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Chordmaster Chord Theory for Guitar

by Michael Ellis

Stop looking up guitar chords and memorizing pictures. Learn to understand what each chord title means. Learn how YOU can make any chord in just days. Each part of the guitar chord title is an instruction. Learn...

Silent Eloquence: Lucian and Pantomime Dancing

by Ismene Lada-Richards

One of the greatest aesthetic attractions in the ancient world was pantomime dancing, a ballet-style entertainment in which a silent, solo dancer incarnated a series of mythological characters to the accompaniment...

Open Gm (D G D G Bb D) - Chord and Scale Booklet

by Alessandro De Sanctis

Open Gm (D G D G Bb D) - Chord and Scale Booklet is the only complete reference to play chords and scales with Open Gm Tuning (D G D G Bb D). This tuning is used by many artists. For the first time you can have...

The Training of Noh Actors and The Dove

by David Griffiths

First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Sound of Shakespeare

by Wes Folkerth

The 'Sound of Shakespeare' reveals the surprising extent to which Shakespeare's art is informed by the various attitudes, beliefs, practices and discourses that pertained to sound and hearing in his culture....

Sustainability of Project Management

by Saed Abdou

This research investigates the relationship between sustainability and project management, by identifying the concepts of sustainability in project management and how to integrate elements and principles of...

Dungeon Master: Sins and Secrets

by Yara Kaleemah

When Nikhil Wright, who was often, called Nik, was a little boy his mother would always tell him he was capable of great things, that he would grow up and be somebody. Ms. Wright had such high hopes for her...

Cashiers Du Cinemart 18

by Various Authors

Cashiers du Cinemart #18 marks the 20th anniversary issue of the infamous Detroit film zine. Featuring reviews, interviews, and essays on films from the sublime to the obscure. Regular contributors Skizz Cyzyk,...

Ties: A Stylish Accessory for Formal Attire

by Michael Cimicata

A tie can allow a person to go from looking casual to looking formal. This is why it is an absolutely essential part of any formal wardrobe. I believe that every man and woman should have at least a few ties...

Fashion Advice: What You Need to Know to Look Good (4 eBook Bundle)

by Michael Cimicata

When it comes to being stylish, fashion should be your number one concern. And with regards to fashion, the advice that is contained in this ebook bundle will help you to look great! It contains fashion information...

Cufflinks: A Stylish Addition to Your Dress Shirt

by Michael Cimicata

Cufflinks can turn an average dress shirt into one that is deemed as being very stylish. This is simply because they add a ton of flavour to any dress shirt that you are wearing. You can have a plain white dress...

Being Stylish with a Belt: Accessorizing to Make You Look Amazing

by Michael Cimicata

A belt is literally a staple for men and women with almost every outfit that they wear. Not only does it serve the useful purpose of holding up your pair of pants, but it also adds some flavour and style to...

Bass In Your Face: Car Subwoofer Info from a Fanatic

by Michael Cimicata

I am a car subwoofer fanatic! I love subwoofers, and the bass that they produce. With that being said, I wanted to share my opinion and knowledge with everyone else that wants to learn about subs. That's the...

47 of the Most Popular Myths That You Probably Thought Were True

by Michael Cimicata

There are literally thousands of myths that have surfaced about anything from our health to our history. Some of these myths have the slight backing of bias to them, and others were simply invented out of thin...

A Drummer's Guide to Cymbals: Techniques, Placement, and Sound

by Michael Cimicata

Cymbals are some of the most important pieces of equipment in a drummer's arsenal. Not only do they hit the most frequently in any drum beat, but they come in a wide variety of sizes and forms. With that being...

Beginner Drummer's Handbook: A Guide for New Drummers

by Michael Cimicata

Learning how to play the drums can be a difficult thing to do because there is so much to know and understand; however, as a drummer of over 15 years, I am here to help. I created this ebook as a handbook for...

Drumming for Beginners: What You Need to Know When Learning How to Play the Drums

by Michael Cimicata

The drums are definitely one of the hardest instruments that someone can learn how to play. With that being said, some sound advice would really go a long way. I have been a drummer for over 10 years, and did...

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

by M Osterhoudt

Sometimes you just need a laugh. So have one with this encyclopedia of fun. In this 13 ebook collection of comical, funny and hilarious are the top selling ebooks: "Categories of Crazy - You Know Them, Their...

Party and Presents

by M Osterhoudt

Whether planning a party or selecting a gift....this 9 ebook collection has everything you need from party foods, costumes and decorations to gift ideas and more. This encyclopedia of party fun includes " Fire...

When a Woman Dreams of the Perfect Man! eBook

by Thaddius Johnson

This is the story about a young couple whose marriage is becoming stale after three long years. James and Samantha begin noticing things about each other that sparks fits of anger between them. One day when...