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Divinity of Doubt: The God Question

by Vincent Bugliosi

From the New York Times bestselling author of Helter Skelter comes a provocative book on agnosticism

Spirit-Led Evangelism: Reaching the Lost through Love and Power

by Ché Ahn

With a special emphasis on "power evangelism," this book helps both hesitant and on-fire Christians deepen their skills for following Christ into all the world.

Just War as Christian Discipleship: Recentering the Tradition in the Church rather than the State

by Daniel M. Jr. Bell

A provocative and timely account of just war that relates it to the concrete practices and challenges of the Christian life.

Life of the Mind, The: A Christian Perspective

by Clifford Williams

This succinct and accessible examination of the life of the mind explores the purpose intellectual pursuits have in the lives of Christians.

Next Reformation, The: Why Evangelicals Must Embrace Postmodernity

by Carl Raschke

Demonstrates how to reconcile postmodernism with Christian faith.

Rethinking Human Nature: A Christian Materialist Alternative to the Soul

by Kevin J. Corcoran

Presents a new way of looking at what it means to be human, offering a convincing case that humans are more than immaterial souls or "biological computers".

Whose Community? Which Interpretation?: Philosophical Hermeneutics for the Church

by Merold Westphal

A renowned philosopher introduces contemporary issues in philosophical hermeneutics related to the church's task of interpreting the Bible.

Christianity and the Soul of the University: Faith as a Foundation for Intellectual Community

by Douglas V. Henry

Leading scholars explore the role of faith in the university setting


by Dan G. McCartney

A highly regarded New Testament scholar offers a substantive evangelical commentary on James in the award-winning BECNT series.

Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross: Contemporary Images of the Atonement

by Mark D. Baker

Introduces the need for contextualized atonement theology and offers creative examples of how the Cross can be proclaimed in culturally relevant and transformative ways.

Liberating Tradition: Women's Identity and Vocation in Christian Perspective

by Kristina LaCelle-Peterson

Offers a clear perspective on the issues Christian women face in the twenty-first century and shows how the Bible is a liberating and enriching book for women.

Performing the Sacred: Theology and Theatre in Dialogue

by Todd E. Johnson

A theologian and a theatre artist examine both the nature of theatrical performance within contemporary culture and its relationship to Christian life, faith, and worship.

Entertainment Theology: New-Edge Spirituality in a Digital Democracy

by Barry Taylor

An entertainment expert offers a broad understanding of religion in a postsecular age and explores the factors that have contributed to fashioning religious life in the twenty-first century.

Mothers of Promise: Women in the Book of Genesis

by Tammi J. Schneider

A prominent scholar of the Hebrew Bible offers a close reading of the women in Genesis to discover their roles in shaping ancient Israel.

Gracious Christianity: Living the Love We Profess

by Douglas Jacobsen

An introduction to vibrant Christian faith for a new generation that demonstrates how believers can manifest the fruit of the Spirit to a watching world

Are You the One Who Is to Come?: The Historical Jesus and the Messianic Question

by Michael F. Bird

This book shows that Jesus saw himself as the messiah anticipated in the Jewish scriptures and believed that the restoration of Israel hinged on the outcome of his ministry.

Reading Scripture with the Church: Toward a Hermeneutic for Theological Interpretation

by Kevin J. Vanhoozer

In Reading Scripture with the Church, four leading biblical scholars set forth constructive theological approaches to biblical interpretation.

Pastoral Ministry according to Paul: A Biblical Vision

by James W. Thompson

Thompson articulates Paul's pastoral vision for transformed communities, drawing pastoral insights from Paul's writings.

Growing People Through Small Groups

by David Stark

Practical, easy-to-use guidelines offer small-group strategies that focus on individuals and their needs, not programs.

The Joy of the Gospel: Evangelii Gaudium

by Pope Francis, Robert Barron & James Martin

The perfect gift! A specially priced, beautifully designed hardcover edition of The Joy of the Gospel with a foreword by Robert Barron and an afterword by James Martin, SJ.

 “The joy of the gospel fills...