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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Christian Prayers & Devotions

by Jr., James S. Bell

Through practical examples, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Christian Prayers and Devotions demonstrates the impact of down-to-earth conversations with God. Organized by topic, this volume is ideal for browsing...

Righteous: Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement

by Lauren Sandler

Illuminating, often troubling, and unapologetically frank, Righteous is dynamic young journalist Lauren Sandler's report from the nexus of religious fundamentalism and youth culture. As a secular guide through...

Communicating God's Word in a Complex World: God's Truth or Hocus Pocus?

by Van Charles E. Engen, Daniel R. Shaw & Lamin Sanneh

Communicating God's Word in a Complex World reaches out to the growing number of missionaries, pastors, Bible translators and teachers, mission and theological educators and students dealing with communicating...

The Art of War

by Sun-tzu

The perfect books for the true book lover, Penguin's Great Ideas series features twelve more groundbreaking works by some of history's most prodigious thinkers. Each volume is beautifully packaged with a unique...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Evangelical Christianity

by D, Min., David Cobia

The Evangelical Christian movement is the fastest growing segment of American religion with 42% of all Christians in America identifying themselves as Evangelicals. Now, Evangelical Pastor David Cobia shares...

I Love the Word Impossible

by Ann Kiemel

Many readers have been encouraged to dream big and believe that with the help of God, that they too, can make a difference in their world. Ann Kiemel dares to be utterly transparent, trusting God with seemingly...

Finding Your Tree: Making Small Steps on the Path to Joy

by Emil Dean Peeler

This book will help you study the day in the life of Zacchaeus, I sincerely hope that you, too, will get a snapshot of a Father who is planning to celebrate with you the party of your life. Go ahead, have some...

Christian Character Qualities: Family Nights Tool Chest

by Jim Weidmann & Kurt Bruner

This book contains complete and clear plans for helping kids learn more about Christian characters and qualities.

Letters of Jeanne Guyon

by Jeanne Guyon

Jeanne "Madame" Guyon found the way to God through prayer in the midst of a darkened civilization. Her books describing her methods of prayer were so radical in their day that Guyon was imprisoned for several...

Your Promised Land Awaits: Identify and Conquer Life's Challenges

by Bryan Cutshall

Victorious Living is Within Your Reach! The story of Exodus is not just that of Israel's journey out of slavery in Egypt and into the Promised Land of Canaan, it can also be your story of deliverance out of...

The Kneeling Christian

by Unknown Christian

The Essential Ingredient of the Christian Experience! This Christian classic, written by an unknown Christian sometime before 1930, is a passionate call to a life of prayer. Knowing that the subject of prayer...

Church & Stage: Producing Theater for Education, Praxis, Outreach and Fundraising

by Dean J. Seal

Church & Stage is a guide for people in churches who want to employ theater in ministry, and for theater people who want to create opportunities to work in churches.

The Wesleyan Way Student Book: A Faith That Matters

by Scott J. Jones

Meet the Faith of Wesley . . . Real and Relevant in Today's World.

On the Priesthood: Classic and Contemporary Texts

by Matthew Levering

A readable guide for priests, seminarians, and educated readers seeking to learn more about the simultaneous unworthiness and dignity of the priesthood. Always challenging and penetrating, the selections unite...

Be Still:  God's Strategy for Serenity

by Jon Lands

From the Tea Party to the Occupy Movement to the Arab Spring, we live in a day where economic failure, rage and tragedy are common place. How do we survive all of this chaos and confusion? How do we find a real...

Stand Strong: How to Become Confident in Your Calling, Achieve Strength Through Your Trials, and Prevail Against All Odds

by Judy Jacobs

“I want you to be the exception to the norm. I want you to become a powerful example to others. I want you to be mighty in your spirit, whole through and through, and able to stand up in adversity.” —Judy...

You Are Not What You Weigh: End Your War With Food and Discover Your True Value

by Lisa Bevere

It is time for women to stop measuring themselves by the numbers on the scale! How many women out there are tired of the tyranny of dieting?

Heaven Awaits the Bride: A Breathtaking Glimpse of Eternity

by Anna Rountree

The author reveals a glimpse of heaven and supports the vision with extensive biblical references.The author reveals a glimpse of heaven and supports the vision with extensive biblical references.


Enemy Access Denied: Slam the Devil's Door With One Simple Decision

by John Bevere

Imagine your life if you could walk free from sin and keep Satan out of your personal and business affairs.

When Christians Were Jews (That Is, Now): Recovering the Lost Jewishness of Christianity with the Gospel of Mark

by Wayne-Danie Berard

When Christians Were Jews tells the story of identity rediscovered. Narrating recent biblical scholarship as a story of family strife, Berard recounts how early Christians dissociated from their Jewish origins...