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Media And Voters In Canadian Election Campaigns

by Frederick J. Fletcher

Taken together, the five studies provide a useful overview of the effectiveness of various forms of campaign communication in informing voters. Much of the material presented here is not readily available elsewhere....

Talk Like TED

by Carmine Gallo

TED talks have redefined the elements of a successful presentation and become the gold standard for public speaking around the world. TED and associated Tedx conferences are held in more than 130 countries and...

Self Publishing - Create, Promote and Sell your book on 102 websites !!!

by Roberto Travagliante

You've just created a book (or an e-book) and now you want to make it known to the whole world? Do you want to promote your own work, becoming bestselling author? Do you want to publish your book without surrendering...

Engaging Students with Archival and Digital Resources

by Justine Cotton & David Sharron

Aimed at professional librarians and archivists, this book explores connecting students and faculty with the archival and digital collections of the university's library and archives. Academic research has been...

Advice to the Writer: The Writer's Guide to Plot, Revision, and Autobiography: A Digital Pamphlet: Excerpted from The Modern Library's Writer's Worksh

by Stephen Koch

From Stephen Koch, former chair of Columbia University’s graduate creative writing program, comes essential and practical advice drawn from The Modern Library Writer’s Workshop.


With nearly thirty years...

Accessing Noun-Phrase Antecedents (RLE Linguistics B: Grammar)

by Mira Ariel

Accessing Noun-Phrase Antecedents offers a radical shift in the analysis of discourse anaphora, from a purely pragmatic account to a cognitive account, in terms of processing procedures. Mira Ariel defines referring...

Basic Word Order (RLE Linguistics B: Grammar): Functional Principles

by Russell S Tomlin

This book examines the frequencies of the six possible basic word (or constituent) orders (SOV, SVO, VSO, VOS, OSV, OVS) provides a typologically grounded explanation for those frequencies in terms of three...

Categorial Grammars (RLE Linguistics B: Grammar)

by Mary McGee Wood

In the last few years categorial grammars have been the focus of dramatically expanded interest and activity, both theoretical and computational. This book, the first introduction to categorical grammars, is...

Categorial Morphology (RLE Linguistics B: Grammar)

by Jack Hoeksema

This book presents an account of certain problems of morphological analysis that occurs within a theoretical framework that derives its inspiration from recent studies of the lexicon in generative grammar. The...

The Formal Grammar of Switch-Reference (RLE Linguistics B: Grammar)

by Daniel L Finer

This book studies the syntax of switch-reference and its implications for the theory of grammar. Switch-reference, found in many genetically and geographically diverse languages, is a phenomenon whereby referential...

The Foundations of Linguistic Theory (RLE Linguistics B: Grammar): Selected Writings of Roy Harris

by Nigel Love

For Roy Harris, the fundamental problem about linguistics is that it has been led astray by the fact that we are capable intellectually of 'decontextualising' our own verbal behaviour. A whole interlocking system...

Generative Grammar and Linguistic Competence (RLE Linguistics B: Grammar)

by P.H. Matthews

According to Chomsky, to learn a language is to develop a grammar for it - a generative grammar which assigns a definite structure and a definite meaning to each of a definite set of sentences. This forms the...

The Pragmatics of Style (RLE Linguistics B: Grammar)

by Leo Hickey

In the general area of style study or stylistics there is no shortage of ideas, definitions or published works. It is hoped, in the present volume, to contribute to the prosperity of the discipline mainly by...

Semantic Structures (RLE Linguistics B: Grammar): Advances in Natural Language Processing

by David L. Waltz

Natural language understanding is central to the goals of artificial intelligence. Any truly intelligent machine must be capable of carrying on a conversation: dialogue, particularly clarification dialogue,...

The Prefunctional Stage of First Language Acquistion (RLE Linguistics C: Applied Linguistics): A Crosslinguistic Study

by Ianthi-Maria Tsimpli

This book provides a theory of first language acquisition in the syntactic framework of the theory of Universal Grammar. It addresses issues related to the earliest stage of development which ends roughly around...

Meanings and Prototypes (RLE Linguistics B: Grammar): Studies in Linguistic Categorization

by S.L. Tsohatzidis

There are fewer distinctions in any language than there are distinct things in the universe. If, therefore, languages are ways of representing the universe, a primary function of their elements must be to allow...

Kafka's Cognitive Realism

by Emily Troscianko

This book uses insights from the cognitive sciences to illuminate Kafka's poetics, exemplifying a paradigm for literary studies in which cognitive-scientific insights are brought to bear directly on literary...

A Modern English Grammar on Historical Principles: Volume 5, Syntax (fourth volume)

by Otto Jespersen

This book was first published in 1954, A Modern English Grammar on Historical Principles is a valuable contribution to the field of English Language and Linguistics.

Encyclopedia of Television

by Horace Newcomb

The Encyclopedia of Television, second edtion is the first major reference work to provide description, history, analysis, and information on more than 1100 subjects related to television in its international...

Dimensions of Literacy: A Conceptual Base for Teaching Reading and Writing in School Settings

by Stephen B. Kucer

This popular text, now in its fourth edition, "unpacks" the various dimensions of literacy-linguistic and other sign systems; cognitive; sociocultural; and developmental-and at the same time accounts for the...