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Exercise and Chronic Disease: An Evidence-Based Approach

by John Saxton

It is now widely accepted that there are important links between inactivity and lifestyle-related chronic diseases, and that exercise can bring tangible therapeutic benefits to people with long-term chronic...

Multimodal Cardiovascular Imaging: Principles and Clinical Applications: Principles and Clinical Applications

by Olle Pahlm & Galen Wagner

A complete guide to using multimodal imaging in cardiac practice


"In addition to compiling the various imaging modalities used for clinical diagnosis in cardiovascular disease, the book...

The Vein Book

by John J. Bergan

The Vein Book is a comprehensive reference on veins and venous circulation. In one volume it provides complete, authoritative, and up-to-date information about venous function and dysfunction, bridging the gap...

Cardiology Clinical Questions

by John Higgins & Asif Ali

A complete point-of-care Q&A guide to clinical cardiology

Cardiac Clinical Questions answers more than one-hundred of the clinical cardiology questions most frequently asked of the authors during consultation....

Risk Factors for Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke

Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization

by Andro G. Kacharava, Stephen D. Clements & A. Maziar Zafari

A practical guide addressing key aspects of heart catheterization, selective coronary angiography, and the utilization of other invasive cardiology procedures for diagnostic purposes.

Handbook of Lipids in Human Function: Fatty Acids

by Ronald Ross Watson & Fabien De Meester

Handbook of Lipids in Human Function: Fatty Acids presents current research relating to health issues whose impact may be modified by adopting personalized diets and lifestyle interventions of the consumption...

Cardiac Dilemma: Navigating Your Heart Disease for Positive Results

by M.D. Marc L. Platt

Your medical care is under attack!  Obamacare, Medicare and the whole insurance infrastructure is placing your  health and well-being in grave jeopardy.  When it comes to cardiology care, the patient is completely...

Translational Research in Coronary Artery Disease: Pathophysiology to Treatment

by Wilbert S. Aronow & John Arthur McClung

Translational Research in Coronary Artery Disease: Pathophysiology to Treatment covers the entire spectrum of basic science, genetics, drug treatment, and interventions for coronary artery disease. With an emphasis...

Topics in Arrhythmias and Ischemic Heart Disease

by Craig T., Dr., MD, PhD Basson & Bruce B., Dr., MD Lerman

In order to provide the latest and most sophisticated treatment the cardiology clinician must have current knowledge of a vast amount of translational research in the pathophysiology of these disorders as well...

McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review Cardiology

by Ragavendra R. Baliga

An all-in-one review for the cardiology boards - complete with a CD-ROM with 600+ board-style questions

McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review: Cardiology is the ideal cardiology primer - whether you're studying...

The Heart Healers

by James Forrester, M.D.

At one time, heart disease was a death sentence. In The Heart Healers, world renowned cardiac surgeon Dr. James Forrester tells the story of the mavericks and rebels who defied the accumulated medical wisdom...

Perinatal Cardiology: A Multidisciplinary Approach: A Multidisciplinary Approach

by P. Syamasundar Rao & Dharmapuri Vidyasagar

Perinatal Cardiology Provides an overview of advances in perinatology, neonatology, cardiology, and cardiac surgery in making early diagnosis and offering treatment options for patients with CHD. Includes evidence-based...

Transseptal Catheterization and Interventions

by Ranjan Thakur & Andrea Natale

The comprehensive resource on transseptal catheterization. Experts address anatomy, indications, transseptal puncture, visualization technologies,and interventional devices,

The 4 Stages of Heart Failure

by Brian Jaski

Strategies for the evaluation and treatment of the 4 stages of heart failure. Highly visual with over 200 color figures and tables, this book discusses specific recommendations backed by clinical trial data,...

Anatomy for Cardiac Electrophysiologists: A Practical Handbook

by S. Yen Ho & Sabine Ernst

Integrates cardiac anatomy and imaging techniques to an understanding of both normal cardiac anatomy and the structures associated with complex heart disease.

Color Atlas and Synopsis of Adult Congenital Heart Disease

by Curt Daniels

Interpret, diagnose, and treat with this case-based atlas of congenital heart disease

Color Atlas and Synopsis of Adult Congenital Heart Disease does more than help you interpret imaging studies of congenital...

The Heart Revolution

by Kilmer Mccully & Martha Mccully

A safe, effective, and revolutionary program for lowering homocysteine levels and cutting your risk of heart disease

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Kilmer S. McCully explains what is really behind the epidemic...

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in the Patient on Oral Anticoagulation

by Eric Eeckhout, Gregory Lip & Andrea Rubboli

The management of patients committed to long-term oral anticoagulation, such as those with atrial fibrillation at moderate to high risk of stroke, mechanical heart valves, and previous arterial/venous thromboembolism,...

Essential Revision Notes for Cardiology KBA

by Ali Khavandi

As the first revision text aimed specifically at the Knowledge-Based Assessment, Essential Revision Notes for Cardiology KBA is the cornerstone of your revision for this new and compulsory examination. Each...