic importance as well as their unsettled transition processes. The region faced...

Reforming the Governance of the Financial Sector

by David Mayes & Geoffrey E. Wood

Many financial institutions have in recent years failed - failed either completely, and gone into bankruptcy, or failed in the sense that they have not achieved what their owners or their customers expected...

Water Trading and Global Water Scarcity: International Experiences

by Josefina Maestu

Water scarcity is an increasing problem in many parts of the world, yet conventional supply-side economics and management are insufficient to deal with it. In this book the role of water trading as an instrument...

CIM Coursebook 03/04 Marketing Fundamentals

by Frank Withey

Each coursebook includes access to MARKETINGONLINE, where you can:

* Annotate, customise and create personally tailored notes using the electronic version of the coursebook

* Receive regular tutorials on key...

A Guide to Copyright for Museums and Galleries

by Anna Booy, Robin Fry & Peter Wienand

This is the indispensable reference tool for everyone in museums and galleries who has to deal with copyright. It is a user-friendly resource which comprehensively addresses all aspects of copyright law and...

Threat Assessment: A Risk Management Approach

by James T Turner & Michael Gelles

This essential book provides you with the tools you need to protect both your employees and yourself from a variety of threats. This book examines stalking, cyberthreats, insider threats, and workplace violence,...

Global Marketing Co-Operation and Networks

by Leo Paul Dana

Learn how to compete in international markets!The nature of business has changed, and Global Marketing Co-Operation and Networks explains how and why former competitors are now joining forces. Exploring co-operation,...

Elements of Shipping: 7th Edition

by Mr Alan Edward Branch & Alan E. Branch

Elements of Shipping was first published in 1964 and has become established as a market leader over its many editions. This latest version is entirely updated to take in the many changes that have occurred in...

100 Great Time Management Ideas

by Patrick Forsyth Forsyth

Are you looking for some great ideas or inspiration to manage your time better? This book contains 100 great ideas, extracted from leading companies and individuals from around the world. In an age when people...

100 Great Sales Ideas

by Patrick Forsyth Forsyth

Selling is crucial to the very survival of any company. This book contains 100 great sales ideas, extracted from the world's best companies, to help anyone improve their sales and their careers.Ideas provide...

100 Great PR Ideas

by Jim Blythe Blythe

Are you looking for a great idea or some inspiration to make your PR and promotions more effective and cutting edge? This book contains 100 great PR ideas, extracted from the world's best companies.Ideas provide...

100 Great Marketing Ideas

by Jim Blythe Blythe

Are you looking for a great idea or some inspiration to make your marketing more effective and cutting edge? This book contains 100 great marketing ideas, extracted from the world's best companies. Ideas provide...

100 Great Business Ideas

by Jeremy Kourdi Kourdi

Are you looking for a great idea or some inspiration to start a new venture or to help you grow your existing business? This book contains 100 great business ideas, extracted from the world's best companies.Ideas...