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Adultery (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

Has your heart been broken by a cheating husband or cheating wife? Has your life been gripped by the agony of adultery? Has your life been forever changed because of the snare of an emotional affair? Adultery...

Decision Making: Discerning the Will of God

by June Hunt

Making a decision about your career, your future, or the next step to take can be downright frustrating. Plenty of people are quick to put in their two cents to help you make a decision, but it can all add up...

Sexual Integrity (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

What happens when the temptation to give in to having sex is stronger than your will to stop? How can you stay pure when overwhelmed by passion? Everyone wants closeness and love, but is joining yourself with...

Success Through Failure (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

Find out the successful habits of highly successful people What is success? Winston Churchill said, "Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm." June Hunt adds, "And without losing...

Considering Marriage (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

What does the Bible say about Christian marriage? Should we get married now or wait? Are we really ready? When is the timing right? What if one of us is unsure? This 96-page mini-book, Considering Marriage,...

Alcohol and Drug Abuse (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

Many people who have an alcohol or drug abuse problem deny it, saying they can stop any time they want. But family and close friends suspect it might be something more. Do you often wonder, "Is it really an...

Loneliness (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

God designed us to be in meaningful and satisfying relationships with friends, with family, and possibly with a husband or wife. But the reality is we can feel so lonely, so separated, so isolated, and thinking...

Confrontation (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

Do you need to confront someone who is doing something wrong? It can be awkward, even a little risky, but confrontation for the purpose of exposing what is wrong to establish what is right is biblical. In this...


by June Hunt

Statistics on addiction and gambling reveal the negative impacts of gambling addiction. Incidents of bankruptcy, crime, corruption, domestic abuse, destruction of marriages and families, and suicide attempts...

Domestic Violence (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

God designed the marriage relationship to benefit one another. He intended married couples to love, honor, and cherish each other all the days of their lives, but life doesn't always turn out that way. In some...

Suicide Prevention (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

Nothing is as heartbreaking as a loved one who has lost hope and is contemplating suicide. A person who seems cheerful one day can slip into despair and hopelessness the next. God's heart is tender and full...

Manipulation (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

Manipulation is the Number One guilt game. This means manipulative people try to make you feel guilty to get their own way, regardless of what's good for you. They'll accuse you of insensitivity or disloyalty...

Man to Man, Dad to Dad: Catholic Faith and Fatherhood

by Brian Caulfield

This collection of faith-filled reflections explores various topics related to being a Catholic man and father in today’s age. Integrating faith with marriage, parenting, and work, this resource offers a comprehensive...

Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal

by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Sheri Rose Shepherd's fascinating personal journey is a remarkable testimony to God's power. She grew up in a divorce-plagued Hollywood home; by her teens Sheri Rose suffered from depression and addiction to...

Lord, Heal My Hurts: A Devotional Study on God's Care and Deliverance

by Kay Arthur

Enjoy the expanded and updated editions of the best-selling "Lord" Bible Study Series from Kay Arthur.  The "Lord" study series is an insightful, warm-hearted Bible study series designed to meet readers where...

Using Sense to Make Dollars: Godly Principles That Lead to Financial Freedom

Jonathan Edwards's Theology: A Reinterpretation

by Kyle C., Dr. Strobel

This volume provides an interpretative key to JonathanEdwards's theology developed from within his own doctrinal constructs. Strobeloffers a dogmatic exposition of Edwards's theology by unveiling the trinitarianarchitecture...

Other Temptations of Jesus

by John Henson

The Christian life is not about giving up, but taking up. The call of Jesus to discipleship is a positive one-love God and your neighbour. It's not about being serious, but happy and loving. It's not a constant...

Meaning in Myth: Three Separate Journeys

by Thomas M. Casey

Meaning in Myth speaks to the various ways in which we all construct our myth, or life story, from our very personal ways of thinking, evaluating , judging, and ignoring. It is nothing less than an invitation...

The Comforting Whirlwind: God, Job, and the Scale of Creation

by Bill Mckibben

In The Comforting Whirlwind, Bill McKibben turns to the biblical book of Job to demonstrate our need to embrace a bold new paradigm for living if we hope to reverse the current trend of ecological destruction....