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Art, Literature and Religion in Early Modern Sussex: Culture and Conflict

by Matthew Dimmock, Andrew Hadfield & Paul Quinn

Essays in this volume offer interdisciplinary studies of a county that was at the forefront of religious, political and artistic developments in early-modern England. Ranging from the schism of Reformation to...

Freedom of Speech and Islam

by Erich Kolig

Freedom of speech and expression is considered in the West a high public good and an important social value, underpinned by legislative and ethical norms. Its importance is not shared to the same extent by conservative...

Suzanne Noël: Cosmetic Surgery, Feminism and Beauty in Early Twentieth-Century France

by Paula J. Martin

Working at the forefront of cosmetic surgery at the turn of the twentieth century, Dr Suzanne Noël was both a pioneer in her medical field and a firm believer in the advancement of women. Today her views on...

Religion and Women in Britain, c. 1660-1760

by Sarah Apetrei & Hannah Smith

The essays contained in this volume examine the particular religious experiences of women within a remarkably vibrant and formative era in British religious history. Scholars from the disciplines of history,...

Theology and California: Theological Refractions on California's Culture

by Fred Sanders & Jason S. Sexton

Californians Sanders and Sexton assemble leading voices and specialists both from within and without California for engagement with California's influential culture. Leading theologians and cultural critics...

Ornament and Order: Graffiti, Street Art and the Parergon

by Rafael Schacter

Based on an in-depth ethnographic study working with some of the world's most influential Independent Public Artists, this book takes a completely new approach. Placing these illicit aesthetic practices within...

Sensible Religion

by Christopher Lewis & Dan Cohn-Sherbok

The validity of the religious quest is defended across faiths. Yet it is not only the quest, but also the way in which religions have developed which is of central significance. Their committed followers live...

The Widening Gap

by Jody Heymann

This impassioned and informed book is the first to describe how government and industry have failed working families and what we can do to get beyond this critical impasse

The Sexual Paradox: Men, Women and the Real Gender Gap

by Susan Pinker

Susan Pinker, psychologist and award-winning columnist, has written a groundbreaking and controversial book that reveals why learning and behavioral gaps between boys and girls in the classroom are reversed...

Two Nations: Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal

by Andrew Hacker

Why, despite continued efforts to increase understanding and expand opportunities, do black and white Americans still lead separate lives, continually marked by tension and hostility? In his much-lauded classic,...

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism: and Other Writings

by Max Weber & Peter Baehr

In The Protestant Ethic, Max Weber opposes the Marxist concept of dialectical materialism and relates the rise of the capitalist economy to the Calvinist belief in the moral value of hard work and the fulfillment...

The Sociology of Sports Coaching

by Robyn L Jones & Paul Potrac

This is the first book to describe a critical sociological perspective on sports coaching and as such it represents an important step forward in the professionalisation of the discipline.

Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person

by Elaine Aron

In Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person, Dr. Elaine Aron redefines the term "highly sensitive". She dispels common misconceptions about the relationship between being sensitive and other personality...

Towards Relational Sociology

by Nick Crossley

The book argues for a properly 'relational' approach to sociology. It explores what such an enterprise would involve by unpacking and evaluating the key concepts in the relational 'toolbox' - interaction, relations,...

Visual Research Methods

by Stephen Spencer

This is a practical guide for students, researchers and teachers in the social sciences who wish to explore and actively use visual research. Demonstrating the use of visual ethnography, video and photography,...

A Critical Realist Perspective of Education

by Brad Shipway

This book clearly and comprehensively explores the capability of critical realism to throw new light on educational theory. It investigates the convergence and divergence between two forms of critical realism,...

Making Sense of Sports


Ellis Cashmore's unique, multidisciplinary introduction to the study of sport in its cultural context reaches its fifth edition, which comes enhanced with new chapters, new features and access to a new online...

Relational Sociology

by Pierpaolo Donati

Much of our concept of society has been defined by sociology's dual focuses: individuals, and groups. In this eagerly awaited book, Donati shifts focus to the relationships between people, and explains this...

Applied Research in Child and Adolescent Development

by Valerie Maholmes & Carmela Gina Lomonaco

Developed for an NIH training institute, this volume is organized around the most frequently asked questions by researchers starting their careers in applied research in child and adolescent development. With...

Culture Worrier: Selected Columns 1984¿2014: Reflections on Race, Politics and Social Change

by Clarence Page & Chris Matthews

Pulitzer Prize winner Clarence Page is one of the most nationally recognized and highly regarded syndicated columnists in the country, and his newest book, Culture Worrier: Selected Columns 1984–2014, commemorates...