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Homer Simpson Goes to Washington: American Politics Through Popular Culture

by Joseph Foy

Americans are turning to popular culture to make sense of the American political system, a trend that explains the success of television shows such as The Simpsons, The West Wing, The Daily Show, and Chapelle's...

The Future of Religion in American Politics

by Charles W. Dunn

From City Hall to the White House, from local courthouses to the Supreme Court, religion is indisputably influential in American politics. Finding the proper relationship between church and state has given rise...

Freedom's Main Line: The Journey of Reconciliation and the Freedom Rides

by Derek Charles Catsam

In 1961, the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and other civil rights groups began organizing the Freedom Rides. The Freedom Riders were volunteers of different backgrounds who travelled on buses throughout...

Black Greek-Letter Organizations in the Twenty-First Century: Our Fight Has Just Begun

by Gregory S. Parks, Julianne Malveaux & Marc Morial

For much of the twentieth century, black Greek-letter organizations (BGLOs) united individuals dedicated to excellence, fostering kinship ties, and uplifting African Americans. Despite the profound influence...

Blood in the Sand: Imperial Fantasies, Right-Wing Ambitions, and the Erosion of American Democracy

by Stephen Eric Bronner

Blood in the Sand is Stephen Eric Bronner's powerful critique of the current state of American foreign and domestic policy, ranging from the government's initial response to 9/11 and the assault on Afghanistan...

Act of Justice: Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and the Law of War

by Burrus M. Carnahan

In his first inaugural address, Abraham Lincoln declared that as president he would "have no lawful right" to interfere with the institution of slavery. Yet less than two years later, he issued a proclamation...

Resisting Rebellion: The History and Politics of Counterinsurgency

by Anthony James Joes

In Resisting Rebellion, Anthony James Joes explores insurgencies ranging across five continents and spanning more than two centuries. Analyzing examples from North and South America, Europe, Africa, and the...

Ghosts Across Kentucky

by William Lynwood Montell

"Lynwood Montell has collected ghost tales all over the state of Kentucky, from coal mining settlements to river landings, from highways to battlefields. He presents these suspense-filled stories just as he...

Why Air Forces Fail: The Anatomy of Defeat

by Robin Higham & Stephen J. Harris

According to Robin Higham and Stephen J. Harris, "Flight has been part of the human dream for aeons, and its military application has likely been the dark side of that dream for almost as long." In the twentieth...

Tales from Kentucky Lawyers

by William Lynwood Montell

" "A woman was sitting on the witness stand, and the lawyer asked her, 'Did you, or did you not, on the night of June 23rd have sex with a hippie on the back of a motorcycle in a peach orchard?' She thought...

Relics of the Christ

by Joe Nickell

The Holy Grail, the Lance of Longinus, and the True Cross are some of the most revered artifacts in the world today. These Christian relics are also a source of limitless controversy. They have incited bloodshed...

A Political Companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson

by Alan M. Levine & Daniel S. Malachuk

From before the Civil War until his death in 1882, Ralph Waldo Emerson was renowned -- and renounced -- as one of the United States' most prominent abolitionists and as a leading visionary of the nation's liberal...

Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Globalization: Citizens Without States

by Lee Trepanier & Khalil M. Habib

Thanks to advances in international communication and travel, it has never been easier to connect with the rest of the world. As philosophers debate the consequences of globalization, cosmopolitanism promises...

The Essential Sopranos Reader

by David Lavery, Douglas L. Howard & Paul Levinson

The Sopranos is recognized as the most successful cable series in the history of television. The Washington Post has called the popular series, winner of twenty-one Emmys and five Golden Globes, "the television...

Alpha Phi Alpha: A Legacy of Greatness, the Demands of Transcendence

by Stefan M. Bradley, Gregory S. Parks & Michael A. Blake

On December 4, 1906, on Cornell University's campus, seven black men founded one of the greatest and most enduring organizations in American history. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. has brought together and...

Tales from Kentucky Sheriffs

by William Lynwood Montell

Following the success of his collections of stories from funeral directors, schoolteachers, doctors, and lawyers, folklorist William Lynwood Montell presents a new volume of tales from Kentucky sheriffs. Montell...

Korean Democracy in Transition: A Rational Blueprint for Developing Societies

by HeeMin Kim

As Asian countries emerge as global economic powers, many undergo fundamental political transformations. In Korean Democracy in Transition: A Rational Blueprint for Developing Societies, HeeMin Kim evaluates...

Freedom Rights: New Perspectives on the Civil Rights Movement

by Danielle L. Mcguire & John Dittmer

In his seminal article "Freedom Then, Freedom Now," renowned civil rights historian Steven F. Lawson described his vision for the future study of the civil rights movement. Lawson called for a deeper examination...

The Presidency in the Twenty-First Century

by Charles W. Dunn

As the most prominent figure of the U.S. government, the president is under constant scrutiny from both his colleagues and the American people. Questions about the proper role of the president have been especially...

After the Dream: Black and White Southerners Since 1965

by Timothy J. Minchin & John A. Salmond

Martin Luther King's 1965 address from Montgomery, Alabama, the center of much racial conflict at the time and the location of the well-publicized bus boycott a decade earlier, is often considered by historians...