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52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wives: What Wives Can Do to Build a Stronger Marriage

by Jay Payleitner

"I don't always understand what he needs or wants from me." Most wives want a heart-to-heart connection with their husbands. But men often communicate their needs in ways that seem strange to women. How to bridge...

The Seven Powers of Success: Unlock Your Strengths-Unleash Your Dreams

by Charles Marshall

God has designed everyone for success. But who will achieve it?

Christian motivational speaker and comedian Charles Marshall identifies seven abilities that everyone can use to reach personal and professional...

The Leadership Style of Jesus: How to Make a Lasting Impact

by Michael Youssef

No matter what leadership arena a person serves in-whether leading a family, a church, a civic organization, a company-adopting the leadership example of Jesus will make that person more effective and productive....

Common Worship: Time to Pray

by Common Worship

A beautiful resource for personal devotional time containing Prayer During the Day and Night Prayer from Common Worship: Daily Prayer.

Generous Ecclesiology: Church, World and the Kingdom of God

by Julie Gittoes

Generous Ecclesiology seeks to present a positive theological response to the issues raised by Mission-Shaped Church and For the Parish. The former reminds us that the church is to engage in creative and imaginative...

Lost Chords and Christian Soldiers: The Sacred Music of Arthur Sullivan

by Ian Bradley

Arthur Sullivan is best known as W. S. Gilbert's collaborator in the Savoy Operas. Sullivan was regarded as the nation's leading composer of sacred oratorios on a par with Mendelssohn and Brahms. Ian Bradley...

Qoheleth: The Ironic Wink

by James L. Crenshaw

A literary, theological, and historical study of the biblical book Ecclesiates and its author Qoheleth

Talking with Your Daughter About Best Friends and Mean Girls

by Dannah Gresh

By spending quality time with her daughter, a Christian mom can protect her against peer pressure to mature too quickly and guide her toward true, life-enhancing friendships. Dannah Gresh, bestselling author...

Setting Boundaries® for Women: Six Steps to Saying No, Taking Control, and Finding Peace

by Allison Bottke

Women who have trouble setting and enforcing appropriate boundaries with the people in their lives will find help and inspiration in the latest offering in Allison Bottke's popular Setting Boundaries® series. ...

Daoist Nei Gong: The Philosophical Art of Change

by Damien Mitchell & Cindy Engel

For the first time in the English language, this book describes the philosophy and practice of Nei Gong. The author explains the philosophy which underpins this practice, and the methodology of Sung breathing,...

Living It Out: A Survival Guide for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Christians and Their Friends, Families and Churches

by Rachel Hagger-Holt & Sarah Hagger-Holt

A practical and affirming book for everyone dealing with the issue of sexuality, whether as a gay or lesbian Christian seeking to live with integrity, a friend or family member, or as a church leader seeking...

Face-to-Face with Lois and Eunice: Nurturing Faith in Your Family

by Janet Thompson

Face-to-Face with Lois and Eunice focuses on how women today can be grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and mentors whose faith takes root in the next generation.

Face-to-Face with Sarah, Rachel, and Hannah: Pleading with God

by Janet Thompson

Face-to-Face with Sarah, Rachel, and Hannah explores various issues in women's lives that lead to pleading with God.

Woman to Woman: Preparing Yourself to Mentor

by Edna Ellison & Tricia Scribner

This biblically-based study will be your personal guide as you prepare yourself for the life-changing experience of mentoring.

Be Restored (10th Anniversary Edition): God's Power for African American Women

by Debra Berry

Based on Nehemiah, draws stark similarities between Israel's restoration and African American women's opportunity for spiritual restoration today.

The Younger Evangelicals: Facing the Challenges of the New World

by Robert E. Webber

A probing look at how an emerging generation of leaders is bringing change and renewal to the evangelical church.

Pathways to Peace: Interreligious Readings and Reflections

by A Jean Lesher

In Pathways to Peace, A. Jean Lesher, has brilliantly collected and thematically organized sayings from many of the world's religious traditions and leaders.

Sacred Unions: A New Guide to Lifelong Commitment

by Thomas E. Breidental

The book is addressed to all true lovers: straight or gay, dep into the adventure of a shared like or just contemplating it, or emerging out of a failed attempt.

Love, Love, Love: And Other Essays

by Charles Taliaferro

Three days before his death, my father, at 95 years old, held hands with me and repeated the word Love three times. The essays were written over five years. All are written with the aim of combining humor with...

Fleeing God: Fear, Call, and the Book of Jonah

by Tara Soughers

What does a big fish story like the Book of Jonah have to tell us about our relationship with God? Surprisingly, a great deal. In the story of the reluctant prophet we are invited to explore the times when we,...