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The English Legal System

by Gary Slapper & David Kelly

Slapper and Kelly's The English Legal System explains and critically assesses how our law is made and applied. Annually updated, this authoritative textbook clearly describes the legal rules of England and Wales...

Islam and Warfare: Context and Compatibility with International Law

by Onder Bakircioglu

The question of how Islamic law regulates the notions of just recourse to and just conduct in war has long been the topic of heated controversy, and is often subject to oversimplification in scholarship and...

Polity and Crisis: Reflections on the European Odyssey

by Massimo Fichera, Sakari Hänninen & Kaarlo Tuori

This book addresses the present EU foundational dilemma by looking at the problematic relationship between the ideal model of integration and the reality of the 21st century. It discusses the current role of...

The Irish Yearbook of International Law, Volumes 4-5, 2009-10

by Fiona de Londras & Siobh¿n Mullally

The Yearbook stimulates further research into Ireland's practice in international affairs and foreign policy, filling a gap in existing legal scholarship and assisting in the dissemination of Irish thinking...

The Politics of International Criminal Justice: German Perspectives from Nuremberg to The Hague

by Ronen Steinke

To anyone setting out to explore the entanglement of international criminal justice with the interests of States, Germany is a particularly curious, exemplary case. This book draws on government documents and...

The Militarisation of Peacekeeping in the Twenty-First Century

by James Sloan

UN peacekeeping operations, long expected to use force only in self-defence and to act impartially, are now being relied upon as a means to maintain and restore security.

Through a close examination of 21st...

Five Masters of International Law: Conversations with R-J Dupuy, E Jim¿nez de Ar¿chaga, R Jennings, L Henkin and O Schachter

by Antonio Cassese

This book of interviews offers a unique and important insight into the legal minds and outlook of five distinguished international lawyers.

Interlocking Constitutions: Towards an Interordinal Theory of National, European and UN Law

by Luis I Gordillo

The existence of interactions between different but overlapping legal systems has always presented challenges to black letter law. In this book P�rez analyses the inter-ordinal instabilities which arise at...

EU Law for UK Lawyers

by Aidan O'Neill

Written in an authoritative yet accessible style the book provides an ideal guide and reference for anyone facing a problem with an EU law component.

British Overseas Territories Law

by Ian Hendry & Susan Dickson

A comprehensive, up-to-date examination of the constitutional and international status of 14 British territories and their modern governance.

Hybrid and Internationalised Criminal Tribunals: Selected Jurisdictional Issues

by Sarah Williams

This book offers a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of Hybrid and Internationalised Criminal Tribunals.

The Concept of Unity in Public International Law

by Mario Prost

Unity is presented as the theoretical opposite of fragmentation in international law scholarship, but its meaning remains vague and intuitive. This book attempts to dispel that vagueness by exploring the various...

The Practice of International and National Courts and the (De-)Fragmentation of International Law

by Ole Kristian Fauchald & Andr¿ Nollkaemper

This book aims to enhance our understanding of how international and national courts can, and do, contribute to or mitigate problems associated with fragmentation. It contains case studies from international...

The Right to Development and International Economic Law: Legal and Moral Dimensions

by Isabella D Bunn

This book explores the debate about the usefulness of the 1986 UN declaration stating that the right to development is an inalienable human right.

Europe and Extraterritorial Asylum

by Maarten den Heijer

Increasingly, European and other Western states have sought to control the movement of refugees outside their borders. This book focuses on the legal implications of external mechanisms of migration control...


by Ben Saul

This useful reference book brings together vital documents from wide variety of sources which focus on curbing terrorism.

Multilevel Regulation of Military and Security Contractors: The Interplay between International, European and Domestic Norms

by Christine Bakker & Mirko Sossai

The outsourcing of military and security services is the object of intense legal debate. This book analyses and discusses the interplay between international, European, and domestic regulatory measures in the...

Federalism in the European Union

by Elke Cloots, Geert De Baere & Stefan Sottiaux

Federalism appears in two main forms in the EU. On the one hand, numerous formerly unitary Member States have embarked on a path towards a (quasi-)federal governance structure. On the other hand, the EU itself...

The Defendant in International Criminal Proceedings: Between Law and Historiography

by Bj¿rn Elberling

It is often said that criminal procedure should ensure that the defendant is a subject, not just an object, of proceedings. This book asks to what extent this can be said to be true of international criminal...

Constitutionalising the EU Judicial System: Essays in Honour of Pernilla Lindh

by Pascal Cardonnel, Allan Rosas & Nils Wahl

These essays, written in honour of retired ECJ judge Pernille Lindh, reflect on the development of courts and judging in the EU since the founding of the Union in the 1960s, In particular they focus on recent...