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Their Cheating Wives

by Tiffany Diamond

Michelle and Vanessa are two statuesque beauties who get a bang out of cheating on their husbands. Aside from enjoying the Sapphic companionship of one another, each sexual adventurer conducts her own electrifying...

The Succubus

by Quinn Dallas

FREE short story!

A naive college student summons a sexy infernal demon. But this sultry monster girl soon proves to be more than can he handle.

Is the ultimate pleasure worth the cost of his immortal soul.

ROYCE: Bound By The Billionaire

by Victoria Foxxe

Can Any Woman Melt This Billionaire's Cold Heart?

Royce Erickson is the hottest man alive. He's wealthy beyond belief, with a body built for sin! Alice is just a naive young divorcee desperate for a chance at...

Spring Break Erotica the Blow Job Challenge

by Angela Yii

Spring Break Erotica the Blow Job Challenge: college friends compete on the best blowjob

An Encounter With Pure Pleasure

by Blair Erotica

Alone in Tokyo on business, Europa has a free weekend and she wants to fill it with pure pleasure. She craves a chance to be pampered and pleasured and restored. With the help of a friend, she finds herself...

Daddy and the Donkey

by Ginny Watson

Joanne's story concludes as she discovers what her naughty daddy does for a living, a discovery that explains just what her step father meant when he hinted that her daddy was the biggest pervert in the family....

The Contract

by JG Leathers

"Illustrations ONLY available in Paperback version. To live the full experience, please purchase the paperback. The Contract, by JG-Leathers was previously published as two separate books by Gord Books. The...

Bad Dog

by Anna Mann

Kate is a slut... self confessed. But that was when she was in college in the United Kingdom, now she is back home in rural South Africa, miles from anywhere and sex starved. Until weakened by a bout of malaria...

Milked By Daddy

by Ginny Watson

It had been an accident Colin tried to convince himself, he had thought the girl bending over and offering herself to him had been Sue, his eighteen year old daughters best friend. He had been wrong, and eight...

Tempting the CEO (a Sleeping With The Enemy novella)

by Angela Claire

If lawyer Angie O'Hare needed another reason to hate New York City, this would be it. Locked out of her room and stranded in the hallway. Wearing only a towel. Lovely. But then, rescue arrives—in the form...

Venus in the Country

by James Jennings

"Venus in the Country" is the story of Pamela, a young maid, fostered from the age of 15 by Mr and Mrs Rumple. Pamela is informed by Mr Rumple of her new employ with Sir Richard and Lady Belinda Bromley, but...


by Anonymous

"Caroline" is the story of an extraordinary and interesting woman, a beautiful, strong and sexually aware woman.

Putting her looks and wit to good use, the young Caroline seduces her friend Harry and his sister...


by Stefano Mazzotti

The book features alternating color and black & white illustrations gallery of beautiful lady pirate portraits. If you like the cover, You will like the book! 

Mommy Kissed it Better

by Mysticalchemist


Josie had always been there to kiss her son better, and she wants to keep doing so forever, but her son’s girlfriend has other ideas. When he chooses her over his mother, rage drives Josie to the...

Grandma Comes to Stay

by James Hawthorn


Dave and Beth continue to explore the boundaries of their foray into incest as Matt and Alice seek out further adventures.


I put the suitcases on the bed and closed the windows I'd opened...

Brutal Daddy 12-Pack

by Lily Weidner


A hardcore collection of twelve naughty biological incest stories, this boxed set features naughty daughters and the depraved delights of their disgusting fathers. Turning daddy’s little princess...

Putting Out for Sugar Daddy’s Dog

by Dame Doggy

Kimmy knows what her sugar daddy likes—seeing her playing with the toys he buys her and recording her while she does it. It’s fun and he gives her lots of presents and money every time she performs for him....

Pissed Off

by Mother Lover


Katie went down a weird rabbit hole one day after turning 18. She went on a date with her boyfriend, when they started having sex, he had to take a piss. He couldn't get out quick enough, Katie took...

Uncle and the Rebellious Pussy: Too Drunk to Care

by Deedee Zee

When Uncle gets the call from his brother to babysit his drunk niece, he imagines it’ll be a night of wrangling and holding her hair while she pukes. Instead, his niece turns out to be a horny drunk who wants...

My Journey to Love: a Lesbian  Romance Novel

by Cj Mann

Karen Murphy is a sweet and very dedicated elementary school teacher that is searching for true love with another woman. However, she soon realizes this is no easy task and finds herself entangled in many exciting...