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Life Beyond Death: What Should We Expect?

by David Fontana

Most people in the world believe in some form of life after death, but what exactly is the nature of the afterlife? David Fontana examines all the extensive evidential material that has been accumulated over...

Heal Your Spirit, Heal Yourself: The Spiritual Medicine of Tibet

by Pema Dr. Dorjee

A unique collaboration between a Tibetan doctor and two Westerners, introducing Tibetan medicine to a Western audience. With a foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Make Your Own Angel Blessing Scrolls: Inspiration for Gifts of Healing, Hope and Joy

by Claire Nahmad

First used by the ancient Celts, angel scrolls were inscribed with runes or prayers that helped connect the physical world to the spirit realm. Make Your Own Angel Blessing Scrolls presents a wealth of projects...

Creative Meditation & Visualisation

by David Fontana

The powerful combination of meditation and visualization can be harnessed as an extremely effective tool for achieving your goals in whatever sphere you choose.

Angel Healing: Invoking the Healing Power of Angels through Simple Ritual

by Claire Nahmad

Claire Nahmad reveals how to attune to the healing angels through simple ceremony and ritual, on a well-defined and practical basis. Anyone can put these simple healing practices into force-for the benefit of...

Native American Wisdom: A Spiritual Tradition at One with Nature

by Alan Jacobs

The most authoritative anthology of Native American Wisdom published in years

Celtic Wisdom: Timeless Wisdom in Poetry and Prose

by Gerald Benedict

An inspirational selection of poetry and prose that evokes the ancient beliefs and practices of a vibrant nature religion, many of which were assimilated into the unique form of early Celtic Christianity.

Water, Pure and Simple: The Infinite Wisdom of an Extraordinary Molecule

by Paolo Dr. Consigli

There is no more important substance on earth than water: it is the source of life, one of the four classic elements and makes up over 70% of our bodies and our planet. This remarkable new book allows us to...

The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius: Spiritual Teachings and Reflections

by George Long

The spiritual wisdom of the Stoic Emperor of Ancient Rome. Perennial maxims point the way for achieving perfect peace of mind. They have inspired the best of humanity for over almost two millennia. Translated...

Women of Wisdom: The Journey of the Sacred Feminine Through the Ages

by Paula Marvelly

An inspiring collection of writings from women visionaries and mystics from an array of religious faiths and traditions.

The Watkins Dictionary of Magic: Over 3000 Entries on the World of Magical Formulas, Secret Symbols and the Occul t

by Nevill Drury

Over 3000 authoritative, cross-referenced entries, covering magical traditions from all around the world.

The Watkins Dictionary of Angels: Over 2,000 Entries on Angels and Angelic Beings

by Julia Cresswell

For anyone who has ever wondered just what an angel is, here you will find everything you could wish to know about angels and angelic beings and their attributes.

The Watkins Dictionary of Symbols

by Jack Tresidder

Traditional symbols form a visual shorthand for ideas, yet their functions and meaning extend far beyond that—for thousands of years they have enabled artists and craftsmen to embody and reinforce beliefs...

The Watkins Tarot Handbook: The Practical System of Self-discovery

by Naomi Ozaniek

Learn how to use the Tarot to discover truths about yourself. Work through a series of simple exercises to tune in to your intuitive powers and embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery and personal growth....

The Secret Founding of America: The Real Story of Freemasons, Puritans, and the Battle for the New World

by Nicholas Hagger

Discover for the first time the true story of the founding of America, it's historical ties to Freemasonry and the battle for the New World, in this authoritive and accessible new book.

Think of an Elephant: Combining Science and Spirituality for a Better Life

by Paul Bailey

Combining science and spirituality to reveal the true nature of the universe - this book will change perceptions, inspire mind-shifts and alter the way we see the world, forever.

Understanding The Future: A Survivor's Guide to Riding the Cosmic Wave

by Lyn Birkbeck

The next dozen years are set to be the most momentous of our lives. As humanity stands at the crossroads between a continued descent into dark materialism and the spiritual path back to the light, a great cosmic...

The Rise and Fall of Atlantis: And the Mysterious Origins of Human Civilization

by J S Gordon

Could the lost civilization of Atlantis provide the answer to the origins of human existence? In his controversial new study, John Gordon examines the evidence and makes some startling discoveries. Though many...

The Maya: 2012: The end of the World, or the Dawn of Enlightenment?

by Gerald Benedict

Gerald Benedict uncovers the real meaning behind the Mayan Prophecies for 2012, and rather than being a disastrous cataclysmic change he reveals that it is the dawn of a new age - an evolutionary development...

Prophecies: 4,000 Years of Prophets, Visionaries and Predictions

by Tony Allan

Discover how accurate past visions of the future have turned out to be and explore the continuity of the prophetic tradition. This is a fascinating anthology of amazing and curious stories - such as clairvoyant...