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The Essential Writings of Thorstein Veblen

by Charles Camic & Geoffrey M Hodgson

This focuses on Veblen's writings up to 1914 in which he crafts his core concepts, develops his theoretical position both constructively and critically, and applies analysis topics including the evolution of...

Job Placements and Job Shifts in China: The Effects of Education, Family Background and Gender

by Lijuan Wu

The book investigates the impact of the market-oriented economic reform in China on a unique aspect of the labor market outcomes — individuals' access to different employment sectors, that is, the state and...

Expectation Hangover: Overcoming Disappointment in Work, Love, and Life

by Christine Hassler

When our expectations are met and things go according to plan, we feel a sense of accomplishment; we feel safe, in control, and on track. But when life does not live up to our expectations, we end up with an...

The Impulse Society: America in the Age of Instant Gratification

by Paul Roberts

It's something most of us have sensed for years-the rise of a world defined only by �mine� and �now.� A world where business shamelessly seeks the fastest reward, regardless of the long-term social consequences;...

The Unexpected Consequences of Unattainable Desire

by Roz White

What happens when desires thought beyond reach suddenly become attainable? When a group of people are magically allowed this dream, the unexpected result is the need to save both themselves and the entire human...

The South China Sea Maritime Dispute: Political, Legal and Regional Perspectives

by Leszek Buszynski & Christopher B. Roberts

The South China Sea is a major strategic waterway for trade and oil shipments to Japan, Korea as well as southern China. It has been the focus of a maritime dispute which has continued now for over six decades,...

Democracy and Transparency in the Indian State: The Making of the Right to Information ACT

by Prashant Sharma

The enactment of the national Right to Information (RTI) Act in 2005 has been produced, consumed, and celebrated as an important event of democratic deepening in India both in terms of the process that led to...

Language and Discrimination

by Celia Roberts, Evelyn Davies & Tom Jupp

Langauge and Discrimination provides a unique and authoritative study of the linguistic dimension of racial discrimination. Based upon extensive work carried out over many years by the Industrial Language Training...

Welfare State Capitalst Society

by Ramesh Mishra

First published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Changing Education: A Sociology of Education Since 1944

by Janet McKenzie

For courses in Sociology (Sociology of Education, Applied Social Studies, Research Methods, Family Studies); Education (Educational Studies, Educational Management and Teacher training - including B.Ed. and...

Founding Sociology? Talcott Parsons and the Idea of General Theory.

by John Holmwood

The theories of Talcott Parsons' are enjoying a revival in the world of sociology. Rather than following closely the complex original prose in an effort to explain the theory in its minutiae, Holmwood presents...

Football, Nationality and the State

by Vic Duke & Liz Crolley

Football, Nationality and the State examines the complex and ever-changing relationship between football (its development and structure), nationality and the state. Divided into two parts the book first deals...

Children and Society

by Malcolm Hill & Kay Tisdall

Provides a comprehensive overview of the issues, research and debates relating to children and the experience of childhood in late twentieth century Britain. This volume will address key issues such as juvenile...


by MA, PhD, DipPSA, Denis McQuail

First published in 1985. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Rethinking Northern Ireland: Culture, Ideology and Colonialism

by David Miller

Rethinking Northern Ireland provides a coherent and critical account of the Northern Ireland conflict. Most writing on Northern Ireland is informed by British propaganda, unionist ideology or currently popular...

Beating the Dragon: The Recovery from Dependent Drug Use

by James Mcintosh

Suitable for 2nd and 3rd year students taking courses on drug use/misuse principally in departments such as Sociology, Law, Cultural and Media Studies, and Psychology. Also particularly relevant for students...

Russia in Transition

by David Lane

An accessible book covering the momentous changes that have occurred, and are still occurring, since the fall of the USSR in 1989. Contributions from an impressive collection of authors are drawn from the most...

Law on the Web: A Guide for Students and Practitioners

by Stuart Stein

Law on the Web is ideal for anyone who wants to access Law Internet resources quickly and efficiently without becoming an IT expert.

The emphasis throughout is on the location of high quality law Internet...

Psychology on the Web: A Student Guide

by Stuart Stein

Psychology on the Web: A Student Guide is directed at those who want to be able to access psychology Internet resources quickly and efficiently without needing to become IT experts. The emphasis throughout...

A Bold Vision: Women Leaders Imagining Canada's Future

by Dr. Roberta Bondar & A Bold Vision Steering Committee

One hundred and fifty years ago in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, 23 men met for the Charlottetown Conference that led to Canadian Confederation. Visions of Canada began before them and continue since....