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Heaven Is Everywhere

by Jefferson Glassie

In Heaven is Everywhere, Jefferson Glassie explains how we can have peace on earth by telling the story of his spiritual quest and describing his personal allegory about life. Here are the key points: Peace...

Revolt!: How to Defeat Obama and Repeal His Socialist Programs

by Thich Nhat Hanh, Eileen McGann & Dick Morris

Now that the Republicans have taken the House, How can they use their majority to reverse Obama's Socialist agenda?

Revolt! lays out a game plan for success. Morris and McGann explain how to use the debt limit...

The Paradox of EU-India Relations: Missed Opportunities in Politics, Economics, Development Cooperation, and Culture

by Shazia Aziz Wülbers

The Paradox of EU-India Relations: Missed Opportunities in Politics, Economics, Development Cooperation, and Culture, by Shazia Aziz WYlbers, successfully identifies problems and prospects in the relationship...

Presidential Lessons in Leadership: What Executives (and Everybody Else) Can Learn from Six Great American Presidents

by Ron Felber

This book crystallizes the methods of leadership from America's greatest presidents during moments of personal challenge and turns them into concrete lessons that business leaders, and anyone interested in becoming...

Epic Journey: The 2008 Elections and American Politics: Post 2010 Election Update

by James W. Ceaser

With President George W. Bush's approval ratings at record lows, the 2008 election was a contest that Democrats were predicted to win. And with Barack Obama's victory over John McCain, they did. But it was the...

Ecoambiguity, Community, and Development: Toward a Politicized Ecocriticism

by Scott, Slovic, R. Swarnalatha & Vidya Sarveswaran

Ecoambiguity, Community, and Development extends the energetic and socially important tradition of postcolonial ecocriticism to regions of the world not normally considered in the postcolonial context, such...

On Rumors: How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, and What Can Be Done

by Cass R. Sunstein

Many of us are being misled. Claiming to know dark secrets about public officials, hidden causes of the current economic situation, and nefarious plans and plots, those who spread rumors know precisely what...

Sociology and Human Rights - Hynes

by Patricia Hynes, Michele Lamb & Damien Short

Sociology and Human Rights: New Engagements is the first collection to focus on the contribution sociological approaches can make to analysis of human rights. Taking forward the sociology of human rights which...

Charisma and Fascism

by Antonio Costa Pinto, Roger Eatwell & Stein Ugelvik Larsen

Fascism remains a topic that fascinates both academic and general audiences. This is the first book to look systematically at the leaders of fascism and related movements in the inter-war era.

It shows how...

Politicians and Soldiers in Ghana 1966-1972

by Dennis Austin & Robin Luckham

First published in 1975. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Education in Modern China

by R.F. Price

First published in 1970 this re-issues the revised edition of 1979.

This book examines the part played both by tradition and by the Cultural Revolution in the educational system of twentieth century China and...

Families and Their Health Care After Homelessness: Opportunities for Improving Access

by Lisa M. Duchon

First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Chicano Empowerment and Bilingual Education: Movimiento Politics in Crystal City, Texas

by Armando L. Trujillo

First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Speaking for Our Lives: Historic Speeches and Rhetoric for Gay and Lesbian Rights (1892-2000)

by Robert B Ridinger

Read the words they risked everything for!

This landmark volume collects more than a hundred years of the most important public rhetoric on gay and lesbian subjects. In the days when homosexuality was mentioned...

Telling Our Stories: The Lives of Latina Women

by Theresa Baron-McKeagney

Stereotypes of Mexican American women and the lack of their representation in research literature contribute to misrepresentations of Mexican American culture and their invisibility. In this qualitative study,...

Surviving 9/11: Impact and Experiences of Occupational Therapy Practitioners

by Pat Precin

The first in-depth look of the effects of September 11 on occupational therapy!

Surviving 9/11: Impact and Experiences of Occupational Therapy Practitioners is a collection of firsthand accounts from occupational...

Sino-Russian Relations: A Short History

by R.K.I. Quested

This book provides a systematic history of Sino-Russian relations, a history which is invaluable in forming an understanding of relations between the two nations today. Becoming neighbours in the seventeenth...

Ballistic-Missile Defence and Strategic Stability

by Dean A. Wilkening

Should the US deploy ballistic-missile defences? The arguments for and against are becoming increasingly polarised. This paper offers what is currently lacking in the debate: a quantitative analysis of how well...

Reassessing ASEAN

by Jeannie Henderson

With the accession of Cambodia in April 1999, the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) finally achieved its founding vision: the incorporation of all ten South-east Asian states. However, ASEAN-10...

Global South to the Rescue: Emerging Humanitarian Superpowers and Globalizing Rescue Industries

by Paul Amar

This book provides the first comprehensive analysis of an epochal shift in global order - the fact that global-south countries have taken up leadership roles in peacekeeping missions, humanitarian interventions,...