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Conversations in Tehran

by Jean-Daniel Lafond & Fred A. Reed

This book documents the fall of Mohammad Khatami’s reform movement through candid conversations with Iranian artists, journalists, and political activists.

Santa Claus in Baghdad and Other Stories about Teens in the Arab World

by Elsa Marston

What is it like to be a young person in the Arab world today? This lively collection of eight short stories about Arab teenagers living in Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and a Palestinian...

Israel: An Echo of Eternity

by Abraham Joshua Heschel

Israel: An Echo of Eternity is Dr. Heschel's book about the past, present, and future home of the Jews. According to Dr. Heschel the presence of Israel has tremendous historical and religious significance for...

Torn Body, One Soul

by Jamal Assadi

In Torn Body, One Soul, four Palestinian writerssons and daughters of a Palestinian people torn aparttell their own tales of their predicament, estrangement, and marginalization, their expectations and visions...

Book of the Edge

by Ece Temelkuran & Deniz Perin

The first US poetry translation of an award-winning younger Turkish poet and controversial investigative journalist.

The Hindi Public Sphere 1920–1940

by Francesca Orsini

This book analyses how a language became the instrument with which the contours of a new nation were traced. Mapping the success of formalized Hindi in creating a regional public sphere in north India in the...

The Stone Building and Other Places

by Aslı Erdoğan & Sevinç Türkkan

Vivid stories from one of Turkey's most admired contemporary female authors, whose political ties have landed her in Turkish prison.

Lighthouse for the Drowning

by Jawdat Fakhreddine, Jayson Iwen & Huda Fakhreddine

Presented bilingually in English and Arabic, this first US publication of Fakhreddine establishes new poetic vision in modern Arabic tradition.

Native: Dispatches from an Israeli-Palestinian Life

by Sayed Kashua

Sayed Kashua has been praised by the New York Times as “a master of subtle nuance in dealing with both Arab and Jewish society.” An Arab-Israeli who lived in Jerusalem for most of his life, Kashua started...

Risible Rhymes

by Muhammad ibn Mahfuz al-Sanhuri & Humphrey Davies

Written in mid-17th century Egypt, Risible Rhymes is in part a short, comic disquisition on “rural” verse, mocking the pretensions and absurdities of uneducated poets from Egypt’s countryside. The interest...

Moments of Silence

by Arta Khakpour, Shouleh Vatanabadi & Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami

The Iran-Iraq War was the longest conventional war of the 20th century. The memory of it may have faded in the wake of more recent wars in the region, but the harrowing facts remain: over one million soldiers...

Light in the Heavens

by Tahera Qutbuddin & al-Qadi al-Qudai

The words of Muhammad (d. 11 H/632 AD), God's messenger and prophet of Islam, have a special place in the hearts of his followers. Wielding an authority second only to the Qur'an, Muhammad’s hadith are cited...

The Expeditions

by Mamar Ibn Rashid, Sean W. Anthony & M.A.S. Abdel Haleem

The Expeditions is one of the oldest biographies of the Prophet Muhammad to survive into the modern era. Its primary author, Ma'mar ibn Rashid (714-770 AD/96-153 AH), was a prominent scholar from Basra in southern...

The Epistle on Legal Theory

by Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafii, Joseph E. Lowry & Kecia Ali

The Epistle on Legal Theory is the oldest surviving Arabic work on Islamic legal theory and the foundational document of Islamic jurisprudence. Its author, Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafi?i (d. 204 H/820 AD),...

What 'Isa ibn Hisham Told Us

by Muhammad al-Muwaylihi & Roger Allen

With What ?Isa ibn Hisham Told Us, the Library of Arabic Literature brings readers an acknowledged masterpiece of early 20th-century Arabic prose. Penned by the Egyptian journalist Muhammad al-Muwaylihi, this...

Two Arabic Travel Books

by Abu Zayd al-Sirafi, Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, James Montgomery & Tim Mackintosh-Smith

Two Arabic Travel Books combines two exceptional exemplars of Arabic travel writing, penned in the same era but chronicling wildly divergent experiences. Accounts of China and India is a compilation of reports...

The Principles of Sufism

by Aishah al-Bauniyyah & Th. Emil Homerin

?A?ishah al-Ba?uniyyah (d. 923 H/1517 AD) of Damascus was one of the great women scholars in Islamic history. A mystic and prolific poet and writer, ?A?ishah composed more works in Arabic than any other woman...

The Epistle on Legal Theory

by Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafii & Joseph E. Lowry

The Epistle on Legal Theory is the oldest surviving Arabic work on Islamic legal theory and the foundational document of Islamic jurisprudence. Its author, Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafi'i (d. 204H/820AD), was...

Scheherazade's Children

by Philip F. Kennedy & Marina Warner

Scheherazade’s Children gathers together leading scholars to explore the reverberations of the tales of the Arabian Nights across a startlingly wide and transnational range of cultural endeavors. The contributors,...

Kingdom of Olives and Ash

by Michael Chabon & Ayelet Waldman

A groundbreaking collection of essays by celebrated international writers bears witness to the human cost of fifty years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

In Kingdom of Olives and Ash, Michael...