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Helping people to give up smoking can be easy

by Fabio Lugoboni

Why is it so difficult to quit smoking? Often the main obstacle is the fear of failing. The situation is no different for health professionals, especially doctors. They too often stop because of their fear of...


by Dr. Josh Luke

A Former Hospital CEO tells all on Whats Wrong with American Healthcare What every American needs to know is a tell-all book revealing health-care industry secrets to explain concepts and advise how to survive...

The Stem Cell Revolution

by Elliot Lander Md & Mark Berman Md

The book describes the journey into the growing arena of clinical stem cell therapy by highlighting not only the road that brought a team of physicians together but also real stories from a number of their patients...

Unusual Signs and Symptoms in Internal Medicine

by Vittorio Gallo

Despite the introduction of innovative technologies and accurate laboratory techniques, an adequate anamnesis still remains the most important tool to develop a correct diagnosis. When signs and symptoms described...

How to improve compliance in… deep venous thrombosis

by Luca Masotti

Prophylaxis with mechanical and/or pharmacologic therapies is essential to avoid DVT. Only an adequate adherence to prescribed therapies can avoid risks, and failure to tackle adherence issues early may cost...

Doctor, What If It Were Your Mother?

by Victor G. Vogel Md

Dr. Victor Vogel is an oncologist who has been caring for women with breast cancer and doing clinical research in breast oncology for thirty years. He has sustained life-threatening and disabling illnesses....

Kochar's Clinical Medicine for Students

by Mahendr S. Kochar, Md, Rajesh Gulati, Roger C. Garrison & Lawrence K. Loo et al.

The latest edition of Kochars Clinical Medicine for Students includes all new editors and authors who provide critical information medical students need to succeed.

The textbook includes four sections:

Key Manifestations...

Rare Clinical Vignettes

by Onyechela Ogbonna Md

Rare Clinical Vignettesis a collection of Clinical Cases. The Book is based on True Life clinical Experiences, Rare Medical conditions and Diagnostic Dilemma, Including Ormonds Disease as a rare cause of renal...

Fu Qing-Zhu's Formula Book on Men's Diseases

by Zhao Hongzhan

Fu Qing Zhus Formula Book on Mens Diseases is the first monograph on mens diseases in the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Originally a handwritten copy, this book was firstly printed in 1827, the Qing...

Best Clinical Guide for Your Family and Your Doctor

by Dr. Onyechela Ogbonna

This is a quick guide to help for medical and non-medical personnel at the point of need in hospitals, clinics, and home settings. It has clinical case scenarios, questions, and answers. It includes a plan of...

Bonehead Electrocardiography

by John R. Hicks & Floyd W. Burke

Interpreting EKGs is potentially serious business. It takes time and energy to become a proficient EKG reader. In Bonehead Electrocardiography, Dr. John R. Hicks and Dr. Floyd W. Burke offer a commonsense approach...

Inside Poop

by Scott W. Webb

This book kept me reading all night. I couldnt put it down! -- Brad DeMeulenaere

I had my first colonic at age 26. I am now 56 and have seen a total of five colon hygienists, four within the past six years. Ive...

Critical Care Bedside Reference

by Wendy Swope

Need to know how to correct hyponatremia, what about setting initial vent parameters? Are you familiar with RSI and ICP's. Critical Care Bedside Reference is loaded with this information and more including electrolyte...

Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation

by Drew Provan

With major advances in technology there are thousands of clinical and laboratory tests available, forming a key part of the diagnostic process in the highly complex field of modern medicine. This handbook provides...

Myositis (ORL)

by Hector Chinoy & Robert G. Cooper

The idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIM) are a rare group of autoimmune diseases, negatively affecting the lives of an estimated 250,000 people worldwide. Delays in diagnosis often occur owing to a lack...

Oxford Textbook of Medical Mycology

by Christopher C. Kibbler, Richard Barton, Neil Gow & Susan Howell et al.

The Oxford Textbook of Medical Mycology is a comprehensive reference text which brings together the science and medicine of human fungal disease. Written by a leading group of international authors to bring...

Pocket Atlas of Echocardiography

by Thomas Böhmeke & Ralf Doliva

In diagnostic cardiology, the effectiveness and reliability of state-of-the-art echocardiography is unsurpassed but,-as with all ultrasound examinations-the results are highly operator dependent. The second...

Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis: Everything You Need To Know - The Complete Practical Guide

by Fred Saibil

Dr. Saibil's [book] should be required reading for those individuals and families who live with the realities of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. It is a treasure trove for those who are new to the illnesses,...

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy

by Philip Wiffen, Marc Mitchell, Melanie Snelling & Nicola Stoner

Complementing the guidelines in the British National Formulary, the third edition of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy remains the indispensable guide to clinical pharmacy, providing all the information...

ECG Masters’ Collection

by Mohammad Shenasa, Mark E. Josephson, N.A. Mark Estes & Ezra A. Amsterdam et al.

230 exceptional electrocardiogram case studies curated from the libraries of 60 internationally recognized master teachers of ECG interpretation are brought together in this one-of-a-kind resource for student...