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The Outsider

by Penelope Williamson

Penelope Williamson’s classic bestseller blends the best of historical western and Amish romance in a sweeping tale “sure to please any fan of good old-fashioned storytelling” (Library Journal).

A daughter...

A Cowboy for Christmas

by Lori Wilde

If you’re looking for love, look no further than Jubilee, Texas! This small Western town with the big heart is the creation of New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde—and now she’s giving fans of...

Today's Sorrow, Tomorrow's Joy

by Linda Brown

He was called as a child, a young boy. Called to reach the Indian people in the Southwest Territory of Oklahoma. This calling led Daniel Gentry to a Bible Seminary in Illinois where he met his future wife, Rachel....

Two Pretenders

by Iva Forshey

This story is down-to-earth weaving a beautiful tale of ranch life in the 1950s. Widowed, JoAnn Cobb, her three children, and her Grandpops old side-kick, Rusty, are full of hope to begin a new life on her Grandpops...

Pearls of Wisdom

by James I. Samuel & Carol Ruzicka

Pearls of Wisdom is a collection of short stories that illustrate key verses from the book of Proverbs, written by the wisest man that lived in the world, King Solomon. Each story enhances the meaning of the...

Glad Reunion

by Doreen Rawlins

Josh and Joe Reed, twins, twenty years old, launch out on their own for Oregon. What was meant to be a stopover in Baker City ends up a godsend for one brother and a tragedy for the other.

The day they rode...

Most Unusual Friends

by Linda Derby

Most Unusual Friends is an exciting, humorous story about three exceptionally different little pond animals, Dont Touch Froggy, Eek the Snake, and a hearing-impaired salamander named Sal the Man-Deer. Dont Touch...

Bully the Kid

by Steven Schade

Bully the Kid is a faith-based, Western, antibully book for children. This book is full of inspiration, Bible verses, and historical facts and ideas about Arizona, the Grand Canyon, the Havasupai tribe, and...

One Western Town Part 3

by David Quell

One Western Town Part 3 follows the marshal into the next phase of his life. He battles hardships, handles relationships, and fights for justice in the old west. Using his faith, he directs a quest for lawfulness....


by Ken Wilbur

For the first time they noticed Tommy with his rifle covering them on a knoll fifty yards away. At first glance they saw only the rifle not the fact that it was just a boy holding it.

A Socialite in Backwoods Wyoming

by Missi Moline

Denver banker Stephen Hamilton believes his pretty stepdaughter, Victoria Albrecht, can bring him to a higher financial and societal level through a good marriage.

Rancher Victor Albrecht believes his niece,...

Micaylah and the Never Never

by E.H. Karl

Fear and faith collide when a life-altering event forces twelve-year-old Micaylah Thompson to travel halfway around the world to the second most inhospitable place on the planet: the Australian outback. There...

A Little Taste of Heaven

by Doreen Rawlins

Kate Alexander was certain it was the right thing, taking her papa to Oregon. But a series of unpredictable events along the way would change Kate's life forever. Taken hostage in a stage coach robbery, she...

Honor, Fate, and Faith

by Dennis Ricotta

Leaving a loving wife and children to go to war is a difficult decision. Fighting for the better good, however, will drive that decision.

Crippled by a bullet, Mason Caldwell returns home. Family will be only...

A Consuming Fire

by Joseph M. Callewaert

It is the gripping story of Michael Bertram who dies while climbing Mont Blanc (15,770ft), in France. He is cremated and somehow comes back among the living. This creates terror not only for his widow, Christa,...

Once There Was a Cowboy

by Peter Kraker

Gaunt and hollow-eyed, Jack had passed the limits of his endurance. There, lost in a fierce storm on a mountain far from home, for the second time since Utah had died, he prayed. His prayer was one of desperation-...

Love Spilled Out

by Ginny Lee Hamm

Its the spring of 1850, and Ada Wilcox wants nothing more than to grieve in private for her son who recently died of fever and ague in their Missouri farmhouse. But a law passed by Congressmaking fertile land...

The Diary of Anna Gorgon

by Ltc David Ryder Us Army Retired

This thrilling tale of travel on the western plains reveals that the universal truths of life were as non-optional then as they are now. This expanded diary of Anna Gorgon illustrates the power of covenants...

Just Takes Time

by C.A. Conklin

We all have secrets. That is probably a basic part of being human. For most of us, those secrets are not a big deal; they do not affect other peoples lives. They do not keep you from being you. But what if they...

A Wink in Time

by Brenda Nowlin-Hubbard

Darling, a very special stuffed monkey, isnt really sure if he is a toy or not but knows that he is the best friend of the winking young girl who never forgets. Only time will tell if their friendship will last...