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by Bron Fane & Lionel Fanthorpe

Most of the problems were solved in the 29th century. War was a memory. Disease was almost conquered. Old age and Death were held at bay. It was a glad world. A brave new world. Humanity had grown up. And then...

The Forbidden

by Leo Brett & Lionel Fanthorpe

Cobwebs hung in weird, grotesque festoons from the vaulted roof. There was a strange odour in the ancient cellar. A bent figure crouches over forbidden books and mixes indescribably strange ingredients in a...

Exit Humanity

by Leo Brett & Lionel Fanthorpe

The ties of home were strong. In a few years man gets attached to bricks and mortar, and scenery. In a hundred years roots are so deep that no one wants to tear them up. In a thousand years it is quite unthinkable....

Flame Goddess

by Lionel Roberts & Lionel Fanthorpe

In an age that takes wireless for granted and its beginning to tire of television, it seems incredible that parts of the globe are still unexplored.

Powerful modern steamers connect landmass with landmass, island...

The Last Valkyrie

by Lionel Roberts & Lionel Fanthorpe

Whenever disaster wipes its bloodstained hands on the pages of human history man asks why?

Before the dawn of science primitive man believed in the intervention of weird supernatural powers. Omens were consulted....

The Face of X

by Lionel Roberts & Lionel Fanthorpe

They woke up to the smell of danger. No one could see it. None of them could hear it. But it was there. Lurking... intangible... inaudible... invisible. The space around them was alive with it. They breathed...

The In-World

by Lionel Roberts & Lionel Fanthorpe

At first it was just another hoax, another UFO story, but the sightings went on increasing.

It couldn't be an alien, there had been so many false alarms, dramatic news-columnists had shouted 'wolf' so many times,...

Dawn of the Mutants

by Lionel Roberts & Lionel Fanthorpe

Dan Bellamy was down and out. It seemed that he had reached the end of the road... and then he met the stranger. Who was the mystery man? Why were his amber eyes so powerful? Above all why did he call himself...

The Watching World

by R. L. Fanthorpe & Lionel Fanthorpe

Krells never set out to be a hero. He was the first to admit he was a trader. "In it for the money; I leave thinking to the experts." But the experts couldn't solve the problem of Ralcor IX.

Professional fighters...

Hand of Doom

by R.L. L. Fanthorpe & Lionel Fanthorpe

It was a great world in the fortieth century. No economic problems. No work. Robots and androids everywhere. Every girl a princess, every man a king. Pleasure, parties, amusements, art, drama and literature...

Asteroid Man

by R. L. Fanthorpe & Lionel Fanthorpe

Jonga and Krull had a routine job in the solar system defence organisation. Week after week and year after year they checked the asteroids. 23rd century astronomy had accurately charted 2,812 of those miniature...


by David Dvorkin

In a remote area of Federation space, the Enerprise picks up an urgent distress signal -- from a Klingon vessel! Tracing the S.O.S., the crew finds the Klingon cruiser Mauler, trapped in a dimensional storm...

Doomed World

by R. Fanthorpe & Lionel Fanthorpe

George Mallory was out for a quiet day's shooting. A typical country-man, in typical English country. His day's sport was interrupted by the beginning of the greatest catastrophe in man's history - an alien...

Alien From The Stars

by R. Fanthorpe & Lionel Fanthorpe

Can it be that of all the billions of probably planets, revolving around strange suns, in far corners of the Universe, ours is the only home of intelligent life?

If life has managed to come into being elsewhere...

John Sladek SF Gateway Omnibus: The Reproductive System, The Muller-Fokker Effect, Tik-Tok

by John Sladek

From the vaults of The SF Gateway, the most comprehensive digital library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, comes an ideal introduction to the razor-sharp wit of John Sladek.

An important voice in the New...

E.C. Tubb SF Gateway Omnibus

by E.C. Tubb

A prolific author of hundreds of stories in the fields of SF, fantasy and westerns, E. C. Tubb, was best-known for his epic 33-volume Dumarest saga, a galaxy-spanning adventure series. Also active for many years...

Edmund Cooper SF Gateway Omnibus: The Cloud Walker, All Fools' Day, A Far Sunset

by Edmund Cooper

From the SF Gateway, the most comprehensive digital library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, comes an ideal sample introduction to the fantastic work of Edmund Cooper.

A respected critic and writer, whose...

E.E. 'Doc' Smith SF Gateway Omnibus: The Skylark of Space, Skylark Three, Skylark of Valeron, Skylark DuQuesne

by E.E. 'Doc' Smith

From The SF Gateway, the most comprehensive digital library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, comes an ideal sample introduction to the fantastic work of E. E. 'Doc' Smith, one of the most influential authors...

Downs-Lord Dawn

by John Whitbourn

Thomas Blades, a 17th century curate, discovers a magical door to another world - or rather to an alternative Earth. But here, humanity is not the top of the food chain, as Blades finds when the poor, burrow-dwelling...

The Pleasure Ring

by Kitt Gerrard

The Kingdom of Pernia, 1785. It's the fortieth day of Amande's preparation - forty days of sexual abstinence, rousing her nubile young body to a frenzy of carnal anticipation. Tomorrow she faces the ultimate...