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Inland Waterways Manual

by Emrhys Barrell

There are more than 4000 miles of navigable waterways in Great

Britain, with more in Ireland and Europe. Peaceful canals, bustling

rivers, glorious lakes - there is something for everyone. This book

will tell the...

101 Multi-skill Sports Games

by Stuart Rook & Tony Charles

The latest title in this well-known series, 101 Multi Skill Sports Games is packed with tried and tested drills to teach, test and improve sports skills for children and young adults aged 5–16.

Fun, educational...

The Psychology of Sailing for Dinghies and Keelboats

by Ian Brown

The Psychology of Racing for Dinghies and Keelboats is an inspirational practical guide to mind training for racing sailors. Aimed at aspiring dinghy sailors as well as yacht racers, the style is light, friendly...

Kids in the Cockpit

by Jill Schinas

This book, based on 13 years of research and personal experience, is

the bible of boating with babies and children. Immensely practical and

highly entertaining, it contains a wealth of information on every


Running Repairs

by Paula Coates

Running Repairs is a handbook for everyone who runs - from

those training for a one-off charity event, through those who run to

keep fit to experienced club runners who regularly race.

A recent Runner's World magazine...

Why Sailors Can't Swim and Other Marvellous Maritime Curiosities

by Nic Compton

Why will a sailor never go to sea on Friday 13th?

Why are boats always referred to as 'she'?

How do you navigate the ocean without a compass?

Does the Bermuda Triangle really exist?

Why do sailors wear earrings?...

Ever Wonder Why We Do It?

by Mike Peyton

Mike Peyton is the nautical world's best known and much loved

cartoonist. For years he has made his mark, contributing witty, well

executed and poignantly funny cartoons to the yachting and boating

press, poking...

Start to Win

by Eric Twiname

Start to Win is Eric Twiname's sailing classic. Out of print for over 20 years, it has nevertheless retained its position as the

book on simple racing principles. Considered unequalled by its many

fans, it is...

Fitter, Further, Faster

by Rebecca Charlton, Robert Hicks & Hannah Reynolds

In the same way as mass-participation events in running have captured the public imagination, cycling events in which everyone can take part have burgeoned in popularity since they were first introduced in the...

Total Loss

by Paul Gelder

An enthralling collection of 45 dramatic stories of yachts lost at sea, Total Loss has been a consistent bestseller since first publication. This fascinating new edition carries exciting first-hand accounts,...

101 Youth Hockey Drills

by Stuart Dempster & Dennis Hay

Designed specifically for young players, this manual contains a wide

range of progressive practice drills to help players develop. Fun,

educational and challenging, all the drills are illustrated and cover



Operation Sea Angler: the Second Wave

by Mike Ladle & Steve Pitts

Modern methods of fishing aren't just for those in the know - they can work for everyone. Knowing why fish behave as they do is key to using the right techniques and catching more and larger fish. In this book,...

The Cyclist's Training Manual

by Guy Andrews & Simon Doughty

The Cyclist's Training Manual is the definitive guide to fitness for cycling, suitable for everyone from complete beginners looking to build fitness for their first charity event through to experienced cyclists...

Fast Handling Technique

by Frank Bethwaite

From the author of the bestselling High Performance Sailing and Higher Performance Sailing comes the first scientific analysis of what makes fast sailors fast. Eschewing the idea that luck or innate talent are...

Sea Fishing

by Jim Whippy

Every yachtsman or motorboater has at some point entertained the idea of catching their own supper, but until now there hasn't been a book to guide them through it. This unique handbook fills the gap. Fishing...

101 Youth Basketball Drills

by Mick Donovan

Designed specifically for young people, this manual contains a wide

range of progressive practice drills to help them develop their

basketball skills. Fun, educational and challenging, all the drills are


The Hitchiker's Guide to the Oceans

by Alison Muir Bennett

What better way of travelling the world than by crewing on a yacht? The Hitchiker's Guide to the Oceans is ideal for crew pre-planning, and for skippers seeking crew. It is packed with practical information...

The Wisden Guide to International Cricket 2014

by Steven Lynch

With Tests and One Day Internationals now joined by Twenty20 games, there is more international cricket than ever before. These games captivate a television audience of tens of millions throughout the year and...

Just Sea and Sky

by Ben Pester

This charming account of the voyage of two men in a small boat half way

round the world from Plymouth to New Zealand in 1953 is a rare insight into a time, not long ago, when

sailors had no GPS, electronics, radio...

Anita Bean's Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes

by Anita Bean

Young athletes, parents, coaches and PE teachers want to know how good

nutrition can help young sportsmen and women fulfill their potential.

As the government focuses on healthy eating for children, this is