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Pool Sex (Lesbian Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

Jen gets a call from her best friend to come hang out at the pool with her. She is excited, so she gets her bikini that Tiff, her best friend talked her into buying and heads straight to Tiff house. When she...

Passionate Encounter (Lesbian Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

Sonya, Tara, and Sammy are all running from something, whether it be their past, or their future. They end up at a seedy motel at the same time, Sonya just in from Vegas, Sammy just getting over a theft by one...

My Best Friends Fantasy (Lesbian Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

In this erotic short story, after eight long years of friendship, a friend asked me to go to the beach with her. Unknowingly, Kelly wanted to talk about a few things that she fantasized about quite often. Being...

Blond Passion (Lesbian Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

In this erotic short story a photographer receives a phone call. He is then hired to take sexy photos for a couple of girls that want to become models... Or so he thought... He sets up a beach scene and when...

Beaded Bracelet Lovers (Lesbian Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

In this erotic short story Kim meets her blind date at a resturaunt where they share champagne and oysters. After some chit chat, they adjourn to Lisa's suite for dessert. Kim asks Lisa where she got her beaded...

Sensual Friends (Lesbian Erotica)

by Ashley James

This erotic/romantic short story is about a woman named Jamie who has finally found someone she can call her best friend. From living a life all to herself from being shy and having a low self esteem, this woman...

Spring Break Adventures: Karen and Susan Take On 2 Submissive's Volume 1 Thru 3

by Candy Kross

Volume 1: Susan put the laptop down in front of Brenda and Kelly. She began showing them her slideshow of the photos of the night before. Susan had Photo shopped them a little, but they still looked very real...

Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P" for Pain Volume 1 Thru 3

by Candy Kross

Volume 1: I felt myself become even more excited. The very idea of this sexy, intelligent, hot woman wanting to do things to me, even though I had no idea of what those things could possibly be. I heard myself...

My Sex Education - Part 1 (Lesbian Erotica)

by Ashley James

In this erotic short stories series Victoria blooms late and is afraid of the ridicule she might endure when she got to college. She was homeschooled and sheltered so she had no idea what other girls were supposed...

Circulatim - Book One - The Circle

by Ray Smith

As Alex's sixteenth birthday arrives, he has trouble maintaining his many secrets. His best friend, Tom, knows most of his secrets; that Alex is gay, that he is falling for his second-best friend, who is straight,...

Circulatim - Book Two - The Circle Squared

by Ray Smith

Another month passes that changes Alex's life forever. Everything was different. Alex recuperates and returns to school, a school that knows that he is gay and that he had "almost" died. Alex's circle of friends...

Husband Wearing Wife's Clothes Stories: Caught in the Act

by Candy Kross

"Tonight, I am going to dress you up as a woman and you are going to be exactly that, a woman." She said. "But, what if I resist and don't want to?" He said defiantly. "Well, then I will just have to post the...

Dominant Wives Society and Their Cuckold Husbands Volume 9

by Candy Kross

I was home for a couple of hours and then I heard the front door open and Anna came inside. I heard her giggling and another man's voice. I was in the guest room, just in case she did bring a man home with her....

Recipe for Fun: One Dominant Male and Two Submissive Males Volume 3

by Kevin Kyle

I was settling into bed when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist in a loving fashion. My heart began to race and a lump formed in my throat. Who the hell was in my bed? "Hello darling. I've missed you...

Free to Love (Lesbian Erotica)

by Ashley James

This erotic short story is about a female by the name of Lola. She is a first generation Asian American who has been sheltered by her strict parents her entire life. She started to have feelings for women from...

The Madhouse Drag Show - Book One: Asylum

by Dudley Clarence Sturgis IV

Three asylum kids grow up and realize their destiny: to rid the world of a thousand evil men. Book one of an ongoing series, Asylum takes place within New Jersey and New York, following the lives of three young...

Spinning the Dream: Assimilation in Australia 1950-1970

by Anna Haebich

In Spinning the Dream, multi-award-winning historian Anna Haebich re-evaluates the experience of Assimilation in Australia, providing a meticulously researched and masterfully written assessment of its implications...

Recovering the Female Voice in Islamic Scripture: Women and Silence

by Georgina L. Jardim

This book finds that far from silencing women, the Qur`an affirms the female voice as protester for justice and as questioner of Theology. In this reading of the female role in divine revelation in the Islamic...

Testing Fresh Expressions: Identity and Transformation

by John Walker

Testing Fresh Expressions investigates whether fresh expressions of church really do what is claimed for them by the fresh expressions movement and, in particular, whether their unique approach helps to reverse...

The Symbolic Representation of Gender: A Discursive Approach

by Emanuela Lombardo & Petra Meier

Innovatively adopting a discursive approach, this book - the first full-length treatment of symbolic representation - focuses on gender issues to tackle important questions such as: What are women and men symbols...