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Algebras of Holomorphic Functions and Control Theory

by Amol Sasane

Accessible, undergraduate-level text illustrates the role of algebras of holomorphic functions in the stabilization of a linear control system. Concise, self-contained treatment avoids advanced mathematics....

The Theory of Remainders

by Andrea Rothbart

An imaginative introduction to number theory and abstract algebra, this unique approach employs a pair of fictional characters whose dialogues explain theories and demonstrate applications in terms of football...

Differential Games

by Avner Friedman

Graduate-level text surveys games of fixed duration, games of pursuit and evasion, the computation of saddle points, games of survival, games with restricted phase coordinates, and N-person games. 1971 edition....

Lectures on the Coupling Method

by Torgny Lindvall

Practical and easy-to-use reference progresses from simple to advanced topics, covering, among other topics, renewal theory, Markov chains, Poisson approximation, ergodicity, and Strassen's theorem. 1992 edition....

Differential Geometry

by William C. Graustein

This first course in differential geometry presents the fundamentals of the metric differential geometry of curves and surfaces in a Euclidean space of 3 dimensions, using vector notation and technique. Nearly...

Variational Analysis: Critical Extremals and Sturmian Extensions

by Marston Morse

This text presents extended separation, comparison, and oscillation theorems that replace classical analysis. Its analysis of related quadratic functionals shows how critical extremals can substitute for minimizing...

Boundary Value Problems and Fourier Expansions

by Charles R. MacCluer

Based on modern Sobolev methods, this text integrates numerical methods and symbolic manipulation into an elegant viewpoint that is consonant with implementation by digital computer. 2004 edition. Includes 64...

Theory of Approximation

by N. I. Achieser

Graduate-level text by a pioneer of modern developments in approximation theory approaches the subject from the standpoint of functional analysis. Clear treatments of classical topics and an extensive section...

Elementary Number Theory: An Algebraic Approach

by Ethan D. Bolker

This text uses the concepts usually taught in the first semester of a modern abstract algebra course to illuminate classical number theory: theorems on primitive roots, quadratic Diophantine equations, and more....

Multiobjective Programming and Planning

by Jared L. Cohon

This text takes a broad view of multiobjective programming, emphasizing the methods most useful for continuous problems. It reviews methods in the context of public decision-making problems. 1978 edition.

Foundations of Mathematical Logic

by Haskell B. Curry

Comprehensive graduate-level account of constructive theory of first-order predicate calculus covers formal methods: algorithms and epitheory, brief treatment of Markov's approach to algorithms, elementary facts...

Introduction to Bessel Functions

by Frank Bowman

Self-contained text, useful for classroom or independent study, covers Bessel functions of zero order, modified Bessel functions, definite integrals, asymptotic expansions, and Bessel functions of any real order....

Combinatorial Algorithms: Enlarged Second Edition

by T. C. Hu & M. T. Shing

This updated edition presents algorithms for shortest paths, maximum flows, dynamic programming and backtracking. Also discusses binary trees, heuristic and near optimums, matrix multiplication, and NP-complete...

Real Computing Made Real: Preventing Errors in Scientific and Engineering Calculations

by Forman S. Acton

This concise guide to trouble-shooting offers practical advice on detecting and removing the bugs, preserving significant figures, avoiding extraneous solutions, and finding efficient iterative processes for...

Lasers and Holography

by Winston E. Kock

Accessible, illustrated introduction covers wave patterns and coherence, summarizes the development of lasers and the phenomenon of wave diffraction, and describes zone plates and properties of holograms. 1981...

Prelude to Mathematics

by W. W. Sawyer

This lively, stimulating account of non-Euclidean geometry by a noted mathematician covers matrices, determinants, group theory, and many other related topics, with an emphasis on the subject's novel, striking...

Experiments in Topology

by Stephen Barr

Classic, lively explanation of one of the byways of mathematics. Klein bottles, Moebius strips, projective planes, map coloring, problem of the Koenigsberg bridges, much more, described with clarity and wit....

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Second, Enlarged Edition

by Philip C. Jackson

Comprehensive survey of artificial intelligence — the study of how computers can be made to act intelligently. Includes introductory and advanced material. Extensive notes updating the main text. 132 illustrations....

The Complete Book of Holograms: How They Work and How to Make Them

by Joseph E. Kasper & Steven A. Feller

Clear, thorough account, without complicated mathematics, explains geometric and zone plate holography and the different types of holograms, along with step-by-step instructions for making holograms. 116 illustrations....

Mathematics of the Incas: Code of the Quipu

by Marcia Ascher & Robert Ascher

Unique, thought-provoking study discusses quipu, an accounting system employing knotted, colored cords, used by Incas. Cultural context, mathematics involved, and even how to make a quipu. Over 125 illustrations....