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Creative Commons: a user guide

by Simone Aliprandi & Carlo Piana

Here is an operational manual which guides creators step by step in the world of Creative Commons licenses, the most famous and popular licenses for free distribution of intellectual products. Without neglecting...

Lytton’S Handbook on Texas Property Law

by Lee Lytton

Knowing all the ins and outs of property law from state to state can be a difficult and time-consuming task. When issues arise related to ownership and tenancy of property, it is important for lawyers, real...

The Oxford Handbook of Intellectual Property Law

by Rochelle C. Dreyfuss & Justine Pila

We live in an age in which expressive, informational, and technological subject matter are becoming increasingly important. Intellectual property is the primary means by which the law seeks to regulate such...

The Trademark Law Dictionary

by Rachel Gader-Shafran Ma Jd Llm

The Trademark Law Dictionary will be helpful for anyone who researches trademark law. With it, one can easily locate terms and quickly understand conceptsall in one volume. I am impressed with the enormous scope...

Exclusive Rights

by Eugene Hertzberg

Bill Gates said, Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana. No one can deny the fact that intellectual property and its creation, protection, and management, has become a major area of concern for...

Guiding Rights

by Mark V.B. Partridge

The Internet Age has dramatically increased the importance of intellectual property rights. Disputes over domain names, shared music files, spam and cybersquatting are only a few examples of the matters now...

Changing the World One Invention at a Time

by Richard Edward Rowe

Changing the World One Invention at a Time is intended to motivate everyone to act on the ideas they have. Learn how to develop new ideas and evolve existing ideas while incorporating an easy-to-use framework...

Protect Your Writings

by Maria Crimi Speth

Whether you are a seasoned author or a new author writing your first book, Protect Your Writings will help you avoid common, costly legal mistakes. In this practical guide, author and licensed attorney Maria...

The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent

by Richard W. Goldstein

Before you do invest in a patent, it pays to invest a little time, learn about the process, and how the patent system works. Reading this book will help you understand: 1) how to work the patent system to your...

The Little Book of Fashion Law

by Ursula Furi-Perry

Much has changed in the fashion industry since the end of World War II to require more highly developed legal skills and, happily, a much greater allocation to legal expense. The industry is entirely global...

Patents Demystified

by Dylan O. Adams

For tinkers, entrepreneurs, investors and any business with products or processes that can be patented, Patents Demystified provides an easy-to-understand insider guide to patents, patent law, and the patent...

The Tech Contracts Handbook

by David W. Tollen

This handbook is a user-friendly reference manual and training guide on software licenses and other IT agreements, along with cloud computing issues. This handbook is for both lawyers and businesspeople, including...

Protecting Trade Secrets

by Chris Scott Graham

This important resource he explores the questions of trade secret identification, protection, and economic value from the standpoint of what executives, the board of directors, and the general counsel must consider...

IP Attorney's Handbook for Insurance Coverage in Intellectual Property Disputes

by David A. Gauntlett

This revised handbook for IP practitioners provides an easy-to-use reference for addressing clients' questions regarding insurance coverage. Lawyers will find information on the policy language carriers have...

The Practitioner's Guide to Trials Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board

by Erika Harmon Arner & Joseph E. Palys

Organized for ease of use, the book's practice-focused information includes:

•A quick reference for PTAB statutes and rules

•Building patent trials into your litigation strategy

•A detailed description of...

Copyright and the Public Domain

by Stephen Fishman

The public domain—the body of creative works not entitled to copyright protection—is the world's greatest intellectual resource. Unfortunately, it can be extraordinarily hard to determine whether a work...

Corporate Privileges and Confidential Information

by Jerome G. Snider

“The single best source for attorneys to consult concerning issues dealing with the attorneyclient privilege. It's a must have for any lawyer.” — Michael Ross (practitioner and law school professor)Corporate...

Intellectual Property and Computer Crimes

by Peter J. Toren

“A musthave desk reference.... A practical allinone legal resource on intellectual property and computer crimes....” — The Vermont Bar Journal Written by a former federal prosecutor with the Computer Crime...

Licensing of Intellectual Property

by Jay Dratler

Licensing of Intellectual Property is the definitive treatise in the field. It provides indepth coverage of not only standard contract provisions, but also the intellectual property, antitrust, misuse, and commonlaw...

Navigating the Patent System

by James Yang

You’ve invented something...Now What?

Navigating the Patent System was written by a patent attorney with the inventor in mind.

Based on 13 years of work experience, 20,000 hours worked, 1000s of conversations...