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Family Sex - 20-Pack Vol 1: incest taboo family sex daddy daughter erotica daddy daughter father daughter mother and son erotica brother and sister creampie bareback family erotica impregnation breeding

by Clarice Whet

20 stories about all the dirty things that can happen in a family... LOW PRICE.

Warning: SOME of these stories can be found in my other packs, make sure to pick the right one for you :)

This 20-Pack includes the...

Marked By the Wolf #1: Werewolf Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

Danica “Danny” Lewis wanted something more in life. She wanted a boyfriend, riches, or at least to get out of her office job. She got all she bargained for, and a fur coat when she falls into the clutches...

Daddy Grounded Me: taboo incest bareback creampie daddy daughter daddy daughter erotica father daughter father daughter erotica family sex first time impregnation pregnancy

by Clarice Whet

“I want you to… I want you to make me your slave, daddy”, I said, closing my eyes and gasping as he pinched my erected nipples. “I’m gonna punish you so hard that you will never forget it…,” he...

Garden of the Wolf #1: Werewolf Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

Abby Lee and her friend Susie Baker leave their boring, stressful office jobs for two weeks of fun and relaxation at the Gardens, a mountain resort that advertises itself as the next Fountain of Youth. Sparks...

Brother Sister Sauna Sex: taboo incest family sex brother sister brother and sister brother and sister erotica brother sister erotica creampie bareback first time impregnation pregnancy deflowering

Family Sex - 8-Pack Vol 2: incest taboo family sex daddy daughter erotica daddy daughter father daughter mother and son erotica brother and sister creampie bareback family erotica impregnation breeding

by Clarice Whet

8 stories about all the dirty things that can happen in a family...

This 8-Pack includes the following stories:

* Daddy Taught Me Anal

* My First Time With Daddy

* Deflowered By My Brother

* I Fucked My Drunk Mom...

Their Cheating Wives

by Tiffany Diamond

Michelle and Vanessa are two statuesque beauties who get a bang out of cheating on their husbands. Aside from enjoying the Sapphic companionship of one another, each sexual adventurer conducts her own electrifying...

Orientation: Office Duties, Book 1

by Mac Flynn

Office duties just got a lot more fun.

Samantha Olsen was looking to climb up the corporate ladder to better her life when she happened upon this great job opening higher up in her company. To her surprise she...

Billionaire Seeking Bride #1: BBW Alpha Billionaire Romance

by Mac Flynn

Vicki Loom works as a janitor in a large office building. It’s a lonely job made bearable by the company of her cantankerous old coworker, Tom. She dreams of a better life in the arms of a sensual lover, but...

Rise of the Dragons (Kings and Sorcerers--Book 1)

by Morgan Rice

“If you thought that there was no reason left for living after the end of the Sorcerer’s Ring series, you were wrong. In RISE OF THE DRAGONS Morgan Rice has come up with what promises to be another brilliant...

Alpha Initiation: Alpha Blood, Book 1

by Mac Flynn

Rebecca wasn’t looking for trouble on her night out with her girlfriends, but trouble found her in the form of a dark and handsome stranger. He swept her up and plopped her down in a world of werewolves, blood...

Beast Billionaire #1 (Bad Boy Alpha Billionaire Werewolf Shifter Romance)

by Mac Flynn

Fate has much in store for Maggie O’Hara as her journey into the paranormal begins with a pink slip.  When her father is wrongfully fired from his job she’s determined to right the wrong and takes the drastic...

Ensnare: The Passenger’s Pleasure #1: Paranormal Demon Romance

by Mac Flynn

Jane Johnson is Plain Jane to everyone in her life, even herself. She longs for some excitement to penetrate her life with the full thrust of change. Her wish is granted when she wins a contest she doesn’t...

Two Worlds

by Francesco Verso

Two Worlds represents an attempt to overcome the boundaries between science fiction and fantasy. The story is set in a remote future, on an Earth very different from today: the Chimeric development has taken...

Bestial Sex - 8-Pack Vol 1: taboo zoophilia beast beast erotica bestiality bestiality erotica dog erotica dog sex horse sex horse knotting creampie bareback breeding

by Clarice Whet

This 8-Pack includes the following stories:

* Milking The Family Dog

* Licked By The Dog, Fucked By Daddy

* Gangbanged At The Doggy Daycare

* Fucking My Blind Daddy's Dog

* Blowing The Horse

* Abused By The Dogs


Fucked By My Dog: taboo zoophilia beast bestiality beast erotica bestiality erotica dog erotica dog sex knotting creampie bareback breeding oral sex

by Clarice Whet

I was about to shoo him away when I felt myself growing aroused. Was it because of Jack and his huge cock? Really? A dog?! But even though this idea was slightly crazy and pretty disturbing, I couldn’t help...

Falling For A Wolf #1: BBW Werewolf Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

Christina ‘Chrissy” Monet aspired for something more than the life of a simple blog columnist. Her wishes come true when an old wooded property comes up for sale, and she pours her life-savings into the...

Stolen Innocence: Blood Thief, Book 1

by Mac Flynn

The paranormal has a way of creeping up on the least prepared. For Faith Luvena it strolls through the doors of the flower shop where she works. The pale gentleman has a dark allure around him that draws her...

Pale Stranger: Pale Series, Book 1

by Mac Flynn

Trixie is a wise-cracking waitress trying to work her way through college when a late-night storm blows in a stranger. He’s not like the usual customers with his pale skin and dark clothes. Her kindness to...

Moon Chosen #1: BBW Werewolf Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

Twelve kidnapped young women, a lonely island, and a hauntingly sensual curse.

A young woman named Sophie finds herself among the twelve kidnapped from their homes and taken to Wolf Island. There they are forced...