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Longarm 272: Longarm and the Six-Gun Senorita

by Tabor Evans

Assigned to recover a cache of Army rifles stolen out of Texas and smuggled into Mexico, Longarm comes across a sultry schoolmarm hiding more than her virtue.

Longarm 274

by Tabor Evans

Longarm is on the trail of a gang of rowdy outlaws stirring up trouble in a little settlement near the Grand Canyon. Longarm brings a lissome lady along for the ride, and it's a good thing--he'll need all the...

Slocum #282: Slocum and the Lady in Black

by Jake Logan

When his horse is injured, Slocum looks to buy a new horse in Springfield, Missouri. But when he shows up on the wrong side of the fence, Slocum has to use his horse sense to protect two pretty cowhands, not...

The False Rider

by Max Brand

A gun cracked!

The lantern in the deserted mine was smashed to bits. Then Jim Silver's great voice boomed through the darkness, "Barry Christian, I've come for you!"

Christian screamed, not like a man but like...

Longarm #275: Longarm and the Widow's Spite

by Tabor Evans

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Longarm #285: Longarm and the Mysterious Mistress

by Tabor Evans

In the Arizona desert for some rest and relaxation, Longarm isn't looking for trouble. But when he witnesses a man gunned down by a vigilante deputy, Longarm knows something sinister is going on. Soon, he follows...

Lone Star 122

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki come up against a pack of cutthroat beef buccaneers who rustle cattle on land and sea. When the varmints make the mistake of stealing Jessie and Ki's prize herd, the Lone Star duo heads south of...

Longarm #284: Longarm and the Haunted Whorehouse

by Tabor Evans

Tall tales about long-dead madams and passed-on pimps acting all too lively in a den of sin near Animas Point sends U.S. Marshal Custis Long to investigate undercover. Under the alias Buck Crawford, Longarm's...

Slocum 268: Slocum and the Hired Gun

by Jake Logan

Slocum finds himself in the middle of a range war, and when things turn ugly, Slocum takes a side. But then the opposition brings in a deadly gunslinger who's looking to make Slocum his target.

Sixguns and Double Eagles

Border Empire #2

by Ralph Compton

Wes Stone was once a lawman. Then the Sandlin Gang shot down his father, known as The Gunfighter. Swearing vengeance, he takes up his father?s guhns. But little does he know that the odds are even more against...

Longarm 241: Longarm and the Colorado Counterfeiter: Longarm and the Colorado Counterfeiter

by Tabor Evans

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Longarm #288: Longarm and the Amorous Amazon

by Tabor Evans

She stands six-foot-six, and usually over the body of someone who got in her way. She's the biggest gal that Deputy Marshal Custis Long has ever met-and she's willing to do anything to see that Deputy Marshal...

Slocum 243: Slocum and the Buffalo Hunter

by Jake Logan

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Slocum 263: Showdown

by Jake Logan

Slocum rides into Austin looking for a good bottle of whiskey and an even better woman -- and finds both. But he also finds a trio of lowlife gunslingers terrorizing Austin, and the sheriff is powerless to stop...

Land Grab: Jim Hatfield takes a hand in a range war!

by Jackson Cole

Gun trouble!

The herd thundered around the bend. Jim Hatfield's keen eyes were trained on the trail ahead. Suddenly, he raised his voice to warn the others, but his words were quickly drowned out by a roar of...

The Death Riders

by Jackson Cole

Hell was bustin' loose in Texas! For months the range country had smoldered with hate. Ranches had been set afire, cows rustled, blood spilled. And no-one knew the identity of the night-raiding killers. No one...

The George Barr McCutcheon Megapack: 25 Classic Novels and Stories

by George Barr McCutcheon

George Barr McCutcheon -- author of the classic novel Brewster's Millions, as well as the Graustark series -- was a popular American novelist in the early 20th century. This volume assembles no less than 25...

Troublesome Range: A Western Story

by Peter Dawson

After five years of virtual banishment because he sold out his small outfit to the Middle Arizona Cattle Company, giving it a foothold on the Mesa Grande range, violent-tempered Joe Bonnyman is summoned back...

Lone Star 153

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki are on a train to Laredo with Jessie's new acquisition, a magnificent black thoroughbred named Lucifer. The train is ambushed and Ki is left for dead, while Jessie and the horse are kidnapped and...

The White Indian: Book One of the Rusty Sabin Saga

by Max Brand

First serialized in 1933 in Argosy, this exciting initial installment of the classic Rusty Sabin trilogy introduces readers to the eponymous character and his back story. Rusty Sabin was a child when Cheyenne...