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Deep Down Things

by Tamara Linse

Deep Down Things, Tamara Linse's debut novel, is the emotionally riveting story of three siblings torn apart by a charismatic bullrider-turned-writer and the love that triumphs despite tragedy. From the death...

Mr. Gwyn

by Alessandro Baricco & Ann Goldstein

After celebrated author Jasper Gwyn suddenly and publicly announces that he will never write another book, he embarks on a strange new career path as a “copyist,” holding thirty-day sittings in a meticulously...


by Benjamin Parzybok

Three guys try to carry a couch across the country.

The Riders

by Tim Winton

After traveling through Europe for two years, Scully and his wife Jennifer wind up in Ireland, and on a mystical whim of Jennifer's, buy an old farmhouse which stands in the shadow of a castle. While Scully...

Young Pattullo

by J.I.M. Stewart

Duncan Pattullo arrives in Oxford, where the adventures start. Stewart covers all of his favourite subjects and places; the arts, learning, mystery and intrigue, whilst ranging from Oxford through Scotland and...

A Villa in France

by J.I.M. Stewart

Penelope becomes the victim of a cruel hoax. Ferneydale, now a rich novelist, once proposed to her, but she turned him down. He married Sophie, although he had a string of mistresses and young boys. Penelope...

A Use Of Riches

by J.I.M. Stewart

Rupert Craine is a wealthy, cultured banker, and art collector. Something strange occurs when drawings byhis wife's first husband suddenly appear on the market and a telegram summons Craine and his wife to Italy....

Mungo's Dream

by J.I.M. Stewart

Mungo notices the interest shown by the Cardowers in a Scots boy of uncertain parentage. The story takes on an obvious twist with the usual suspicions and uncertainties; lawyers being called in; and general...

Memorial Service

by J.I.M. Stewart

Duncan Pattullo returns to his old college. The Provost is trying to secure a benefaction from a charity. A complication is the presence of Ivo Mumford. He is badly behaved and far from a credit to the college....

Mark Lambert's Supper

by J.I.M. Stewart

Mark Lambert, one of the finest authors of his generation, is dead and his final masterpiece is missing. Dauncey and Lambert's daughter both believe it to be in Italy, but in an effort to recover it there they...

The Man Who Wrote Detective Stories

by J.I.M. Stewart

An emissary from Scotland Yard visits Freddie Seston in Venice. Freddie is the supposed secret author, under a pseudonym, of a string of novels. Now, a murder has been committed using the same methodology as...

Full Term

by J.I.M. Stewart

Duncan Pattullo is thinking of re-marrying, although his former wife causes difficulties. His intended is also providing gossip for the college, but that is as nothing compared with Watershute, who abandons...

The Bridge at Arta

by J.I.M. Stewart

Lady Cameron and Hornett had been married fifty years ago, but he has forgotten about it. Embarrassment is evident when they meet whilst holidaying in Greece. In other stories there is an unknown Wordsworth...

The Aylwins

by J.I.M. Stewart

This novel yields high comedy and mystery surrounding an Oxford College, told by a schoolmaster narrator. Supported by his wife, Arthur Aylwin's desires to be Provost of the College - so much so he is prepared...

Avery's Mission

by J.I.M. Stewart

Bannerman is on his way to Florence. On the plane, he meets Avery, who is travelling to see his divorced father, and is unwittingly used by his domineering mother. Bannerman is drawn into matters and a complex...

Andrew and Tobias

by J.I.M. Stewart

Tobias, or Toby, was fostered and then adopted as the Feltons' heir after he had miraculously survived the sinking of a ship by a U-Boat. Then, someone who is clearly Toby's twin turns up as an under-gardener....

Parlour Four

by J.I.M. Stewart

A boy is kind with unexpected consequences. A lover gives a ring to his girl, but doesn't appreciate its history and value. In Oxford, the Bodleian is mysteriously empty, whilst a don becomes a bestselling author....

A Palace of Art

by J.I.M. Stewart

Gloria Montacute is in Venice, having inherited a great collection of art treasures. Dealers gather and one of them sends a handsome young man to pursue her. Jake, her cousin, and Henry, a neighbour, also arrive....

An Open Prison

by J.I.M. Stewart

Robin Hayes breaks the news that his father is guilty of embezzlement and has been sentenced to two years. Complications arise when a junior pupil at his school turns out to be the grandson of the judge who...

The Naylors

by J.I.M. Stewart

George Naylor, an Anglican priest, becomes involved in a series of adventures including the discovery of a secret research laboratory, and may be involved in a protest rally which includes nuclear disarmers...