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War + Ink: New Perspectives on Ernest Hemingway S Early Life and Writings

by Steven Paul, Gail Sinclair & Steve Trout

Casts fresh light on the formative years of one of the twentieth century's most important literary figuresErnest Hemingway's early adulthood (1917-1929) was marked by his work as a journalist, wartime service,...

Spanish Women Travelers at Home and Abroad, 1850-1920: From Tierra del Fuego to the Land of the Midnight Sun

by Jennifer Jenkins Wood

Spanish Women Travelers acquaints English-speaking readers with the travel writings of eleven extraordinary women, Emilia Pardo Bazán, Carmen de Burgos, Rosario de Acuña, Carolina Coronado, Emilia Serrano,...

Comics as History, Comics as Literature: Roles of the Comic Book in Scholarship, Society, and Entertainment

by Annessa Ann Babic

This discursive volume covers a breadth of material from Ancient Rome to 9/11and its scope of historical insight and use of theory makes this a critical read for anyone studying popular culture. Its creative...

Freedom and Dialogue in a Polarized World

by Sharon Schuman

This book invites us to question our infatuation with freedom as autonomy and enlightenment and introduces a new concept: dialogic freedom. It presents riveting moments of decision in literature from Homer’s...

From Starship Captains to Galactic Rebels: Leaders in Science Fiction Television

by Kimberly Yost

Drawing upon her background in Organizational Leadership, the author looks at the various representations of leadership in science fiction programs of the last 50 years. She examines how the various leaders...

The Twilight Saga: Exploring the Global Phenomenon

by Claudia Bucciferro

When Stephenie Meyer’s first novel, Twilight, was published in 2005, it received an astounding reception, selling millions of copies. The three sequels that followed—New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn—became...

The Fantasy of Globalism: The Latin American Neo-Baroque

by John V. Waldron

My book draws on studies shows how the neo-baroque can be understood as a strategy that allows artists in Latin America and the Caribbean to rearticulate the imperial, colonialist gaze of globalization.

The Pattern in the Web: The Mythical Poetry of Charles Williams

by Roma A. King Jr.

Charles Williams has achieved considerable reputation for his novels. He has been recognized as a brilliant theologian and a sensitive literary critic. But Williams himself wished most to be remembered as a...

Reverie and Reality: Poetry on Travel by Late Imperial Chinese Women

by Yanning Wang

Reverie and Reality investigates late imperial Chinese gentry women’s poems on travel ranging from the seventeenth century to the early twentieth century.These poems written by groups of women after they “stepped...

Science Fiction: A Guide for the Perplexed

by Sherryl Vint

From its beginnings in the works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne to the virtual worlds of William Gibson's Neuromancer and The Matrix, Science Fiction: A Guide to the Perplexed helps students navigate the often...

Mystical Philosophy: Transcendence and Immanence in the Works of Virginia Woolf and Iris Murdoch

by Donna J. Lazenby

A Mystical Philosophy contributes to the contemporary resurgence of interest in Spirituality, but from a new direction. Revealing, in an original and provocative study, the mystical contents of the works of...

The Duchess of Malfi: Fifth Edition

by John Webster & Brian Gibbons

A major revision of this classic revenge tragedy. The comprehensive introduction covers recent developments in criticism and key theatre productions, as well as relating the play to other early modern tragedies....

Backwards to Forwards: A Memoir

by Kevin Ireland

A lyrically written memoir showing the growth of a writer and his unique perceptions of the 1950s, 60s and beyond.Echoing the erratic shape of remembrance, Kevin Ireland's second volume of memoirs is 'derived...

The Great Ethics of Aristotle

by Peter L. P. Simpson

In The Great Ethics of Aristotle, Peter L. P. Simpson centers his attention on the basics of Aristotelian moral doctrine as found in the Great Ethics. Aristotle’s Great Ethics is generally neglected by...

Turning the Wheel: Essays on Buddhism and Writing

by Charles Johnson

"Were it not for the Buddhadharma, says Charles Johnson in his preface to Turning the Wheel, "I'm convinced that, as a black American and an artist, I would not have been able to successfully negotiate my last...

The Romance of Private Life: by Sarah Harriet Burney

by Lorna Clark

Contains two tales - "The Renunciation", which presents a colourful picture of life abroad, when an English girl travels to Italy in search of kin and supports herself as an artist, offering an early feminist...

The Rash Resolve and Life's Progress: by Eliza Haywood

by Carol Stewart

Eliza Haywood was one of the most popular and versatile writers of the eighteenth century. The two novellas in this edition - The Rash Resolve (1724) and Life's Progress (1748) - show her developing and adapting...

The Victim of Fancy: by Elizabeth Sophia Tomlins

by Daniel Cook

The Victim of Fancy was first published in December 1787 and, despite favourable reviews, has not been published since. Cook's new scholarly edition of this forgotten novel will be of paramount importance in...

Credibility in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Military News

by David Randall

Elizabethan and early Stuart England saw the prevailing medium for transmitting military news shift from public ritual, through private letters, to public newspapers. This study is based on an examination of...

High Strung: A Novel

by Quinn Dalton

Years after running away from America and the mysteries surrounding her mother's death, Merle Winslow winds up editing trash novels at X Publishing in West London and shacked up with a drug-addled diplomat's...