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The Post-Colonial Critic: Interviews, Strategies, Dialogues

by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak & Sarah Harasym

Gayatri Spivak, one of our best known cultural and literary theorists, addresses a vast range of political questions with both pen and voice in this unique book. The Post-Colonial Critic brings together a selection...

Psychoanalysis and Gender: An Introductory Reader

by Rosalind Minsky

What is object-relations theory and what does it have to do with literary studies? How can Freud's phallocentric theories be applied by feminist critics? In Psychoanalysis and Gender: An Introductory Reader...

Desiring Dragons: Creativity, imagination and the Writer's Quest

by Kevan Manwaring

Why is the Fantasy genre more popular than ever? Can it offer us something beyond mere make-believe? Imagination: a gateway...?

Mircea Eliade: Myth, Religion, and History

by Nicolae Babuts

Mircea Eliade was one of the twentieth century’s foremost scholars of religion and cultural environments. This book examines the emergence, function, and value of religion and myth in Eliade’s work....

Looking at Medea: Essays and a translation of Euripides¿ tragedy

by David Stuttard

Euripides' Medea is one of the most often read, studied and performed of all Greek tragedies. A searingly cruel story of a woman's brutal revenge on a husband who has rejected her for a younger and richer bride,...

CliffsNotes on Collins¿ Mockingjay

by Janelle Blasdel

This EBOOK Lit Note from the experts at CliffsNotes on Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay, the last book in The Hunger Games trilogy, includes plot summaries and commentaries, and character analyses on this best-selling...

Exotic Encounters: Selected Reviews

by Brian Stableford

Thirty-four review essays of science fiction, fantasy, and horror authors and musical groups, including works by the following: Poul Anderson, Kim Antieau, Jackie Askew, Ataraxia, Stephen Baxter, Gregory Benford,...

The Shelf: From LEQ to LES: Adventures in Extreme Reading

by Phyllis Rose

Phyllis Rose embarks on a grand literary experiment—to read her way through a random shelf of library books, LEQ–LES

Can you have an Extreme Adventure in a library? Phyllis Rose casts herself into the wilds...

Rikki Fulton''s the Reverend I.M: How I Found God and Why He Was Hiding from Me: How I Found God and Why He Was Hiding from Me

by Tony Roper & Rikki Fulton

The Reverend I. M. Jolly always has a few wee problems, but life goes from bad to worse when he finds out he may soon be out of a job, thinks his beloved wife Ephesia is having an affair and that his parishioners...

bpNichol: What History Teaches

by Stephen Scobie

In this New Canadian Criticism Series book, Scobie argues strongly for Nichol’s poetics and importance as a writer of fiction.

Unearthing the Changes: Recently Discovered Manuscripts of the  Yi Jing ( I Ching) and Related Texts

by Edward L. Shaughnessy

In recent years, three ancient manuscripts relating to the Yi jing (I Ching), or Classic of Changes, have been discovered. The earliest—the Shanghai Museum Zhou Yi—dates to about 300 B.C.E. and shows evidence...

Shakespeare And Music

by David Lindley

This unique and comprehensive study examines how music affects Shakespeare's plays and addresses the ways in which contemporary audiences responded to it. David Lindley sets the musical scene of Early Modern...

The Poems of Browning: 1846 - 1861

by John Woolford & Daniel Karlin

The Poems of Browning is a multi-volume edition of the poetry of Robert Browning (1812 -1889) resulting from a completely fresh appraisal of the canon, text and context of his work. The poems are presented...

The Poems of John Dryden, Volume 5: 1697-1700

by Paul Hammond & David Hopkins

This volume completes the five-volume Longman Annotated Poets Edition of the poems of John Dryden, the major poet of Restoration England.  It provides a modernized text along with full explanatory annotation. ...

Imagining Heaven in the Middle Ages: A Book of Essays

by Jan S. Emerson

First Published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Little Women and the Feminist Imagination: Criticism, Controversy, Personal Essays

by Janice M. Alberghene & Beverly Lyon Clark

First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

A Critical Edition of John Beadle's A Journall or Diary of a Thankfull Christian

by Germaine Fry Murray

First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Death Men and Modernism: Trauma and Narrative in British Fiction from Hardy to Woolf: Trauma and Narrative in British Fiction from Hardy to Woolf

by Ariela Freedman

Death, Men and Modernism argues that the figure of the dead man becomes a locus of attention and a symptom of crisis in British writing of the early to mid-twentieth century. While Victorian writers used dying...

Visual Journeys Through Wordless Narratives: An International Inquiry With Immigrant Children and The Arrival

by Evelyn Arizpe, Teresa Colomer & Carmen Mart¿nez-Rold¿n

Immigration is an ongoing, global phenomenon and schools and teachers in host countries must continually find new ways of working with the increasing numbers of immigrant pupils, including refugees and asylum...

What's So Funny?: Sketches from My Life

by Lotte Goslar

First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.