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Do Nothing to Change Your Life: Discovering What Happens When You Stop

by Stephen Cottrell

In this generous, life-affirming book, Cottrell invites us to slow down and stop... breathe... and start an adventure of self-discovery and renewed creativity that will improve the way we see life and help us...

Just Passing Through: Notes From a Sojourner

by Margaret Guenther

Fans of Margaret Guenther will welcome this salty, wise collection of autobiographical reflections on her life journey.

Compass and Stars

by Martin L. Smith

This collection of short, informal pieces that are both theologically substantial and genuinely popular is aimed at helping us "get our bearings" in the life of the spirit today

Give Us This Day: Lenten Reflections on Baking Bread and Discipleship

by Christopher Levan

Meditations for every day in Lent invite us to connect faith - "our daily bread"- and the world in which we live. Includes recipes ranging from Shrove Tuesday "No-Fret Pancakes" to Easter Challah bread. Each...

Keeping Silence: Christian Practices for Entering Stillness

by C.W. McPherson

Slow down and be quiet so you can hear God's voice and guidance for your life. This engaging book provides easy-to-follow instructions for a variety of Christian practices to enter stillness. For individuals...

God with Skin On: Finding God's Love in Human Relationships

by Anne Robertson

You may be the only Jesus some people will ever meet! This book helps us become "God with skin on" for others. With biblical examples and psychological studies, it examines our relationships with family, authorities,...

Echo of the Soul: The Sacredness of the Human Body

by Philip Newell

Few issues have caused the church more difficulty through the ages than those surrounding the human body. Throughout much of Christian history, spiritual seekers have considered the body to be, at best, a hindrance...

Clouds and Glory: Prayers for the Church Year, Year A

by David Adam

A collection of prayers and other resources based on the new Common Worship Lectionary used in many parts of the Anglican Communion, and very similar to lectionaries in use in the United States. Written in the...

Common Prayer on Common Ground: A Vision of Anglican Orthodoxy

by Alan Jones

A look at Anglicanism from four different perspectives- fundamentalism versus modernism, caricatures of Anglicanism as "muddled thinking," as an orientation toward transcendent mystery, and through the eyes...

Crossing: Reclaiming the Landscape of Our Lives, 2nd Edition: Reclaiming the Landscape of Our Lives, 2nd Edition

by OSB, Mark Barrett

Illuminates the spiritual journey we all take and the choices we make by focusing on five of the monastic hours.

How Can I See the Light When It's So Dark?: Journey to a Thankful Heart

by Linda Douty

Gratitude is vitally important in our journey toward wholeness. This book looks at the scriptural and psychological foundations of gratitude, and the barriers to developing a thankful heart. Specific tools and...

Grace's Window: Entering the Seasons of Prayer

by Suzanne E. Guthrie

"This wonder-filled volume contains forty very personal and profound meditations on the art of taking one's days and experiences to God. . . . Check out the meditations on her son's doubt, her daughter's bedtime...

The Way of Chuang Tzu (Second Edition)

by Thomas Merton & Dalai Lama XIV

Classic writings from the great Zen master in exquisite versions by Thomas Merton, in a new edition with a preface by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Working from existing translations, Thomas Merton composed a...

If the Devil Wrote a Bible

by Kent Allan Philpott & Katie L. C. Philpott

What would the Devil want you to believe? In twenty-nine chapters you can find out. He also has his Ten Demonments and eight Bebaditudes. Of course, the Devil has to share space in the book with commentary from...

Help, Thanks, Wow in 30 Minutes - The Expert Guide to Anne Lamott's Critically Acclaimed Book

by The 30 Minute Expert Series

Help, Thanks, Wow 30 Minutes, includes: - The three prayers vital to enduring hardship and experiencing a transformative sense of gratitude and wonder in the world - Information about Anne Lamott's faith,...

Atchison Blue: A Search for Silence, a Spiritual Home, and a Living Faith

by Judith Valente

In this meditative spiritual memoir, Judith Valente, celebrated PBS religion journalist and celebrated poet, invites readers along on her transformative pilgrimages to Mount St. Scholastica monastery in Atchison,...

Ultimate Truth

by Steven Colborne

On very rare occasions a book is written that has the potential to shake up our understanding of reality and change the world. It is no exaggeration to suggest that Ultimate Truth, by Oxford philosopher Steven...

The Analects

by Unknown

Confucius is one of the most humane, rational, and lucid of moral teachers, concerned not with arcane metaphysics but with practical issues of life and conduct. What is virtue? What sort of life is most conducive...

Anglican Spiritual Direction

by Peter Ball

An overview of the distinctive Anglican tradition of spiritual guidance, looking at five centuries of history alongside an analysis of contemporary practice.

Blessed Is She: Living Lent with Mary

by Tim Perry

This book liberates Mary from her Christmas captivity and presents her as a model disciple who guides us on our Lenten journey. Includes a study for each week of Lent, along with questions to ponder.