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Red Hot Lover

by Lyn Cash

Two firefighters battle the hottest flames they’ve encountered—their attraction to one another.

After a fire sweeps through the school where she teaches and she’s unable to save the life of her best friend,...

The Living Legend

by Emma Wayne Porter

Revenge is a dish best served bold…

Patrick “Trick” Mancini wants revenge. Not only has he learned that his boss, William Ormond, might be implicated in his mother’s death, he’s just found out Ormond...

Biting Me Softly

by Mary Hughes

He's a candy box of sex appeal wrapped with a golden bow. She's on a diet.

Blood, sex, violence. Blood, okay, but computer geek Liese Schmetterling had enough S&V when her cheating ex fired her. Now security...

Jaci's Experiment

by Bianca D'Arc

Love…the grandest experiment of all

Resonance Mates series

As a young Alvian lab tech, Jaci knows her place in the orderly, emotionless society her race has established on the planet Earth. While preparing...

Proof of Life

by Misty Evans

Blood ties run deepest—and deadliest.

Super Agent Series, Book 3

No matter how many times he patches the holes in the wall, CIA Deputy Director Michael Stone can’t forget the night a terrorist took him hostage...


by Lynne Maris

She’ll do whatever it takes to get to the top of the professor’s learning curve.

Katrina Keens has discovered the man she longs for, Professor Derek Jacobson, is a Dom. Though BDSM is something she’s never...

Eden's Pass

by Kimberly Nee

Love can blow even a true pirate off course.

Finn Eden will do anything to escape a life of slavery on a Barbados sugar plantation. Even risk her life disguised as a cabin boy aboard a pirate ship, putting up...

The Inn Crowd

by Denise Belinda McDonald

What do you get when you have a beautiful B & B owner, an incognito movie star, his entourage and a leather wearing, hairless pooch all staying at the Wild Rose Bed and Breakfast?

Jamie Crawford needs time to...

The Fury

by Sloan McBride

From the Heavens comes a hero who will take your breath away.

Reese Whittaker dreams of falling for a man who shares her love of archeology and ancient civilizations. But being attacked by a horde of demons...

Taking Liberty

by Jodi Redford

From zero to naked at warp speed…

Rini Campell’s one shot at keeping her field agent position with the United Galaxies’ repo department means bringing in the spaceship Liberty. Piece of cake. Except she...

The Devil Inside

by Kate Davies

It’ll take more than one go-round to win this rodeo of the heart…

Thirteen years after her father was killed in a rodeo accident, Samantha Quincannon is facing her worst nightmare. An EMT, she has avoided...

Byte Marks

by Mardi Ballou

She’s his match—but he’s not in her business plan.

A Fangly, My Dear story.

Hereditary witch Dominique LaPierre has always refused to use her powers, especially when it comes to business. Until now. Her...

High Noon

by Rebecca Goings

When a full-blooded Comanche risks everything for the honor of the woman he loves, it’s a safe bet there’ll be a showdown at high noon.

Part of the Leather and Lace series

Banning, TX 1872

Alison Williams...


by Kallysten

In space, no one will hear them moan.

A Men in Space story.

The job was supposed to be an easy one for Captain Kar and his two-man crew: land the Danaus on the deserted moon, appropriate a few boxes of precious...

At Earth's Edge

by Christine McKay

True love transcends all boundaries—even the ones we erect for ourselves.

Man is an upstart species that was once welcomed by Aderyn’s kind—the Others. Like a weed, humans left much in ruin. And the Others...

Hara's Legacy

by Bianca D'Arc

It’s a serious game of cowboys and aliens when three psychically gifted brothers try to protect the one fragile, empathic woman who holds all their hearts against a menacing alien threat.

First in the Resonance...

Talk Dirty To Me

by Michelle Miles

Shy girls need to talk dirty too…

The first in the Coffee House Chronicles

Commitment-shy Claudia has found the perfect man. He never leaves his dirty socks in the living room floor, eats all the cookies,...

Devil Take Me

by Anna J. Evans

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Or is that wicked seductions?

Annie Theophilus is used to life not going her way, but now the future is looking bright. She’s engaged and finally getting her...


by Arianna Hart

Shana thought going on a job interview was going to be tough, she had no idea it could cost her life.

Getting the chance to rescue computer guru Royce Renault’s kidnapped niece is the opportunity of a lifetime...

Riptide Love

by Melissa Lopez

Caught in love’s undertow…

The Thorns, Book 2

Rescue swimmer Ethan Thorn is used to pulling people from the swirl of the ocean, but he never expected to pull a woman straight out of his past. Denae Button...