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Flagging Patriotism: Crises of Narcissism and Anti-Americanism

by Ella Shohat & Robert Stam

The question "Why do they hate us?" is one of the most oft-cited puzzles of contemporary American affairs, yet it's not clear to whom "they" or "us" refers, nor even what "hate" means. In this bold new work,...

Integral Urbanism

by Nan Ellin

First Published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Voices of Decline: The Postwar Fate of Us Cities: The Postwar Fate of Us Cities

by Robert A. Beauregard

[FOR HISTORY CATALOGS]Drawing on the pronouncements of public commentators, this book portrays the 20th century history of U.S. cities, focusing specifically on how commentators crafted a discourse of urban...

Equality Practice: Civil Unions and the Future of Gay Rights

by Jr., William N. Eskridge

First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Human Resource Management in the British Armed Forces: Investing in the Future

by Alex Alexandreou, Richard Bartle & Richard Holmes

This book examines how the constraining demands and the contraction of core personnel have affected the human resource strategies of Britain's Armed Forces and how they are dealing with the new challenges of...

Before and After the Cold War: Using Past Forecasts to Predict the Future

by George H. Quester

The end of the Cold War came as good news for most of the world. No one had predicted the collapse of Communist rule for several decades. This book looks at how political scientists failed to predict such a...

Mass Conservatism: The Conservatives and the Public Since the 1880s

by Stuart Ball & Ian Holliday

The papers that comprise this volume reveal how people are intent on preserving not only their wealth but culture too. The individual contributions identify the key arguments used to coax voters, whose natural...

Intelligence for Peace: The Role of Intelligence in Times of Peace

by Hesi Carmel

This collection of articles is by experts in the field who are convinced that intelligence has an important role to play, not only in times of war and confrontation, but also in times of conciliation and political...

Israeli-Soviet Relations, 1953-1967: From Confrontation to Disruption

by Yosef Govrin

An |sraeli Ambassador's account of the longest and most tense period in Israeli-Soviet diplomatic relations, from their renewal in 1953 to their severance in 1967. His work analyses the era from the month preceding...

British Elections and Parties Review

by David Denver, Justin Fisher & Steve Ludlam

This volume features key political issues for 1990s Britain: the reform of the Labour party; the use of opinion polls; the impact of the media; European integration; Scotland and regional trends; and the bases...

The Demographic Struggle for Power: The Political Economy of Demographic Engineering in the Modern World

by Milica Zarkovic Bookman

The 20th-century demographic struggle for power translates itself into an inter-ethnic war of numbers. This book offers suggestions for structural alterations within states to sever the link between ethnic size...

American War Plans 1945-1950

by Steven T. Ross

This account provides a fascinating in-depth view of what might have happened had the two superpowers attempted to settle their differences by force.

Constitutional Policy in Unified Germany

by Peter J. Cullen & Klaus H. Goetz

Prompted by unification, the German constitution has undergone the most fundamental re-examination since the foundation of the Federal Republic. This volume seeks to identify challenges which constitional policy...

Transitions Environments Translations: Feminisms in International Politics: Feminisms in International Politics

by Joan W. Scott, Cora Kaplan & Debra Keates

The essays in Transitions, Environments, Translations explore the varied meanings of feminism in different political, cultural, and historical contexts. They respond to the claim that feminism is Western in...

Black Movements in America

by Cedric J. Robinson

Cedric Robinson traces the emergence of Black political cultures in the United States from slave resistances in the 16th and 17th centuries to the civil rights movements of the present. Drawing on the historical...

Arresting Images: Impolitic Art and Uncivil Actions: Impolitic Art and Uncivil Actions

by Steven C. Dubin

Although contemporary art may sometimes shock us, more alarming are recent attempts to regulate its display. Drawing upon extensive interviews, a broad sampling of media accounts, legal documents and his own...

Encyclopedia of the Developing World

by Thomas M. Leonard

A RUSA 2007 Outstanding Reference Title

The Encyclopedia of the Developing World is a comprehensive work on the historical and current status of developing countries. Containing more than 750 entries, the Encyclopedia...

Deterrence and the New Global Security Environment

by Ian R. Kenyon & John Simpson

This collection of papers rigorously examines the current place of deterrence in international security relations, delivering the best of contemporary thinking. This is a special issue of the leading journal...

Environmental Policies: An International Review: An International Review

by Chris C. Park

The importance of the effective management of the natural environment has become vital over the past few decades. In different countries, varying policies are implemented by governments to manage the environment,...

The Encyclopedia of Codenames of World War II

by Christopher Chant

Codenames were a vital feature of World War II, serving as mental shorthand for those in the know, and obscuring the issues for those who were not. Codenames were used from the highest level, in the planning...